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I won't read the rest of the website as I think this one may end up on the shelf! Interesting review Post a Comment.

Synopsis: In the sunburnt deserts of eastern Turkey, archaeologists are unearthing a stone temple, the world's most ancient building. When Journalist Rob Luttrell is sent to report on the dig, he is intrigued to learn that someone deliberately buried the site 10, years ago.

Meanwhile, in London, a bizarre attack is baffling the police.

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When a weird killing takes place on the Isle of Man, followed by another in rural Dorset, DC Mark Forrester begins to discern a curious pattern in these apparently random murders. What weaves together these two stories is the Genesis Secret: a revelation so shocking it may threaten the social structure of the world.

Only one man knows the secret, and he is intent on destroying the evidence before it can be uncovered. Spanning the globe from the ruined castles of Ireland to the desolate wastes of Kurdistan, Tom Knox's intense and compelling thriller weaves together genuine historical evidence, scientific insights and Biblical mysteries into an electrifying tale that grips the reader mercilessly from beginning to end.

I then politely paid for my book and left swiftly, in case I got tossed in jail for lewd behaviour. I adore — as everyone who reads this blog should know by now — quest, thriller and adventure novels. When I saw The Genesis Secret winking at me on the shelf, I snatched it up, saw how very pretty the cover was I appreciated the fact that the publishers expected the book to sell on cover and book title alone.

The Genesis Secret

I loved that. I read the write-up on the back and had to have it even more. I started reading it on the train. And went ice cold after I read the first few pages. Do you believe in serendipity or even synchronicity?

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I definitely do. Then Mark asked me last week if I had heard about this place in Turkey called Gobekli Tepe and I had to say no, until he sent me this link to the Smithsonian website - and I realised that I did.

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It was all part of the same thing! I digress: back to The Genesis Secret — it is all about Gobekli Tepe and the mystery surrounding this fascinating place.

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A sacred place, no doubt, which had been buried. Tom Knox, pseudonym for Sean Thomas, journalist and all-round good guy, has pulled out all the stops in The Genesis Secret when it comes to action, entertainment, twists and turns. The same novel, translated as IJstweeling , went into the Dutch top ten bestseller list, following its publication in the Netherlands in March In May , under the title Eisige Schwestern , the same book entered the Spiegel bestseller list, in Germany; the book went on to spend fifteen weeks in the German top ten.

Sean Thomas lives in Camden, north London. His ancestry is Cornish; his father is the author D. He has written three novels under his own name, the second, Kissing England , won the Literary Review's "Bad Sex" award in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nielsen Awards. Retrieved Namespaces Article Talk.