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There will always be enough injustice and irritation to keep us in the wilderness, if we choose to murmur, complain, criticize, covet, doubt, and rebel. You choose your attitude. The very same circumstance in life can feel like the Promised Land or the wilderness—depending on your attitude.

Your attitude reveals the true person. Your attitude reveals who you truly are. You can get your outside behavior in order but still be a mess inside.

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  • Message: “Your Attitude Determines Your Destiny” from John W Grant!

His goal is not a makeover but real heart transformation—changed attitudes. Your attitude predicts the future. Attitudes are patterns of thinking formed over a long period of time.

Attitude determines altitude

In spiritual terms, you are what you think! Stop blaming your circumstances for why you are defeated. I am trying to point out to you that you are more powerful than anything that happens to you. You may not always allow yourself to win but you can win in every situation.

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It may not be easy but because you are capable of changing anything around you, you can also change you. It is your ability to develop and grow that holds the key to a better future. However, real growth will improve attitude and install a great character. I know it takes character and capacity to win in the race of life but when you have the right character you will see your need for capacity and go for it.

Therefore you rise and fall on character invariably. Your life on earth is proof that there is an assignment that requires you. You are here to deliver a message, a product or service from God to bless humanity and the earth. Find whatever it is God brought you here for and fulfil it. This is the secret to a fulfilled life. Get hungry for knowledge and go for it. Get to know God. Know yourself. He made us in His image; it is only when you know God that you can truly discover yourself.

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Work hard on yourself and on your ideas. You are original. Be the difference wherever you find yourself. Set new personal standards for yourself that make you grow. You are more important than what you have, so develop you. Grow you.

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Mature you. Release you to influence your world. If all you have is a great character you can get out of any situation you find yourself in.

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Own your destiny Stop blaming witches and wizards for the state of your life. Discover purpose Your life on earth is proof that there is an assignment that requires you. Get information Get hungry for knowledge and go for it.