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Discipline means freedom and happiness. It gives you the ability to do what you want because you know you can learn how to achieve any dream you set your mind to. Discipline teaches you how to control your thoughts—and how to be happy in any situation, to visualize positive emotions and trigger an optimistic mood. Discipline builds self-confidence, mental and physical strength, and inspires you to grow as a human being. With growth comes the ability to enjoy life in deeper, more meaningful ways. Anyone can develop discipline.

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When you challenge yourself to achieve bigger goals, you really dedicate yourself to the craft. The more time you spend on it, the harder it becomes to quit. Once you have spent so much sweat, time and effort on it, if you quit, it will be for nothing. The bigger the goal, the more invested you become.

Clearly define what your goal means to you and what you will specifically do to achieve it.

7 Ways to Develop Daily Discipline

If you set a goal to live healthier, for example, will you go running every day? At what time and for how long?

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Will you eat healthy? Every goal, every priority, you have set for yourself has to be done— it will determine whether your dream lives or dies. When you start the process, you cannot question it, you cannot hesitate, you cannot back down—you have to work hard every single day to reach your dream, full force. Build the mindset that no matter what, you will accomplish things when you said you would.

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No matter what. You have to create pressure for yourself, otherwise nothing will get done. There is good stress and bad stress, and you have to make sure you are operating under good stress —butterflies in the stomach, a manageable adrenaline that stimulates you. Create a routine that becomes second nature, automatic, normal. Athletes, for example, know what hours they train, when to break for lunchtime and dinnertime, and when to rest.

Why You Need Self Discipline

In training, they know they have to do a warm-up, main training, and cool-down and recovery. By following the same routine, it becomes second nature—the discipline preps them to win. Planning your own routine—and sticking to it until it becomes automatic—can prep you for success, too. Discipline was instilled in me by my mom. You will have to follow through with it until the end, and do it well. And when I knew , when I chose the one thing I wanted to do, it made me want to figure out how to keep getting better at it—it made me want to commit. Your body and brain will do everything it can to resist change and growth.

Start with your thoughts.

Less, Not More

The hardest part about discipline is maintaining the actions needed to achieve your dream or state of happiness. It requires constant hard work and fighting against comfort and instant pleasures. To do so, you have to separate yourself from the feelings that stop you, like fatigue, laziness or self-pity. You have to go above them, even if your feelings tell you that you are tired, stressed and alone in this struggle.

Discipline is the direct training of a fighter. All people are lazy, even the most successful businesspeople, the most accomplished athletes and the most talented actors. Any movement takes energy, and the brain is doing everything to stop you from moving by sending body signals about how hard it is to move and thoughts about how scary it would be if you fail.

But you can trick your brain : Imagine your body is a beautiful machine and you are operating it as a higher force from above. Come in and do your job so you can get paid. Pay taxes or pay a penalty. Obey the law or go to jail. Growing up, going to school, watching our parents.

Or advertisements telling you what to need or desire. Or the constant positive reinforcement cycle of games or social media.

10 Powerful Ways to Master Self-Discipline

There is no other way to push yourself beyond average or set your own course. Attract more clients, start a business, become a partner. Read a book. Get an app.

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Listen to a podcast. Developing internal discipline, adopting self-directed diligence, is not additive. It is not about doing more — it is about doing less. The title is taken from a quote by Alexis Carell:. I had to decide to remove things from my life first, before I could begin to add more to it. Get a black belt?

Stop going out with friends as much. Go to the dojo on weekends, spend hours training with the other dedicated people.

How to Be More DISCIPLINED - 6 Ways to Master Self Control

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