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There are many variations, so just use this as a point of departure to start your own style on the blues:. These 7 steps will get you going on your jazz piano journey.

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As you get comfortable playing over the blues, continue to play along with the above tracks, in addition to other ones you discover. Provide us your email to get instant access to the this guide. We only send you great things like this and other musical offers. Peter Martin. March 7, Guides , Piano. Want to learn how to play jazz piano?

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Have fun, and congrats on your newly crowned Jazz Pianist status! Ready to continue your jazz piano education? Go to class. Start now for free! Sign up.

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Taught by Ray d'Inverno. Tags jazz.

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7 Step Guide to Learn Jazz Piano

Browse More Music courses. Very interesting course, packed with theory, have completed the weekly sections but will need many more weeks of practise to become proficient. A lot of intensive work required. Need quite a high level of playing to be able to get the best out of the course.

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Was this review helpful to you? Very challenging course, you'll practice a lot there and learn associated theory. If you keep with the pace, you will certainly and deeply improve your pianistic and improvisation skills. And there 2 more courses to go. No other mooc offers this.

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