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Shrouded Tales: Revenge of Shadows Collector's Edition - Lutris

Tenetur Et Relicta by Rex Demonus. Cerebral Relics by Skineater.

Heavy as hell, go to try this out In Shadows and Dust. If you like In Shadows and Dust, you may also like:. Anti Terrestrial Black Metal by Magoth.

Shadows Revenge by Grant Maxwell

Bottom line Magoth are a real black metal band unlike TOO many others claiming to be. Everything from their name, lyrics, album artwork and most importantly music is dark, evil, deep, moving and bad ass! This albums a perfect display of what truly talented musicians they are. Buy this album! Hollow of the Void by Petrification. Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 23, Jan 25, likeit About the Authers part 2 Jan 17, likeit Authors and Comments Part.

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About the Authers Jan 7, likeit January Announcements Dec 29, likeit Chapter 12 Fight or Flight part 2 Dec 13, likeit I'm Sorry! Dec 5, likeit Chapter 11 Fight or Flight Nov 29, likeit Chapter 10 When shadow's strike, Part 3 Nov 22, likeit Chapter 9 When Shadows strike, Part 2 Nov 15, likeit Chapter 7 A Warning Nov 1, likeit Happy Halloween!

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