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Clay jumped up and clawed at his neck as well. Starflight 's eyes went wide, and then he threw himself to the ground and rolled under the nearest low-hanging bush with his wings over his head. She heard a soft buzz as something whizzed by her ear, followed by a tiny thunk as it hit the tree behind her. She spun around and saw Clay literally disappear right in front of her.

It was as if the forest reached out leafy arms, quietly wrapped him up, and bundled him away. One moment he was there, blinking dizzily, and then he was gone. A heartbeat later so was Tsunami. Aha , Glory thought. Nautilus and Morrowseer converse, ending with Morrowseer deciding to train the dragonets personally, disapproving of what the Talons of Peace have done so far. The dragonets and Webs are traveling through the borders of the Rainforest Kingdom. Before they've left the Mud Kingdom, they come across two murdered MudWings, who evidently were patrolling the border.

As they progress into the rainforest, Starflight notices that Sunny is missing. One by one each dragon goes missing until Starflight hides and Glory, most luckily, dodge something. It turns out that she has dodged a tranquilizing dart, and that all of her friends have lapsed into unconsciousness.

The Hidden Kingdom (A Chapter Book)

Glory orders the mystery dragons, that still remained hidden, to show themselves. Glory meets the two of them, Liana and Jambu , who offer to take them to the village.

While her friends are unconscious from the darts, Glory takes her first sun time nap in the rainforest. Jambu then shows her the village and they learn that they are related using a venom test. They return to find their friends waking and they go to meet Queen Magnificent. While waiting in line, she meets Mangrove , a grumpy RainWing, who mentions that his partner Orchid is missing as well as at least twelve other RainWings, and Bromeliad , a venom trainer, who mentions that a dragonet named Kinkajou has also gone missing. Glory suggests that they go to the queen together since they're both there about missing dragons.

After some prompting from Sunny, the queen directs them to the RainWing healers. After they leave the queen's treehouse, Tsunami, Webs, and Sunny head off to the healer's hut, and Starflight and Clay join Glory as she sets out to find the missing RainWings. They speak to Mangrove, and he leads them to a giant fallen tree. Glory picks up a horrible stink and asks Starflight if he can identify it since he seemed to have a stronger sense of smell.

They find a dying sloth by a stream, which Clay puts out of its misery. Glory looks around and discovers an animus-made tunnel to the Sand Kingdom in a boulder. Starflight and Mangrove return to the village, while Glory and Clay stay to watch the tunnel overnight. While they watch, something comes by, eats the sloth, and disappears.

The Hidden Kingdom (The Nocturnals #4) by Tracey Hecht

My kids enjoyed it. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I bought this for my children to read. I and they loved it. It is a simple read and the hero and heroin are children who start training to learn how they can eventually save the day.


We're looking forward to getting the next one soon! This book is really good I could read it and never stop! It's so good my sis couldn't stop reading either. My kids absolutely loved this read, as we read together every night before be time. They couldn't wait to purchase the next book. Highly recommend it!

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Format: Paperback. Since I seldom read middle grade chapter books, I decided the fairest judge of this book would be my 10 year old daughter. I read the first chapter, and found it fairly well written--although it didn't have a terribly gripping first line--but it was fast-paced and got the children who were the heroes of the story to the magic land quickly to start their adventure.

I then handed the book to my daughter. She is a 4th grader who reads on a 5th grade level and she finished both this book and the sequel, The Prisoner of the Shadows, in one afternoon. When I asked her to rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best book she'd ever read, she said she'd rate them as a 4. I asked her if there were any hard words and she said no, but I don't know if that's because she's an advanced reader for her age or if it's really an age-appropriate book.

She also asked for the next books in the series. Many times. We both recommend this series to anyone who likes middle grades stories with a fantasy element. One person found this helpful. Format: Kindle Edition. I gave this to my second grader to read and when she was done, I asked her how she'd rate it between one and five stars. She said five million!

ISBN 13: 9781466429741

She really enjoyed and could relate to the two main characters, brother and sister Dan and Page. She was impressed that Page is the same age as she is and "is really smart and comes up with lots of great ideas. A great choice for chapter book readers!

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After reading Missing and Trapped, both by Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen and which are mystery, suspense, and romance books, I was excited to read her new chapter book series for kids. I wasn't disappointed. Sutherland is the author of several books for young readers, including the Menagerie trilogy, the Pet Trouble series, and three books in the bestselling Seekers series as part of the Erin Hunter team.

She lives in Massachusetts with her wonderful husband, two adorable sons, and one very patient dog.

Wings of Fire

To learn more about Tui's books, visit her online at www. Hardcover Book Glory knows the dragon world is wrong about her tribe. After all, she isn't "as lazy as a RainWing"--she isn't lazy at all!

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When the dragonets seek shelter in the rain forest, Glory is devastated to find that the treetops are full of RainWings that no dragon could ever call dangerous. They nap all day and know nothing of the rest of Pyrrhia.

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Worst of all, they don't realize--or care--that RainWings are going missing from their beautiful forest. But Glory and the dragonets are determined to find the missing dragons, even if it drags the peaceful RainWing kingdom where they never wanted to be--in the middle of the war. Paperback Book 7.