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This is one of the things that is so well-done in this book.


First, there are scary Uberdiles nasty Egyptian statues come to life relentlessly chasing the kids in the book. Second, the kids encounter many puzzles they have to solve, complex three dimensional mazes they have to make their way through, all the while navigating numerous and deadly booby traps. Just when you think the story is a coming to an end, Lothian throws in a hook. I can't really reveal what it is - you'll have to discover that for yourself - but suffice it to say that we are keenly interested in reading the next book.

One final note These appear to have been fixed in the latest edition. There were no such distractions in the book we read. My bottom line: This book was, quite simply put, a rockin' good time. The story is solid, the characters are likable, the action is non-stop, and there is even educational value regarding Egyptian mythology and culture. JJ is absolutely ordinary. His friend Linc is pretty normal, especially with his love of food and adventure, probably in that order!

So how come a statue in a museum starts talking to them? This is a time travel adventure, where JJ and his friend are invited to go on a Quest and are magically transported back to ancient Egypt by the god Horus. There they meet Rani, also transported back in time, but from Aswan. I was never quite clear what era Rani was from, but it didn't seem to matter. They mee JJ is absolutely ordinary. They meet other secondary characters, not too many though, and carry out various parts of their quest in Memphis, Bubastis and Heliopolis, pursued all the while by the evil god Seth's evil henchmen, the Uberdiles, sort of half-crocodile giants who generally take the form of statues, but sometimes mini sandstorms sand devils.

There are a lot of statues in this book, most of whom have magical powers, usually either to attack our heroes or protect them. There are a lot of secret tunnels, a huge number of spiders, and a delightfully described maze with plenty of clues for the threesome to solve, accompanied at times by a magical cat named Mau. I found the early part of the book a little disjointed, especially in its sentence structure, and I wasn't sure that the Prelude added anything to the story. I also found the use of slang in speech inconsistent - early on the ancient Egyptians don't understand some of JJ's and Linc's comments e.

But this is a first book, and I think the author warmed to his story-telling well. The characters are engaging and, well, noble, without being cloying - JJ makes a great boy-next-door type, Linc is a solid best friend and Rani is clever and isolated in her desert home. Now where have I heard of a threesome like that before? I suppose it is a standard recipe, but it didn't seem out of place or stereotypical when I was reading it. I have the advantage of having been to Egypt and explored some of the tombs and temples, and the Pyramids, but I think the principles are well-enough known through Indiana Jones and school history lessons for most readers to take full advantage of the author's excellent descriptions of the scenes and structures.

Early on I felt there was a little too much telling and not enough showing, but once the quest began in earnest, the descriptions fell into place and were vivid and imaginative. It turns into a rollicking adventure and I am keen to find out what they get up to next! This is the first book in a series - the third book is launched next month - and it shows great promise. I think Mr Lothian has found his true calling at last! This debut from S. With a tightly woven plot that moves at a fast pace, seemingly ordinary kids as the central characters facing extraordinary obstacles, a battle between the forces of good and evil, and an appropriate dose of twists and turns, t This debut from S.

With a tightly woven plot that moves at a fast pace, seemingly ordinary kids as the central characters facing extraordinary obstacles, a battle between the forces of good and evil, and an appropriate dose of twists and turns, this novel has all the classic elements of a first-rate adventure.

Son of Anubis

Add encounters with glowing mummies, statues that come to life, overexcited camels, a talking cat, mazes and tunnels, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and an amulet with secret powers, and the story becomes a compelling and enjoyable read. The story begins when JJ, the central character and a somewhat ordinary year-old boy, visits a museum and ends up in a room full of Egyptian artifacts where he is presented with an important quest: travel back in time to ancient Egypt in search of the Golden Scarab, which is the only thing that can prevent the evil god Seth from gaining power and disrupting the fabric of time.

This, of course, is a classic adventure set-up something bad will happen, only the main character can stop it , but what I enjoy about the way it is presented here is that JJ has a choice. We get to experience him thinking about the risks of undertaking this quest and so, when he ultimately decides in favor of taking on the challenge as we of course knew he would , we gain an understanding of his character. From this somewhat contemplative beginning, the plot accelerates as JJ, joined by a friend from his own time, travels back in time in pursuit of the Golden Scarab and encounters a series of obstacles, frustrations and at least one potentially heart-breaking event.

Throughout, the writing style is clear, confident, and concise, with descriptive passages that successfully evoke strong mental images and a subtly wry sense of humor laced into the occasional scene.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

There are also important lessons about courage and friendship. All are important, but really a book like this will rise or fall based on the action scenes; it is, after all, an action-adventure story. On that count, Lothian succeeds wonderfully and I recommend this book for those who enjoy action-adventure novels.

I should mention by way of disclaimer, that I am also a writer and have interacted online with this writer on several occasions. I have found him to be a quite personable and articulate--in fact, that is why I decided to read this particular book--but I can assure you that my review was not affected by this relationship nor, it must be said, has any money changed hands between us. It all started when JJ saw a green light coming from a mummy in the Egyptian exhibit at the museum his father works for. After seeing the strange light, JJ had a weird dream and then actually met Anubis the Egyptian god of the dead.

Anubis tells JJ that he is needed to help save the world and asks JJ to go on a mission to do just that. The boys then get whisked away to Ancient E It all started when JJ saw a green light coming from a mummy in the Egyptian exhibit at the museum his father works for.

The boys then get whisked away to Ancient Egypt by Anubis. In Egypt the boys meet Rani a girl from their time but from a different part of the world who was also sent to ancient Egypt to help save the world. JJ, Linc and Rani meet Horus the Egyptian god of the king and sky and Horus tells the children they have to find the Golden Scarab before Seth the god of the desert and chaos finds it. To complete their mission, the kids must battle ruthless enemies, deal with traps and survive a long journey through ancient Egypt.

Can three ordinary kids defeat the god of the desert or will the world suffer? This story is really, really cool! This story is unique, action-packed and exciting. The characters are well-made and are very likeable. JJ is brave and selfless, Linc is funny and loyal and Rani is kind and smart. I thought the book started out a bit slow but after the first two chapters, I was totally hooked on the story.

The action was great and it had a lot of humor in it I actually laughed out loud at a couple of places. One problem I had with the book was it had a bunch of typos and editing errors. They were distracting when reading the book and made it a little less enjoyable. The book is clean with only some mild violence and references to gods of mythology.

JJ and his friend Linc, are appealed to by the Egyptian god Anubis to save the world. They travel to Ancient Egypt where they are teamed up with Rani and together all three are given instructions about their mission: stop the Egyptian god Seth from getting his evil powers and controlling all of Egypt, and subsequently, the rest of the world. Together, we race with the young heroes, hoping that they would succeed in their quests. Their enemy is powerful, and there are minions who do his bidding a JJ and his friend Linc, are appealed to by the Egyptian god Anubis to save the world.

Their enemy is powerful, and there are minions who do his bidding and whose job it is to stop the three from completing the quest. Fortunately, the young heroes have powerful allies as well, and we read this new take on the battle between good and evil, and we are able to witness the benefits of courage, teamwork and perseverance. Any story that is directed to a young audience has to have certain elements to ensure that it is a success and a major element is the language. Lothian succeeded brilliantly with that as the language he used is simple and easy to understand.

It means that the audience would not get bored, and would therefore stay interested in discovering exactly what happened with the heroes and finding out how easy it was for them to complete their mission. Another thing that is worthy of note, and which should be applauded is way the author educates his audience about Egyptian mythology. Readers would be enlightened about Egypt, without feeling like they are reading an academic piece, which is definitely what the any audience, but especially the young audience would appreciate.

I really did enjoy the read, and I am looking forward to reading more of the advantages of JJ, Linc and Rani. JJ who was 12 years old, had just started school holidays, and with his little sister Grace, and their Mum, they went to visit their Dad, who was in charge of the Museum in town. Wandering off, he found himself in the Ancient Egyptian section. Fascinated, suddenly he was in a room which held an Egyptian mummy, and two really big statues.

The Egyptian god Anubis told him of the evil god Seth, who was trying to control Egypt, and Anubis wanted JJ to go on a quest to find the Sacred Scarab, and save Egypt from Seth…He was to choose a companion, and let Anubis know if they were willing to help the gods in the quest. So JJ contacted his friend Linc, who was very excited…definitely keen for an adventure. The following day, Linc and JJ floated away from the Museum in a vivid blue light, and arrived in Ancient Egypt with another young person arriving at the same time, Rani, who was from another country, but joining them in the quest.

So began their adventure, travelling through Egypt to find the Golden Scarab, encountering various enemies along the way. Seth had helpers to find and conquer the three young heroes, but they also had allies on their side. The courage they showed, along with teamwork, and determination against the odds and there were many was gratifying. I thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully written adventure novel for young people. The action was fast paced, and in places extremely gripping.

The interesting facts about Ancient Egypt and mythology were fascinating, and extremely enjoyable. Highly recommended. This book was reviewed by Lee Ashford for Reader's Favorite. Provided by Horus with a handful of magical items to help them on their qu This book was reviewed by Lee Ashford for Reader's Favorite.

Provided by Horus with a handful of magical items to help them on their quest, these three youngsters face countless obstacles as they attempt to retrieve the Golden Scarab from within an intricate labyrinth, while being pursued by an army of Uberdiles serving Seth. Will three children from the future be able to outwit an army of evil statues? Will they make it through the labyrinth unscathed? This tale was a great adventure, intended for a middle-grade audience, but very much enjoyable by much older adults.

I was enthralled by this Quest One, and happily look forward to reading Quest Two tomorrow! The three children quickly learned to trust and depend upon one another, as their very lives truly did depend on being able to count on each other for help. One thing is certain: it can be classified as good entertainment. It reminded me in many ways of the Indiana Jones series of movies, and in my opinion would make a very decent movie itself. I strongly recommend this for any reluctant readers in the target age group, with the understanding that Mom and Dad will also want to read it.

Poetic imaging accompanies a rapidly-paced plot. The twelve-year-old protagonist, JJ Sterling, is an imaginative boy who spends quite a bit of time thinking about the world, and the Universe beyond; about those who lived centuries ago, and of leaving a legacy for the future.

The Golden Scarab (JJ Sterling, #1) by S.W. Lothian

I really enjoyed the descriptive settings in this story, as the author demonstrated a fine poetic turn of voice, and this brought the locales to vivid life for me. Author Lothian skillfully introduces much information about Egyptian history, theology, hieroglyphics, and culture, so that readers absorb new data while enjoying the story. The author states in his dedication that this book was written for his children, and it reads to me much like listening to a father reciting a story at bedtime. It has that kind of warm and cozy feeling.

It would be well suited as a story read to children at bedtime, or read to them to encourage both reading, and an interest in history. Lothian Twelve year old JJ Sterling has been enlisted by Horus to retrieve the Golden Scarab for him so he may be able to defeat his evil brother Seth. Will JJ be able to complete his mission and return back to modern day London in one piece? The author did a wonderful job in brining Egyptian mythology to life and weaving it into a story that is fascinating and full of action and adventure.

See a Problem?

Lothian does a fantastic job in explaining them without losing the readers interest. As soon as JJ and his best friend travel back to Ancient Egypt this book turns into nonstop action keeping you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. The book is only about two hundred pages long, which is perfect for young readers or those who are just beginning. As always if you have any requests or recommendations email me at: Reflections. BookWorm gmail. May 11, Dee rated it really liked it.

I was very impressed with this book although this is written for the younger generation, I really enjoyed the whole concept of the story and fell in love with all the characters especially Mau. Of course the book as it is does need some editing with typos and some missing words to make complete sense of the sentences but other than that the story line is well thought out and follows through to the last page.

The descriptions of the characters are very detailed and descriptive. I felt like I knew I was very impressed with this book although this is written for the younger generation, I really enjoyed the whole concept of the story and fell in love with all the characters especially Mau. I felt like I knew these kids.

The author has really done his research and all the information about Egypt was very interesting. The really great thing I liked was the fast pace of the story line and the degree of intrigue the author played into it. All three of the kids were very intense and full of personality. They each played off each other and I found that quite intriguing. Please note that after the conclusion of this event, collecting more Anubis Soul Fragments will not be possible, but any extras you have can be converted to Precious Soul Fragments.

Additionally, this character is not available in any other souls, so if you miss your chance to recruit him, it may be a very long time until you get another chance! Where's where's Levathian? Currently on vacation. It says will get you the Anubis, but after getting my free 10 fragments it says it takes Which is it? Thanks for pointing that out. The correct fragment requirement is , we're putting a fix in shortly. Thanks, Ruby. So glad to hear that was a mistake. I did a double take for a second there.

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