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Watch it bobble to fun Peppa tunes. Press the trunk button and watch it race away into adventure with its headlights turned on. This four-story house is beautifully detailed and cheerful with four levels of fun and 7 rooms sure to encourage endless imaginative play. Fans of the show will be astounded by this larger than life playhouse and will love decorating the home with 15 accessories.

Supporting riders up to 49 lbs, it provides a smooth ride. Wonder Lab from Little Tikes. More than 50 accessories, sounds, and phrases serve to engage kids and bring the set to life. What will you discover today? We especially love that with Smart Stages tech, the toy grows with your child. Keep your toddler busy with a wide range of activities: bat, press, rattle, and musical keys that play songs, sounds, and phrases.

Lights, songs, and sounds help create an immersive experience. Giddy up for exciting adventures with the Bounce and Spin Puppy. As baby bounces or spins, this ride-on puppy delivers songs, sounds, and educational phrases while developing gross motor skills. In addition to encouraging active play, it promotes alphabet, numbers, colors, and more. Interactive buttons and colored lights bring the puppy to life. Got a restless baby? With a quite motor, it plays 30 minutes of continuous music and the soft tail promotes tactile stimulation for baby.

Parents will love that it is machine-washable with a removable electronics module. Since you can easily secure to car seats and strollers, take the learning fun on the go! Designed for birth and up, your pal teaches numbers, counting, colors, and music. With 5 classic songs and up to 10 minutes of soothing music, baby will be in dreamland in no time. With so many different possibilities, what will you make your dino do?

Access learning content, music, games, and phrases with buttons on its feet. To encourage baby to get up and active, it plays music, moves its head, and claps it hands. Its soft arms enable tactile learning for baby. Combine with other Linkimals toys to create a synchronized light show to dazzle baby and help them learn better. VTech Go! Gear up for fun adventures with Mickey in Go! Smart Wheels Mickey Choo-Choo. Pass over 5 Smart Point locations on the track to activate over 40 fun phrases, songs, and sounds. Press Mickey to hear fun phrases. Kids will love revealing the fun peek-a-boo scene.

Kids can combine this set with other Go! Smart Wheels sets to expand the fun. Ready to rev up the fun? Meet the new Revved Up Raceway, the newest member of the Go! Smart Wheels family! Packed with insane stunts like a degree loop and jump ramp, Revved Up Raceway delivers amazing thrills like never before. Like other Go! Smart Wheels sets, it features SmartPoint technology — responding with fun sounds, phrases, and songs to enhance your play experience.

Maurice Sendak, John Goodall, Barry Moser, Kate Greenaway and More

Connect it to the Revved Up Stunt Spiral set for a whole new level of excitement. Featuring a double launching system and jam-packed with more stunts, jumps, and obstacles, the Revved Up Stunt Spiral delivers a thrilling experience. With interactive SmartPoint locations that deliver fun sounds, phrases, and songs along with the mechanical button that delivers cause-and-effect fun, it brings the playset and vehicle to life.

Get ready to race into action! Baby Shark Fingerlings Ages What do you get when you cross Baby Shark with the Fingerlings? A Baby Shark Fingerlings, of course! The first thought that comes to mind: How adorable?! Get swept up in a wave of fun! Love the Baby Shark song? Alternatively, slowing the mouth movement slows down the song. Bring the Baby Shark fun wherever your adventures lead you. These cute, loveable, officially-licensed plush wearables are perfect for taking the Baby Shark fun wherever your adventures take you. Dressed in a snuggly animal onesie with their signature scent, look for a fox, mouse, deer, frog, rabbit, and chipmunk.

Each will feature its own name along with a number for collectibility. Look for Ophelia Frog, the th Cutie in this range! Will you find a girl or a boy? In addition to enhancing your play experience, the hidden bottle in blue or pink tips you off as to its gender. Then you can love, hug, and care for your new cuddly baby. A birth certificate personalizes the experience and makes it feel more authentic. Nurture, love and care for your bundle of joy! When your block play is over, cleanup is a breeze. What fun creations will you build? Featuring a durable body with quiet, sturdy tires, this convertible balance bike delivers a safe, comfortable riding experience with easy steering.

Younger kids will love pushing themselves along, while older kids can practice mastering balance and speed. The bike is designed to grow with your child with conversion from three to two wheels. Choose from six available color schemes. Who could resist these cute and cuddly pillow buddies? Like other Pillow Pets, they convert from a pillow into a character. New Toy Story characters for include Ducky and Bunny. Kids will love going on fun imaginative adventures with these licensed characters and can even sleep with them after a long day of adventure.

Dolce is launching something exciting and refreshingly new this year. When you unzip it, out comes a hippo. Hidden inside the hippo, there is a lion. Unfasten the knot on the lion to discover a little monkey with ringing bell. There is even a soft teether for babies. For a young child, there is so much to learn and discover from nesting to shape sorting to knot tying and more. Get ready for a fun safari learning adventure!

Top Toys For Preschoolers Paw Patrol fans can spark their imaginations and go on exciting, fun-filled adventures in Adventure Bay with these Paw Patrol mini vehicles. These mini vehicles can connect to your Ultimate Rescue Themed Vehicles. Collect all your favorites to recreate fantastic rescue missions just like in the show. The new Sub Patroller allows you to fly it and then transform it into a submarine. How cool is that?! It features real lights, sounds, and life saver launchers for awesome rescue missions. Get ready for exciting airborn and underwater adventures!

Paw Patrol fans gear up for exciting new missions traversing land and sea with this transforming Sea Patroller. Other cool features include a moving crane and cage. This is going to be a must-have for Paw Patrol fans! Rescue missions in Adventure Bay will never be the same. The set features a light and sound panel, working crane, laser launcher and rolling lab charger to bring your adventures to life. It can also be transformed into a mobile lab by attaching the wheels.

The Super Learning Headquarters offers a dozen different activities and teaches everything from science and letters to counting and problem-solving. A retro 90s-inspired Gameboy dot matrix screen allows kids to engage with several fun games ranging from games reminiscent of OutRun and Pipe Dreams.

By placing your Owl Glider, Gekko Mobile, or Cat Car over the controls, players activate different variations of the game. Kids can chase down villains, learn about famous locations, solve mysteries, perform letter matching and more. Preschoolers will have fun with this 2-in-1 set featuring a van that transforms into a stage for an all-star performance with the Ghoul Girls.

Fans can go on tour just like in the TV show. The stage features music, rock and roll sounds, lights, signature phrases and more to bring your role-play adventures to life. This set includes Vampirina, Poppy, and several accessories. Pull back on its silver fur and watch in amazement as his eyes light up, jaws open, and he lets out a roar to bring your storytelling to life. The pieces are compatible with other sets in the line for whole new creative building possibilities. Rocktopus turns even preschoolers into musicians. The toy includes 15 instrument pods, which can be inserted into Rocktopus.

By mixing and matching the different instruments, kids can compose their own music tracks. Instead of drinking from her bottle and wetting herself, the new Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby doll tinkles in her potty because she is potty trained. She even farts while sitting on the potty. You can make her interact with Mommy or Daddy. She features over 50 sounds, phrases, dances, and interactions to take the Baby Alive experience to the next level.

SpinMaster has created the most realistic doll ever with Luvabella. She loves being tickled — tickle her feet or tummy. She is extremely life-like with blinking eyes and an animated mouth, head, and arms. Her life-like expressions make her come to life. What makes her so special is that she features hundreds of responses. You can even hear her little heartbeat if you put your head to her chest. The cool part? The more you play with her, the more she learns. Bring home this loveable bundle of joy! He may be cute but beware when Jack-Jack attacks!

This interactive doll laughs, giggles, babbles, cries, shouts, and makes electric sparking sounds when you press its tummy. Kids can explore his different abilities ranging from laser eyes to electric sparks and more. The doll also comes with a cute raccoon figure so kids can recreate their favorite scenes from the movie. But the coolest part? Play with him long enough and his face really turns to a fiery red. Fisher-Price Batbot Xtreme Ages The Batbot Xtreme is an awesome new interactive action figure playset standing 2-feet tall!

Get ready to take a T-Rex-sized bite out of your next adventure! Designed with preschoolers in mind, the Imaginext Jurassic World Jurassic Rex stands over 2-feet tall. It features plenty of articulation points. This dino toy allows kids to play out the role of Owen with the included figure and this massive T-Rex toy. Take control of the dino by the handle to make it roar and lunge forward and take a bite into the included playset or jeep.

Kids are going to love the ability to grab the jeep with its teeth. Kids can position the 26 letters into puzzle spots to see the letters on the LCD screen, hear the letter name, and hear an animal beginning with that letter. It also teaches step-by-step writing and features 7 different activities to keep young kids engaged. Moonlite is the first bedtime story projector for your mobile phone. It instantly adds magic to storytime by projecting images in your room, making story time more engaging and something kids will actually look forward to.

Bedtime stories will never be the same! These award-winning blocks from Mega Bloks are our favorite blocks for toddlers. They are a little bigger — making them easy to assemble and take apart. This set includes 80 colorful blocks. The new Ultimate Rescue Vehicles are bigger than ever with cool tools. They snap together in lots of ways to go so high and farther than ever. Wait, an ultimate rescue needs every pup. Each vehicle is sold separately. Are you ready for an ultimate rescue?! Inspired by the show, these 2-in-1 vehicles transform into an action-packed playset.

Kids will love recreating their favorite scenes from Paw Patrol. Interactive lights and sounds bring the action to life. Look for six different vehicles in this assortment. Relive the action of show with these fun vehicles or create your own rescue missions. The front scoop picks up objects and the swinging wrecking ball knocks down any and all obstacles in the way. A side scoop allows you to lift and remove objects.

Kids can even carry a load on the working dump bed. Ultimate Rescue missions in Adventure Bay will never be the same. Will you save the day? Looks can be deceiving! This rescue vehicle transforms into a rescue mission track set. Race into adventure with vehicle launcher and ramp set. Featuring a rotating elevator, transforming telescope, vehicle launcher, lights and sounds, kids will love bringing to life their favorite Mighty Pup missions. Keep Adventure Bay safe and sound from any emerging threats.

Looking for an exciting new 2-in-1 Paw Patrol vehicle and playset? After landing, use the handle to transform the jet into a Mobile Headquarters. The set features a mini jet, vehicle launcher, interactive lights and sounds, and disc launcher as well as a Ryder figure to bring the action to life. Kids will have a blast recreating their favorite Mighty Pups missions. Preschoolers will love creating their very own rescue missions. It looks just like in the show, complete with nice detailing. This set comes with a 3-inch Cat Boy figure. In fact, three figures can fit inside the car.

Gekko and Owlette sets are also available. Are you ready to save the day?! Inspired by the hit show, the PJ Masks Seeker features cool lights and sounds and fits 4 vehicles in the detachable carrier and as many as three 3-inch PJ Masks figures. Use the light-up searchlight to locate the villains even in the dark and keep them at bay with the disc launcher. Secure villains in the detachable cage and separate the cabin from the carrier for those quick pursuits. Looking for more thrills? A ramp and drop-down side door are perfect for those action-packed missions.

Bilingual Benny. (Better) Bilingual Books for Kids by Michael Hodge — Kickstarter

One 3-inch Catboy figure and mini Cat-Car enable fans to bring the action to life. Looking for a super fun playset for playing out your PJ Masks adventures? It offers 2-sided play and features interactive lights, sounds, and music to bring the action to life. It even has a working elevator and includes one 3-inch Catboy figure. The set is compatible with your 3-inch figures and vehicles.

How cool is that? Kids will love recreating their own little adventures with the PJ Masks characters. Interactive lights and sounds, a missile launcher, and drop-down hatch for housing baddies in the rear bring the action of the show to life. With a spacious cockpit fitting three 3-inch PJ Masks characters, fans of the show will love taking this smooth rolling rover on all sorts of awesome adventures.

Will you save Luna Girl? Battle with 3-inch Catboy and Luna Girl figures in zero gravity belts and pull the levers to protect the fortress for fun, creative, imaginative play in the PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Fortress Playset. Additional cool play features include a Moon Shooter and Crystal Moon Trap that heighten the play experience. Keep baddies at bay and trap them if you can.

Activating the lever at the top of the playset reveals a secret lunar platform! Get ready for exciting moon adventures! Open this headquarters playset to transform into three levels of fun. Watch out for the Furball Catapult and keep those villains at bay! Will the PJ Masks save the day? Build the track any way you can imagine and use any Thomas engine on the tracks for endless creative and imaginative fun!

Gear up for some digging and discovery fun with Thomas and Friends! This new playset encourages discovery through fun construction and excavation play. Join Thomas and Darcy in their efforts to clear boulders from the pathway. The set includes a motorized Thomas train engine along with an exclusive Darby character vehicle to bring your adventures and imagination to life. Imaginext Buzz Bot is a Buzz Lightyear-inspired robot combining a space station, launch pad, and playset all in one.

Rotate the power pad to open the chest — revealing the Command Center complete with platforms and computer monitors to inspire create play. Prepare for battle! Buzz Bot also comes with a cute space alien figure to add to the play experience. The fire truck transforms into a cool firefighting machine complete with interactive emergency lights and sounds. Rescue people and clear obstacles with the real functional claw. Aside from the amazing transformation, you can also launch water projectiles to save the day. Imagine all the creative rescue missions you can create!

Are you ready to be a real-world hero? Control the Batmobile with the included remote control and take it on fun imaginative adventures in Gotham City. It goes forward, backward, and can even perform cool spins. The Batmobile can transform into battle mode complete with interactive lights, sounds, and projectiles to bring the action to life. You can either manually launch the projectiles or use the remote control to launch them at evildoers.

Will Batman save Gotham from the evildoers? Rock out with Vampirina on the lights and sounds stage complete with music and phrases. Join Gregoria on the dance floor. Activate the candelabra and watch as the dessert magically appears on the dining room table. Vee can even hang and spin in her bedroom and the castle tower. Kids will love as Mickey performs his signature Hot Dog Dance as featured in the show. He dances, spins, and wiggles like no other mouse.

Who knew Mickey had moves like that?! Kids will love dancing along with Mickey. Press the floor to activate interactive lights and sounds that bring the set to life. Explore all the secrets of the Clubhouse: the working elevator, slide, telescope and more. Our favorite attraction is flying around in the Hot Air Balloon. What a thrilling adventure! The set includes the Clubhouse Play House, 3-inch Mickey and Minnie figures, and several play accessories to inspire endless creative fun.

Fans will love decorating her home with the included furniture accessories. Move from the first to second floors quickly and easily with the kid-powered elevator. Stepping on the doormat magically opens the door, while flipping the dining room table reveals delicious snacks. The vanity table features a spinning mirror and who could resist riding the slide?! The set comes complete with the Bowfabulous home, articulated Minnie and Daisy figures, Figaro figure, and tons of furniture and accessories to inspire endless imaginative play. Minnie wears a beautiful rainbow bow, polka-dot outfit, and matching shoes.

Her unicorn friend, Penelope, walks and dances along with Minnie. Giddy up for some fun adventures with Minnie and Penelope. Standing 4. This set also includes his 3-inch little dino friends Rocky, Bill, Tiny, and Mazu with articulated arms and tails to inspire rich storytelling.

Preschoolers will love exploring their prehistoric world while conquering fear, enjoying friendship, and having loads of fun and adventure just as in the animated show! Every parent will tell you that feeding babies can be both a joy and mess and Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby Doll captures this feeling with an all-new captivating experience. While preparing her favorite food, strap on her bib and sit her at the feeding tray. When bring her interactive baby spoon close, she opens her mouth wide, giggles, moves, and begs for more.

Then give baby her sippy cup. Oh, no! Now you need to change her diaper. Featuring over 50 realistic baby sounds and phrases, expressions, interactive spoon, diapers, and accessories, this adorable little baby doll delivers a fun, life-like experience for little moms and dads. Standing inches tall, the Make Nancy Fancy Rainbow Ballet Doll features 3 points of articulation for posing and bringing your storytelling to life.

We love her fancy, dazzling rainbow dress. Explore themes of self-expression, originality, and love of family with Fancy Nancy. Inspired by the show, this set allows kids to scoop and stack their favorite flavors — creating the perfect sweet treats. Push the ice cream cart to see the Eiffel Tower spin and hear fun Nancy-inspired phrases. Scroll through the menu for specials and press the butterfly for pop-up treats. Disney Junior T. Nursery Headquarters is a multi-tiered playset with interactive lights and sounds baby monitor, slide, and elevator.

The set comes with 3 cute baby animals with cool color-changing diapers that change with cold water. Take the babies for a stroll in the cloud cart, place them in the bouncy seat, or feed them with the baby bottle. Other cool play highlights include a cloud transport seat, secret trap door, and swinging basket. Fans of the show will love discovering the world of wonderful play possibilities with this fun set. With a retractable glitter mermaid scale canopy, storage cubby, and removable seat and tray, this is the perfect gift for inspiring magical adventures!

Take customer orders on the tablet and serve customers at the bean-shaped archway. The flip side offers a walk-up window, table and chairs set, and display cases. Bring the action of the show to life with this fantastic playset. An inch fairy doll allows you to bring your favorite moments from the show to life. The magic oven magically transforms your Fairy Dough into a delicious cupcake, pie, or cookie!

Display your magical treats for all customers to see. Kinderbot is an interactive programmable robot teaching preschoolers and kindergarteners coding and engineering concepts. Additionally, it teaches kids letters, counting, shape and more. Choose from three ways to play: free coding, learning challenges, and a secret booklet — which unlocks additional learning. Code-A-Pillar Twist represents the next-generation of the popular Code-A-Pillar coding toy for preschoolers with a fun twist.

Twist the dials to create a sequence for Code-A-Pillar to follow. Make it go forward, left or right, and even code lights and sounds. Changing the combinations set Code-A-Pillar down different paths. With over 1, possible combinations, kids are encouraged to explore and discover the fundamentals of coding in a fun way while also practicing critical-thinking, problem-solving, planning, and sequencing. We love the Little People Travel Together Airplane because it promotes themes of friendship and being kind.

Over 30 interactive songs, sounds, and phrases teach kids about colors, opposites, greetings and more. Even preschoolers could use a wallet like mom and dad to run errands! This set includes a chic fabric wallet, wooden phone, watch with fabric wristband, 3 plastic credit cards, and a key fob with flip-out key.

All the accessories look realistic for a more realistic play experience. When playtime is over, everything conveniently stores inside the wallet.

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Imagine all the storytelling possibilities! Want to teach your preschooler how to tell time the easy way? The Preschool Watch makes learning to tell time easy and fun. Colors are used to represent hours, while animals represent minutes. Simple, right? Amazing how nobody thought of this concept sooner. Pick up your friends in the school bus, swing on the swings, climb and slide in the treehouse, and go for a whirl on the merry-go-round.

This gender-neutral set includes a variety of premium mixed materials: track pieces, connectors, characters, accessories, and a mix-and-match school bus. With reconfigurable tracks and buildings, it offers endless building possibilities. What amazing worlds will you create? Preschoolers and toddlers will love My 1st Wagon from Radio Flyer. You can even use it as a gift basket wagon for kids. The handle and steering actually are functional so you can take it on fun adventures to the park, around the house, or in the backyard. This Baby All-In-One Rescue Mobile has everything a doc would need, including play medical tools and accessories to get the job done.

Lights, sounds, and music bring the set to life and inspire imaginative play. Your aspiring doc will love using the light-up x-ray, stethoscope, and other tools diagnose and rescue pets. Always wanted your own baby to love and care for? Meet Luvabella Newborn, the newest life-like baby doll packed with more expressions and personality than ever before.

Her expressive face and realistic sounds let you know just how she is feeling. Feed her with her bottle, soothe her with her pacifier, tickle her tummy, burp her, and even rock her to sleep just like a real baby. Kids will love nurturing and caring for their own realistic baby doll. Pump up these cute little critters and set them inside their Zoomer to watch them zoom into action and adventure!

Look for 4 critters in the assortment: an elephant in a bathtub, hippo in a rowboat, fox in a box, and a monkey in a banana vehicle. With adorable and colorful designs, kids will love taking them on fun adventures. Now toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy this officially licensed interactive Sound Book.

Real Life Trick Shots 2 - Dude Perfect

Explore the world of Baby Shark with vibrant illustrations and 10 interactive songs. Get ready to do the Baby Shark! Top Interactive Toys for Electronic toys spring to life with the latest technology.

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  3. Best Travel Books for Kids: Great Reads to Inspire Wanderlust in Tiny Travelers!

Sing, play, and dance with some of the best toys for Christmas Hatchimals Mystery launches this fall. Now the Hatchimals you hatch will be a surprise. Kids can hatch and discover one of four brand new mystery creatures. Who will you hatch? A brand new species of Hatchimals has arrived.

Meet Tigrette and Puffatoo from Fabula Forest. They feature new games and music to keep you entertained. These Hatchimals can even learn your name and repeat it back to you. Kids will love teaching FurReal Ricky some new tricks. With sensors all over his body, he responds realistically to touch. He can even sing a little tune. Feed him a treat when he is good, but be careful — even he needs to use the bathroom.

Does she love unicorns? She magically comes to life with over sound and motion combinations and she even responds to touch. Watch her horn light up dazzling colors and see her flap her wings. This is the next best thing to a real pet without all the mess. Tyler looks fantastic and features over motions and sounds that bring him to life. He responds to touch and reacts very realistically.

He even plays tug of war with an included squeaker toy. Chewie has been brought to life with his famous expressions and signature roar. When you talk to him, he will respond to your voice. With a built-in accelerometer, he responds to movement too when you pick him up. The cutest part? After fighting the Empire all day, he even can be put to sleep. When you are kid, walkie talkies are a lot of fun.

With a great range, these walkie talkies from Retevis outperform other toy walkie talkies. Not only are they great for playing police around the house, but they are great for camping. Osmo Genius Kit Ages A lot of kids today are playing on their iPads. Osmo is tech gadget that allows your child to interact physically in the real world to manipulate objects in the digital world.

The Genius Kit comes with 5 different games to get started. With advanced animatronics, Cubby is sure to delight and amaze animal lovers with moving eyes, nose, mouth, and a fully expressive face that bring him to life. Feed him his honey treat, play peek-a-boo with him, interact with him, and go on spectacular adventures together. Who could resist giving this soft and snuggly cutie a big bear hug? Amazingly, he does hug back and even dances! It features two voice modes: Detective Pikachu and Pikachu. How cute! Detective Pikachu comes to life with motorized ears, detective hat, and more than 14 interactive responses.

Kids will love reenacting their favorite moments from the movie and taking it on all sorts of fun adventures. Want to hatch and train your own Toothless baby dragon? Utilizing Hatchimals tech, Toothless is brought to life inside the egg. He moves, makes sounds, and his eyes illuminate. Shake the egg, aggravating him enough to hatch the egg. Fans can teach him to fly, dive bomb, and even plasma blast. His head, wings, and tail really move!

As he flies, he roars and purrs when you cover his head with your hand. After a long day of training, Toothless loves nothing more than snacking on fish. Get ready for endless adventures with Toothless. Little Live Wrapples Series 2 Ages The Wrapples family expands this year with three new adorable members, including Shylo and Bonnie.

Series 2 offers more fashion-oriented Wrapples with fur, brighter colors, and even metallic patterns. Wrap them around your wrist and they interact with over 50 sounds and reactions. Watch as they come to life! Their eyes even illuminate to match their moods. Bring the Wrapples close together and watch them sing together.

Wrapples prove the wearables fun is here to stay. This interactive electronic plush is water-safe and offers a repeatable experience so you can rescue your pet over and over. Unbox and watch it come to life with shivers and whimpers. Bathe and groom it for happy sounds, feed it to hear eating sounds, and relieve its hiccups by patting its back.

We love that if you hold it close, you can actually feel its heartbeat. Everything is a whole lot more realistic which means more fun! Will you rescue a dog or cat? Rescue missions will never be the same! Juno My Baby Elephant is an adorable baby elephant featuring over animations, life-like motion, tricks, and sounds that bring her to amazing life. Bursting with personality, Juno can kiss, pick up things, make fun trumpet sounds, and even perform cool tricks like the helicopter.

She interacts and plays with her peanut and mouse accessories. Juno learns and grows from shy to silly via touch and play. VTech makes a big entrance with its first foray into robotics with Myla the Magical Unicorn. Myla sings and moves her eyes and head to convey emotion. Love singing? An enchanting world of magic and adventures await unicorn lovers. Pomsies Lumies represent the next-generation of Pomsies with a color-matching and musical twist. These interactive unicorn-like pets can morph into any color by simply placing it on any household object.

Nurture your pet, coordinate your outfits, and even play fun games like Memory and Whack-A-Mole. In Music mode, beats and melodies are created from objects through color. Choose from three different Lumies each with distinct looks and sounds. Pomsies Wave 4 introduces new characters, sounds, and features for these best-selling interactive wearable pets.

Play along with your friends in Freeze Dance Mode. Their colored light-up eyes and sounds let kids know whether they are feeling happy, sleepy, or hungry. Pet them on their head, nose, or mouth, and watch them respond with 50 unique responses. Press his paw for cool twisting and chopping action. They even nailed his red earphones, which light-up when he talks. Wave your hand in front of him to see him jump with excitement, move his head, and make fun sounds.

Pet him and watch him sit or serve him some delicious treats. Will it be purple broccoli or a caveman cookie? Show your friendly dino companion some love by hugging and cuddling him. Move over unicorns — llamas are here to steal the spotlight in ! Boppy features unique twerking and head-spinning dance moves to light up the dance floor. She dances to 3 different songs and is likely to be a big hit with kids and on social media.

Kids will be laughing and giggling like never before. Unlike other robotic toys on the market, she will be affordably priced. Laughter is said to be the best medicine. Tickle her chest to make her giggle. The more you tickle Pinkie Pie, the harder she laughs and the faster she moves. You can also trigger her movement and sounds by waving in front of her mouth. With long, rooted hair and her signature cutie mark, fans love wiggling and laughing into adventure with Pinkie Pie. Tapping into the rescue pets phenomenon, Owleez are the latest interactive pets that kids can rescue, nurture, and even teach to fly.

By showing them love and care — they become happy, enabling them to really fly! Little rescuers can feed, pet, tickle, and rock them. Like a real pet they feature sounds and even respond to touch. Get ready to teach your Owleez to fly! Top Collectible Toys for Collectibles continue to trend high with no signs of slowing down. From L. Start building your collection today! Confetti Pop Series 3 is the top-selling toy thus far. Everyone loves collecting L. Will you find the new Ultra Rare, Punk Boi?! There are several layers of surprises to unwrap, which make them fun to unbox.

Series 3 features over 35 dolls to collect. With seven layers of surprises, girls love collecting these cute L. Pets from Series 3. This 2-pack includes two L. Will your pet be a crier, spitter, tinkler, or color-changer? There are over 35 pets to collect in this series. Featuring a beautiful glitter case, the L. Pearl Surprise comes with a limited edition Doll and Lil Sister.

Who will you reveal? Twist Petz are adorably cute animal collectibles that easily convert to a glam bracelet with a simple twist. They can be worn as bracelets, necklaces and even be clipped onto a backpack. There are so many different Twisty Petz to collect from an elephant to a unicorn. Fingerlings are new baby monkey collectibles that you wear on your finger. They are interactive — reacting to motion and even touch! Your monkey friend even greets you with cute monkey babble. It can even sense its position whether its right-side-up or upside down.

Hold it upside down by its tail … it loves monkeying around. It interacts with you in different ways. You can pet it and it reacts. You can blow a kiss and they even respond to sounds. You can even use it on your pen, mug, backpack and more! Your monkey can even sing and with more than one they sing together. Fingerlings are friendship at your fingers! The two-tone Fingerlings Baby Monkey is new this year. Fingerlings, the Toy of the Year, is getting a fun glittery makeover. Add some sparkle to your life with these new companions at your fingertips.

These adorable monkeys are getting an extended family. First, there are bite-sized Fingerlings Minis. These bite-sized figures come in a blind bag. These little figures can hook onto anything with their tails and can even be used as pencil toppers. Love the Cutie Cars? The coolest new thing in the world of Cutie Cars is an awesome color-changing feature. Dip it in cold water and watch it change back like magic.

It will also come packed with exclusive characters. These squishy toys are fun to mush around in your hand. Not only are they fun to squish, but they smell like creamy vanilla. Once you squish them, they spring right back up. Want some glam in your life, then you will love the new Glam Glitter series of L. They are the perfect addition to your collection. Each doll will have a special surprise: Will it be a crier, spitter, tinkler, or color changer? Under Wraps dolls are the latest sensation in the world of L. Fans will love solving the mystery of their doll with the new spy glass tool.

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  • Each doll comes with 15 surprises to discover. Unwrap the fun with L. Surprise Under Wraps. Which one will you unwrap? Hairgoals Makeover Series features an all-new cast of dolls to collect and style their hair. Feed or bathe your dolls to reveal a fun water surprise, including a color-change feature. Discover and unbox 12 new dolls with 15 fun surprises awaiting. Now the dolls come bundled in a hairspray can which converts into a salon chair, display case, doll stand, or purse to expand your storytelling.

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    This set includes 2 balls and 2 pets. Which ones will you unwrap? LOL dolls continue to be popular. There is something that is so fun about revealing the layered surprises inside. Her first piece in a commercial publication appeared in the October of Ladies Home Journal. Al Smith for President campaign, , She also successfully urged FDR to make his first public appearance after contracting polio by addressing the Democratic National Convention in favor of Smith. She earned the trust of Smith and was able to help him gain access to and convince FDR to run as his successor as Governor of New York.

    As First Lady of a state, Eleanor Roosevelt sought to avoid as many potential conflicts of interest as possible. She continued her own private enterprises of the Todhunter School and Val-Kill Industries, splitting her time between the capital city of Albany and her private home in New York City. As she wrote in Good Housekeeping magazine during these years, "It is essential to develop her own interests, to carry on a stimulating life of her own Although she quit most of her political affiliations, Eleanor Roosevelt remained highly politically active, if not always in public.

    With her own formidable and independent political experience and skill, Eleanor Roosevelt could not help bring her b ackground to her role as a supportive wife of the governor. In this context, her considerable political influence was simply an outgrowth of her natural interests, passions and beliefs, but adapting it all to a manner which aided her husband. She began to substitute for the Governor when either his immobility or his schedule precluded his presence at political meetings and conferences.

    She put to use her growing but already considerable tactical skill in managing political personalities. She believed he was the ideal leader to guide the nation through the Great Depression, but feared the loss of her own independent life. As far as public campaigning, however, Eleanor Roosevelt was more visible on behalf of Herbert Lehman, the Democrat hoping to succeed her husband as New York Governor.

    While she joined him for part of his national campaign, she steadfastly refused to make any speeches. Despite her reputation as an overtly political person, she drew a line when it came to speaking on behalf of her husband and would not go beyond making personal appearances with him for his , and presidential campaigns.

    From November until March of , however, Eleanor Roosevelt found herself increasingly depressed at the prospect of what being First Lady would mean. During this period, she befriended several women reporters who covered her activities, notably Lorena Hickok, Ruby Black and Bess Furman and shared her fears. Although she resigned her job as teacher at the Todhunter School, she did continue her lucrative career as a lecturer, freelance journalist, and radio broadcaster. Although not yet First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt soon found herself publicly derided when she expressed her view that young girls should be permitted to drink beer if Prohibition was repealed, and the fact that one of her radio commercial sponsors was a mattress company.

    There were also false allegations that it had been Eleanor Roosevelt who had spurred on FDR to the presidency as some form of thwarted form of fulfilling her own political ambitions. In fact, at one point during the transition, she had the impulsive idea of filing for divorce as a way of escaping the inevitable and imminent limitations. For them and for other close personal friends and political associates, she hosted an informal reception following the swearing-in ceremony. Following a tradition since the Inauguration, there was no official Presidential Inaugural Ball.

    However, Eleanor Roosevelt did appear in a white fur and gown at a charity fundraiser ball held that night, accompanied by several relatives. She would continue to do so, appearing at the and Inaugural balls. No presidential wife served as First Lady for a period longer than did Eleanor Roosevelt — twelve years, one month, one week and one day. Unique to her tenure was the fact that the President was physically limited by his then-hidden condition of polio. Despite this being an outgrowth of her own progressive reform work, it was now conducted within a public realm, making both her, personally, and the Administration, generally, vulnerable to political attack and criticism, the charge being that she was neither elected nor appointed to carry out such tasks as it related to the American people.

    Generally, Eleanor Roosevelt ignored the frequent criticism to help achieve her goals or those Administration objectives with which she concurred. Unlike her three immediate predecessors Florence Harding, Grace Coolidge, Lou Hoover , Eleanor Roosevelt did not enter into the role of First Lady with specific plans to continue previous support for a constituency Harding and animal rights and veterans, Coolidge and the hearing-impaired, Hoover and the Girl Scouts.

    All she knew for certain was that she would be active in word and deeds, especially in light of the devastation the Great Depression was continuing to have on the lives of millions of Americans. In terms of her life experiences and her evolving vision as First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt was unprecedented in comparison to others who had or would assume the role. In her first days and weeks as First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt had great anxiety about just how she could have a real impact on those citizens then suffering the worst affects of the Great Depression, or even how to begin determining this.

    It was on the advice of Louis Howe that she made one simple gesture that began to lead the way for her. Knowing she could not deliver something that the new Administration had not promised, she was unsure of what she would say. The fact that the new First Lady arrived by driving herself into their encampment immediately impressed the veterans. They shared their struggles and frustrations with her, they discussed the war, and the brief visit ended with her standing on a chair and offering her heartfelt empathy and a promise that she would see if there was anything to be done to help them, but without promising anything further.

    She was startled to receive their warm and rousing cheers, and joined them in singing some of the popular songs of the war. This initial visit showed Eleanor Roosevelt that she could genuinely relate to people who were suffering, without regarding to gender, age or socioeconomic class; it gave her confidence. While the gesture was purely symbolic, it also had a positive affect on the veterans, giving them a sense of hope about the new Administration and willingness to at least initially support the new President and his policies. Perhaps there was no more important decision among her initial deeds as First Lady than her decision to continue her work as a writer, public speaker and media figure.

    It helped in her mission to inform the public, provoke discussion and debate on conversation, rally public support for efforts she believed in or promoted as part of the Administration. On 6 March , two days after becoming First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt held what was to become the first of press conferences, with nearly 35 women in attendance.

    The idea emerged from her burgeoning friendship with Associated Press reporter Lorena Hickok as a direct measure to help women reporters keep their jobs during the depression. She conducted them to help keep the American people informed of her White House life and the political activities of the Administration, but to provoke national consciousness about larger issues and crises of the day, and to do so in newspaper print.

    The press conferences afforded her the chance to focus on breaking news whether it was the threat that Hitler presented to Europe or the endemic problems of Washington, D. Large publications wanted to carry the news that Mrs. Roosevelt generated, but could do so only by continuing to employ the women reporters given exclusive access to the press conferences. On one occasion, following her return from the South Pacific during the war, men reporters were permitted entrance.

    This practice proved crucial in establishing women reporters as part of the permanent and modern White House Press Corps, their presence and professionalism soon becoming part of the familiar fabric of the working White House. Her sustaining the press conferences through the Depression and WWII, they covered economics, commerce, defense and foreign affairs issues. The press conferences ultimately raised women into the ranks of professional journalism.

    Her solidarity with them remained strong. After some initial press conferences taking place in the Green Room, Mrs. Initially, no direct quotation of the First Lady was permitted without her permission. She had an aide who attended and transcribed the exchanges. The conferences lasted about an hour. On occasion, she invited special women guests who might be visiting the White House to attend, giving the reporters access to them.

    In time print reporters for the radio broadcast were permitted to attend, but at no time were either still or moving cameras allowed in. Eventually, the weekly attendance swelled to but was reduced drastically by the first year of World War II. Government information agency representatives were also permitted to attend, but not to ask questions. By , the group formally organized as Mrs. It also encouraged the public to offer their own opinions and observations during the Great Depression and War-Preparedness years.

    The response was overwhelming. Within just five months, about , individuals had written to her. She continued the column until the July edition. In her initial columns, she avidly espoused the agenda of the Roosevelt Administration, but over time was forced to curtail political topics. The magazine editors ended the contract to avoid the suggestion that they supported FDR — or any political candidate — as efforts began for his re-election campaign. Journal editors reviewed the mail sent to Mrs.

    Roosevelt at the magazine and chose the questions for her to answer, about ten each month. The topics were again a mix of the personal and the political. It replaced an earlier, failed weekly column that focused strictly on White House entertaining. The subject of each day was usually a reflection of an issue, individual, incident or event she had encountered or engaged in, giving the worlds a genuine first-person account of life near the presidency.

    Written in simple, almost bland language, the column helped to craft her image as an accessible average American wife and mother — despite the reality that she was hardly that. Initially, many of the columns were light in nature, giving the public a glimpse at the amusing and poignant anecdotes entailed in her daily life as the wife of the president and mother of his children. In short time, however, she used the column to touch on larger public issues, controversies in which she was involved — and even to provoke public debate.

    Although she claimed in that the President never interfered in the content of her columns, she did later write that he often shared Administration ideas or reports, or other information with the intention of her presenting it casually in the column to gauge public reaction. The column was a useful public relations tool for the Administration as well, for she could provide a seemingly spontaneous glimpse into his work or reactions to legislation in a way that shaped a long-range plan. She found it relatively easy to do, usually occupying about a half an hour each day.

    After the White House, she continued the column but the contents became more partisan as she voiced stronger opinions on global issues and Democratic Party politics. On many occasions, Eleanor Roosevelt found that a subject she felt required closer consideration was best served by her writing about it in a lengthy magazine article. She had no one exclusive contract with a publication, giving her the freedom to choose specialized venues to reach target audiences.

    Eleanor Roosevelt had nearly a decade of experience as a radio commentator by the time she became First Lady. In she signed with NBC Radio to carry her radio shows with various commercial sponsors. In the number and length of the broadcasts were increased to twenty-six fifteen-minute broadcasts. The lengthiest and most famous of her series, however, took place on Sunday nights spanning seven months from to The Pan-American Coffee Bureau that represented a consortium of eight Latin American coffee-producing nations sponsored these.

    During her tenure as First Lady, it is estimated that she gave about 1, speeches, whether it was to an organization involved in social issues important to her agenda as a presidential spouse or a paid lecture. She wrote all of them herself, although it was usually a mere outline rather than a prepared text from which she spoke. On occasion, she relied on experts in or out of the federal government to provide specifics or statistics to bolster the case she might be making in the speech. Initially, her presentations seemed to lack impact not only due to the rambling nature of her remarks, but the sound of her voice.

    Somewhat strident and high-pitched, with a distinctly elite-class accent, she eventually learned to become a relaxed public speaker and to then hone her message and modulate her voice, taking lessons with vocal coach Elizabeth von Hesse. In , she contracted with the W. Colston Leigh Bureau of Lectures and Entertainments to do two annual lecture circuit tours a year. Her audiences were usually large organizations, sometimes as numerous as 15, people in attendance.

    Although Rose Cleveland was the first First Lady to publish a book during her incumbency, none have published more books while serving in that role than did Eleanor Roosevelt. This Troubled World and The Moral Basis of Democracy took the same technique but applied it to war-preparedness. Her second work of fiction took on a poignant currency. The book with which she was most widely associated during her tenure as First Lady was This Is My Story , the first of what would be her three-volume autobiography, providing a somewhat abstracted version of her lonely childhood and difficult early married years, taking her story up to , as FDR struggled to overcome his polio.

    She permitted all of her public appearances and events to be filmed by newsreel companies, whether or not it was at the White House. Apart from those of her public speeches that were filmed for newsreels, Mrs. Roosevelt did not merely appear in the brief films shown in movie theaters but often spoke, delivering some type of public service message. These meetings of celebrities from the world of entertainment and politics not only drew guests to the January events, but were also filmed for newsreels that were shown in theaters across the country, after which theater attendants would pass collection jars for donations from movie patrons.

    She continued to appear with movie stars in later years on behalf of war-related causes and became comfortable with humorously trading in what had become established as her popular persona. In one motion picture short shown throughout the country, for example, she promoted a charity by attempting to purchase a 25 cent raffle ticket with a dollar bill from comedienne Jack Benny, famous for his parsimony.

    As First Lady, Mrs. With her Ladies Home Companion column, beginning in August of , she actually encouraged the citizenry to write her directly. Shortly into her tenure as First Lady, she found her office had become something of a clearinghouse for the most desperate individuals and families left homeless, jobless or hungry as a result of the Great Depression. As many of the New Deal emergency relief agencies were still being established, she took it upon herself to have the individual letters referred to existing federal agencies that might be of direct assistance, charitable organizations or even wealthy private individuals whom she knew might be able to help.

    She was not able to respond by handwritten letter or even signed typed letter to all of these requests for aid, but she did do so in a surprising large number of cases. Having discovered that form letters used by her predecessors dated back to Frances Cleveland and offered little support or hope, she established a new system for herself in which every individual received an effective response.

    In many instances this meant that Eleanor Roosevelt engaged in direct and ongoing written contact with various federal department agency heads to continue efforts to eradicate or respond to problems in their domain. In the first year of the first FDR term, she received , letters, in the first year of the second term, it dipped to 90, and in the first election year of the third term, it again rose, to , As the US entered World War II, a greater percentage of her public correspondence came from US servicemen and their families, often reporting sub-standard conditions or illegal practices which official War and Navy Department reports might otherwise neglect to address.

    Omnipresent in American life for a full one-dozen years at a time conjunctive with strides in communication technologies, Eleanor Roosevelt became the first First Lady to widely enter the general popular culture, a caricatured image affixed as much to the political as well as entertainment landscape of her eras.

    Usually with affection, but sometimes with scorn, her physical presence, with an emphasis on the protrusion of her upper teeth and flying fur-piece at her neck, made her a frequent target of highly political cartoons in daily newspapers. She was easily skewered for her own policy views or statements, but criticism aimed at her was often a displaced attack on the President.

    I breakfasted in Idaho and lunched in Indiana! I opened up a Turkish bath in Helena, Montana! I launched a lovely ferris wheel, then dined in Louisiana! As President, Franklin Roosevelt initiated an extensive network of social and economic reform programs, intended to provide an immediate federal government response to the devastation the Great Depression had wreaked on the lives of a majority of Americans. Several general constituencies found themselves the focus of these reforms, including the business and manufacturing, housing, farming, labor unions.

    While Eleanor Roosevelt took an active interest and was well versed in the nuances of all these elements, her focus was based on her experiences in the reform movement. Her efforts can be largely seen as focusing on providing immediate aid and relief to citizens who were homeless, hungry and unemployed. Besides specific programs she fostered, promoted or became involved in behind the scenes, Eleanor Roosevelt maintained her general interest in all of the New Deal by serving as a liaison between the citizens who needed help and the best programs to answer their needs.

    Those whom she most often sought to ensure equal and fair treatment on behalf of were women, African-Americans, youth, and coal miners. Finally, Eleanor Roosevelt did not believe that government intervention was the sole means to alleviate the affects of the Depression and she supported numerous private charities, though she worked primarily with and donated her own private funds to the American Friends Service Committee. In this November newsreel, among the first filmed of her speaking as First Lady, Mrs. As part of this general role, she undertook frequent trips around the United States, to even the most remote regions, where she came to inspect various New Deal programs — usually without announcement so program directors could not suddenly disguise problems.

    Sometimes the issues she felt needed addressing, change or improvement hinged on small matters; other times, she detected a consensus among the recipients of the programs. Upon returning to Washington, she made either written or verbal reports to the President, his staff and department heads for the problems to be addressed. She drove her car, took the trains and flew by airplane to do this. The First Lady often travelled alone, refusing to be trailed by Secret Service agents. The agency acquiesced only after she had demonstrated ability for self-protection with a gun they insisted she carry.

    She agreed to this, but never felt the need to use it. While she made many of her day trips to New York City from Washington and cities in between by either automobile or train, she just as frequently hopped on a plane to make the short flight. Almost exclusively, however, she used air flight to make her far-flung trips across the entire nation, making many coast-to-coast trips by plane.

    Later, in , the First Lady provided a statement of endorsement of air travel, and posed for a photograph that appeared in national magazines; paid for appearing in the print advertisement, she donated her earnings to charity. Flying also led her to create a strong friendship with the legendary female aviator Amelia Earhart. After a famous dinner at the White House, Earhart took the First Lady for a flight to Baltimore and coaxed her into briefly taking over control of the vehicle. When Mrs. Roosevelt later flew to address the National Democratic Convention, she wrote of her excitement at being able to take longer control of plane.

    Among a network of women who had mostly been professional educators, journalists, attorneys, and union leaders in the reform movement during her previous years in New York or who had worked in the Democratic Party at the national or New York state level, Eleanor Roosevelt was the central figure. The First Lady was successful in changing both the Civil Works Administration and the Federal Emergency Relief Administration to expand to include divisions that dealt specifically with the problems faced by unemployed women.

    Further, she suggested the individuals who would be appointed to lead the bureaus. Similarly, when she learned that the Civilian Conservation Corps, which provided forestry work to young people, was available only to men, she successfully pressed for the same program for young women. It was not just as recipients of federal government programs or as employees of the federal government that Eleanor Roosevelt carried her advocacy. She consistently addressed gender inequity in American life wherever she saw it.

    She believed women should be given universal military training and even that housewives should be allowed to work only regular hours and be salaried for it. Far more than her husband, she believed the U. The larger white population at that time as nothing short of radical viewed this, yet it never persuaded her to restrain her words and deeds. Often it was a singular, unambiguous action intended as a symbol that prompted a public facing of the issue.

    Invited to the African-American Howard University, for example, she wanted herself photographed as two uniformed male honor guards escorted her in. The picture was widely printed, often used to prompt angry racist attacks on her. No one single act as First Lady, however, more dramatically illustrated her belief than her much publicized February 26, resignation from the Daughters of the American Revolution when that organization adhered to local racial restrictions and refused to rent its Constitution Hall for a concert by opera singer Marian Anderson.

    While she was not responsible for, nor attended the ensuing public concert by Anderson on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial two months later, she strongly supported it. Privately, the First Lady reflected that when she had come to the point of no longer thinking about greeting her friend Mrs. Bethune with a peck on the cheek, as she did with her white friends, she had come to outgrow her own early prejudices. She also sought support for the bill elsewhere, such as the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching.

    The First Lady also became the first white resident of Washington, D. In , she attended and addressed the annual conventions of both organizations. She worked in tandem with these organizations and also on individual efforts. Within the New Deal programs of the federal government, she made efforts to forge more racial equity. She pushed for those administering the Agricultural Adjustment Act to acknowledge how white landowners regularly discriminated against African-Americans and similarly pressured the Resettlement Administration to do so on behalf of black sharecroppers.

    She sought to make certain that African-Americans were paid the same wage within the ranks of administrative workers in the Federal Emergency Relief Administration. By seeking to ensure that African-Americans were beneficiaries of New Deal programs, and cultivating prominent political figures within the community, Eleanor Roosevelt — and through her, FDR, were key factors in the historic shift of African-American support from the Republican Party and their legacy from Lincoln to the Democratic Party.

    The NYA gave out grants to college students who agreed to work part-time, thus giving them some income without having to drop out of school; it also provided job training to those not in school. In her book This I Remember , Eleanor Roosevelt acknowledged her role in helping to create the National Youth Administration, which FDR established on June 26, "One of the ideas I agreed to present to Franklin was that of setting up a national youth administration It was one of the occasions on which I was very proud that the right thing was done regardless of political consequences.

    The division provided unemployed young people with apprenticeships, vocational training and work projects. She toured several dozen of the sites around the nation, and behind the scenes frequently evaluated the success and failures of the program with its officials, attended its regional conferences with state directors and served as a direct liaison to the President.

    Eleanor Roosevelt was inspired by the call to social justice and world peace advocated by the American Student Union, which was composed of college student activists. When they sought her support for the American Youth Act, to mandate federal aid to all American young people who lived in need, she refused, feeling it was expensive and unrealistic. Nonetheless, she took a front-row seat during House Un-American Activities Committee hearings when they grilled ASU leader Joseph Lash she had befriended, and later defended their initial good intentions.

    Under the direction of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, a tape-recording was made of the First Lady and the student leader Lash visiting in a hotel room, unknown to them; some suggested it indicated a physical relationship but there is no evidence of this. Once FDR discovered this, he was enraged and ordered all transcripts and tapes destroyed.

    While Hoover seemingly followed the order, he continued to use espionage to track the activities of the First Lady through her White House tenure and beyond, believing that she was aligned, unwittingly or not, with subversive organizations that threatened the stability of the U. She had been an avid supporter of the initial effort to bring these professions under eligibility of the Works Progress Administration and successfully lobbied the President to this end; he signed the legislation on June 25, She publicly opposed a Congressional funding decrease to the programs, and the closing of the theater program.

    Administered by the Department of Interior, it helped resettle communities where a workforce in a predominant occupation had been devastated by the economic turndown. The urge to provide a viable life and relief to the coal-mining families there led to her unofficially directing what would become the first of the New Deal resettlement projects, located some thirty miles away, in Arthurdale. Witnessing the efforts of the private charity group, the American Friends Service Committee to provide self-help programs there, she discussed the effort with the President and he had it established as a federal project.

    Feeling a sense of personal responsibility to help the impoverished coal-mining families as soon as possible, the First Lady used her clout to have Arthurdale functioning as quickly as possible. Within months some fifty prefabricated houses were bought and delivered to the site — only to find they did not fit the foundations. At great expense, an architect was hired to adapt the houses. Co-operative farming, crafts production, and other small industry were established, though proved less lucrative than hoped.

    While able to lure General Electric to establish a vacuum cleaner assembly plant there, it did not succeed. More successfully she sought private donations from wealthy Americans to establish a hospital and clinic, including the young tobacco heiress Doris Duke after she made a visit with the First Lady to Arthurdale, as seen in this newsreel:.

    Critics in Congress managed to defeat a Public Works Administration allocation for a post office equipment factory. She was unable to convince administrators to include African-Americans in the new community. Although it provided quality housing, it was not until defense industry was established there, during the war-preparedness era that the unemployment problems become alleviated. She nevertheless remained committed to the community, particularly the school system that she helped establish through private donations. She further visited other federal homesteads, illustrating her belief in their essential soundness as a method of helping people helping themselves.

    Eleanor Roosevelt was a strong supporter of labor unions, though she refused to be seen as a foe of industry. Instead, she sought to encourage mediation over striking. As a working newspaper columnist, Eleanor Roosevelt joined the American Newspaper Guild, the first known First Lady to join a labor union. She would be elected, on a write-in vote, as a delegate to the local Industrial Union Council but with the charge that communist interests dominated the organization, she declined and privately urged the guild to disassociate with the council. Initially, she felt that the task of shaking hands and hosting tea parties as her Social Secretary Edith Helm had urged her to do.

    In short order, however, she came to respect the value which the public placed on her as a living symbol, along with the often lifetime impression of being received in the White House. Despite her omnipresence in national life as an overtly political figure, she also hosted the annual Easter Egg Roll, dressed formally to welcome guests at state dinners and receptions, toured visitors through the historic rooms of the old mansion, posed for charitable fundraising campaigns, christened ships and planes, opened bazaars and attended luncheons.

    She also often greeted guests herself at the White House north portico entrance door, whether they were there for a social call or business meeting. As First Lady, she also chose forms of entertainment at receptions, dinners and other social events which reflected more fully the spectrum of the diverse American popular culture - such as her famously serving hot dogs to the King and Queen of England, and inviting modern dance choreographer Martha Graham to have her troupe perform in the White House.

    As a housekeeper, she once recalled having dusty draperies pointed out to her, but felt that there were more pressing matters competing for her time than refurbishing the house. She did take particular pride in her renovation of one room in the mansion, a third floor sitting room which she outfitted with furniture made by the Val-Kill factory which she had founded and managed. Her interest in the quality of food served in the house was also limited, her husband famously complaining about the blandness of meals served to even him. While she may be among the few First Ladies who regularly cooked - she ritualistically liked to make a large chafing dish of scrambled eggs on Sundays, it was as a sociable venue for her meetings and conferences on serious matters.

    As for her personal appearance, she was as comfortable appearing in public wearing a hairnet and riding pants as she was in new and expensive gowns on state occasions. While she sometimes ordered a dress she liked to be made for her in several different colors to spare her what she considered a waste of valuable time trying on clothing, she was also voted among the best-dressed women at different points during her White House tenure and took pride in this.

    She also accepted clothes at reduced rates in trade for permitting the stores to advertise her patronage by printing pictures of her in their items. While she might be said to have exemplified her own unique style with signature items such as her veiled and flowered hats and fur-collar neckpieces, she was following popular looks of her era, rather than seeking to popularize her own fashions for others.

    Although Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt maintained increasingly separate orbits of activities and friendships as the Roosevelt Administration would proceed, they remained mutually committed to each other as partners with a loving past, and continued to share the same general values in terms of how to best get the nation through the Great Depression and then World War II. They continually maintained a dialogue on immediate and long-term domestic and international crises. After nearly all of her fact-finding missions across the country, she reported all the important details she knew would either interest him or provide insight into the mood of an individual or demographic she had met with, often providing her own analysis of their remarks or reactions.

    Despite their largely separate travels, Eleanor Roosevelt did travel both domestically and outside of the nation, with the President, a fact often overlooked. This included tour of national parks in and and a state visit to Mexico, in She especially relished the western national parks trips where she had the chance to engage with Native Americans still living in some regions without being under the observation of large crowds.

    Roosevelt would always diminish what she claimed was her influence on the President. It may have been true that she had no greater power to change his mind or sway his intentions than any others in his circle of advisers. As his wife, however, Eleanor Roosevelt could always gain access to, and make her case to him about matters she believed were of great importance.

    When, on many occasions, she seemed to visibly irritate him by raising serious issues and others sought to prevent her from upsetting him, she would still compose a memo or note to him that he would give attention and ultimately address. In fact, even when she was reporting to him on an unpleasant reaction to one of his programs or statements or disclosing the disappointing truth of reality, he never took her findings or assessments for granted. While her focus remained largely on policy-related matters, others found that the First Lady had an excellent instinct for political matters.

    She famously composed a detailed memo reviewing every potential issue that could arise as a threat to his successful winning a second term and his response to each matter she pointed out required twenty pages. Their family life was also of obvious mutual interests. Despite the numerous marriages and divorces of her four adult sons and one daughter, the First Lady never permitted her disappointments in their personal lives change her strong commitment to their well-being, making arrangements to see them all, even if it meant extensive travel to do so.

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    When the Roosevelts moved into the White House in , Anna Dall was going through a divorce and came to live there with her two young children. Both of them would later be romantically linked to the First Lady. In the case of Lorena Hickock, there is an extensive archive of personal letters between the two women that does indicate an intense emotional relationship at the least.

    For periods during the first two Roosevelt terms, Hickok lived at the White House. Initially, Eleanor Roosevelt opposed FDR running for an unprecedented third presidential term in , but recognized the need for his leadership, as the nation appeared to likely join its allies in the growing global war with Germany and its allies. To calm the growing discontent and call for party unity, the President called on his wife — who was then relaxing at their Hyde Park estate.

    Within hours, she managed to get a plane to fly her to Chicago, where she was driven directly to the convention hall. She then addressed the delegates, becoming the first First Lady to do so. Anger about FDR breaking with history by seeking a third term also led to renewed attacks on the First Lady for her activism. Although President Roosevelt began to shift his focus from the economic New Deal measures to getting the United States prepared for probably entry into the growing European war as an ally with the British, Eleanor Roosevelt did not lose sight of efforts she began in the early years of the Administration.

    She remained committed to the principals of the New Deal. Notably, this included her interest in living conditions of Washington, D. She had first been introduced to the alley-dwellings of the capital city where many impoverished families had made their homes when she had first come to Washington in , and trailed First Lady Ellen Wilson in her efforts to clear the city of the sub-standard housing. Eleanor Roosevelt as First Lady managed to see the effort resumed to some degree, but its completion was abruptly ended with the onset of World War II.

    Her interest extended to social institutions, which then came under the jurisdiction of the federal government since the U. Among the places she visited, Mrs. Roosevelt made inspection tours of a home for indigent elderly residents and a school and child care center. She determined to have the deplorable and embarrassing conditions made public, to prompt necessary federal aid, leading her to become the first First Lady to testify before Congress on February 9, Here is some of her historical testimony:. Increasingly, the First Lady received letters from around the world seeking her help in finding relatives dislocated by the war.

    She also participated in publicity for Bundles for Britain and the British War Relief Society, charity organizations that provided clothing in the war-torn nation. She conducted her work both within the federal government, as well as with private organizations like the Emergency Rescue Committee and the U. Committee for the Care of European Children. Forced to help refugees immigrate to the U.

    Despite lobbying Congress, she also failed to help push through the Child Refugee Bill that intended to permit 10, more children a year over an existing quota from Germany. Although the job was unsalaried, Eleanor Roosevelt became the first First Lady to assume an official working position during her incumbency, when she went to work as the assistant director of the Office of Civilian Defense on September 22, While the director, New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia directed efforts to obtain and stockpile fire department and other emergency supplies, in anticipation of potential attacks on the U.

    After a period of just five months, she felt she had no choice but to resign, believing future presidential spouses who might also do so would inevitably suffer the same criticisms. Earlier that day, Japanese air forces bombed the U. During the day, within hours of the attack, the entire nation heard the news that all knew would inevitably mean U. It would not be another full day before the President addressed the American people in his declaration of war before Congress against Japan and its allies. Thus, it was Eleanor Roosevelt who became the first national figure who spoke with the people about what this would mean, in terms of the changes of normal life and particularly for women and young men of enlistment age.

    Here is her original recording:. Whether as the mother of four sons who were active servicemen, putting the entire White House system on the same food and gas rationing system as the rest of the country, participating in air raids and learning how to use a gas mask, she made certain that her life in the White House mirrored that of the general population. She had a victory garden planted on the South Lawn — as many citizens did on their lawns. She made frequent radio appeals for donations of money and blood to the Red Cross. Her multitude of volunteer wartime efforts also reflected the war work of American women, particularly in factories and other jobs that had been held by men who were now serving overseas.

    Throughout the war, in her remarks and writings, she continually underlined the purposes of democracy as the driving force for the sacrifices being made. In both the pre-war and war periods, she especially spoke out in strong language against the tyranny of fascism. She opposed the U. In turn, both dictators would attack her in their broadcasts and prompted their state-controlled media to eviscerate her in cartoons and editorials.

    She also kept a long-view on decisions that would affect post-war life as well, opposing FDR, for example, who supported the construction of temporary housing structures that would be destroyed after their use. The First Lady believed that structures made to last would aid in later public housing needs.

    The decision was based on claims that members of the minority group were spying on behalf of Japanese interests and intended to sabotage American defense efforts. The First Lady initially voiced her vigorous protest to the plan in public, and soon enlisted the Attorney General to fight the policy with the President. With public sentiment vigorously anti-Japanese, however, she lost her case, focusing then on their processing, making as certain as she could that they were evacuated from their homes with a semblance of dignity, and that families were kept together.