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Search Bible Search. Line-By-Line Order:. Separate Line. Verse Only. Reference Only. No Number. No Delimiter — Square — [15]. They may have said that Christians had freedom from the law. Instead, they should have felt as sad as someone whose close relative had died. Verses Paul was not there. But he was thinking about them as if he really were present.

Verse 5 The Christians must punish the man. They must tell him that he must leave the church. There the man would learn the difference between the company of Christians and the ways of the world. Then on the day of judgement, when Jesus returns, God would not shut him out of heaven. The Christians had to punish him in this way.

And it would show that they loved him. That is what you really are. It shows why the man should not stay in the church. Verse 7 The Christians must remove the guilty man. Now they are free to live in a new way. So they must behave like the new people that God has made them. Christians must also be happy that God has forgiven them.

Because of this, they must live in a holy way. They must not hide their real attitudes. Their actions must be the result of honest and pure thoughts. To stay away from them, you would have to leave this world. Some people say that they are Christians. You must stay away from any of those people if they behave in these wrong ways. And stay away from anyone who is greedy. Keep away if he tells lies about other people. Stay away if he drinks too much alcohol. Stay away if he cheats. Do not even eat with a person like that.

You are supposed to judge those who belong to the church. Throw the wicked man out. This was especially true in a city like Corinth. Verses Paul explains that he was talking about people who called themselves Christians. He spoke about:. They made people behave like animals.

They had forgotten that other people were like brothers and sisters. They must not steal from them. Instead, they must love and serve them. He might trust in things that he thinks will bring him luck. A person who does all this is not a real Christian. The other Christians should not even share a meal with him. To share a meal would make it seem as if they agreed with his bad behaviour. Verses Only God can judge those who do not belong to the church. God alone knows their hearts. But the members of the church must judge someone in the church who does wrong things. He used words from Deuteronomy ; The Christian church in Corinth must put out evil people.

And if you are to judge the world, you should be able to deal with such small matters. Then we should be able to judge the things of this life even more.

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They should not be very important members! There must be a single wise man among you able to judge matters between Christians. And this happens in front of people who do not believe! It would be better to suffer wrong instead. It would be better to allow other people to cheat you. Verse 1 The Greeks very much liked to go to the law courts. It was like entertainment for them. Some of the Greeks had brought this habit into the Christian church. Paul was disgusted.

So it was not sensible to use human law courts to deal with small quarrels. Verse 4 Christians should appoint other members of the church to decide what was right. They should choose Christians who were not important. So he is probably reminding them that they should be humble. They are wrong to think that one Christian is more important than another Christian. Their opinions are not very important for Christians. Verse 5 Paul makes fun of the Christians at Corinth who are so proud of their wisdom. He wonders if they can find even one wise man to make a decision about the quarrel.

Verses Whatever the result of the matter, the legal action means that people will have a bad opinion about the church. Jesus had said that Christians must defeat evil things with good deeds Matthew So, the person who has gone to court is failing as a Christian. So the quarrel may have been about a business matter. But any quarrel should give the opportunity to show the power of Christian love. Make no mistake. God has set you apart to live in a good way. There are other lists of wrong acts in other letters.

They all show the kind of society in which Paul lived. They show what some people are like. People are like this when they do not accept God and his laws. Verse 9 Paul warns the Christians in Corinth about their behaviour. God will judge them in the same way as he will judge non-Christians.

Also, many people did not remain a loyal husband or a loyal wife. Probably it describes boys and young men who acted like women. Verse 10 Greedy people can become thieves or those who cheat other people. There were many people like this in Corinth. In those days, the water was not good. So the Greeks mixed wine with their water.

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In Corinth, there were people who drank too much alcohol. They thought only about their own pleasure.

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They make it difficult for people to trust each other and to be part of society. Verse 11 Some Christians had been like all these wicked people. But they had become better. God had made them his own people. So, Paul uses these words to encourage them to live properly as Christians. But I, myself, will not let anything control me. But one day God will destroy them both. He will also raise us up.

You must know that. You do not belong to yourselves. So, use your body in a way that gives honour to God. The body was not important. It was natural to eat. And it was very easy to find excuses for this behaviour. Paul reminded them about that. What they chose to do must be helpful to them. It must also be helpful to other people. It was wrong to be like a slave to their former way to live. Verse 14 The body belongs to God.

By his power, God raised Jesus from death. Therefore, the body is holy, set apart for God. So, a person is not free to do as he likes with his body. It belongs to Christ. Therefore, he must use his body in the way that God wants. He must give honour to God. It is good for a man not to marry. So, each man should have his own wife. Each woman should have her own husband. So they thought that their natural desires were wrong. They believed that they should not marry at all. Verse 2 Paul was honest and practical. It would be better for a man to marry than to give in to his natural desires in wrong ways.

It also belongs to her husband. It also belongs to his wife. Do so for a time in order to be free for prayer. Then come together again. But it is not a command from God. But each person has his own gift from God. One person has this gift; another person has a different gift. Paul said that sex was a duty of both man and wife to each other. In a Christian marriage, the husband and wife belong to each other. But this must be for a short time only so that they can spend more time in prayer. Then they should come together again.

Paul was not giving an order from God; he was offering his advice. Verse 7 Paul wished that Christians would remain single, like him. But he recognised that people are different from each other. God gave some the gift to remain single. He gave other people the gift to be married. It would be good if they remained single, like me. Verses Paul thought that there was only a short time left before Jesus returned. So, it would be sensible to remain single.

It all depended on the character of the person. If they had very strong desires, they should marry. A wife must not leave her husband. Or she must be willing to live with her husband again. And a husband must not divorce his wife. If she is willing to live with him, he must not divorce her. If he is willing to live with her, she must not divorce him.

But as it is, they are holy. In such circumstances, a man or woman does not have to stay married. God wants us to live in peace. Verses Paul said that it was wrong to divorce. This was not his opinion. If a wife did leave her husband, she must not marry again. Or she must be willing to go back to her husband.

Book of Lamentations

Paul had to give his judgement about mixed marriages. There was no direct command from Jesus to which he could refer. Mixed marriages could cause problems. They still do cause problems. Christians like to go to church meetings. They like to serve other people. But this would mean that a husband and wife would spend less time together. The kiss of peace with which Christians greeted each other 1 Corinthians could easily have caused a quarrel. They might not be sure whether they could trust their partner. When the non-Christian partner wanted to stay in the marriage, there should be no divorce.

The blessings that come from God do not only affect Christians. And it would also benefit their children. Paul thought that it was reasonable for a marriage like this to end. God wanted peace in a family, not constant war. Verse 16 The non-Christian might stay. Then there was the opportunity to persuade him or her to become a Christian. Peter also believed that this was possible. But if their wives obey them, those husbands may believe. Stay as you were when God chose you. This is the rule that I order in all churches.

To do what God commands is what matters. Do not let it worry you. But if you can persuade your master to set you free, do so. Someone may have been a free man when God called him. So do not become slaves of people. So, each person should remain in the situation to which God called him. He did not need to change his place in society. God had called him, whoever he was. Instead, he had become the slave of Christ, but with the freedom to serve him.

A slave could save enough money to buy his own freedom. Paul encouraged slaves to gain their freedom from their masters on earth. But some people thought that slaves had no value. Slaves should take no notice of those people. The important thing is to obey God. So, this is what I think: It is good for you to remain as you are. If you are single, do not look for a wife. But those who marry will have many troubles in this life. And I do not want you to have those troubles. Verse 25 Paul was probably writing about young women who were engaged. Some Christians at Corinth were trying to persuade engaged people to remain unmarried.

They believed that sex was wrong. Paul says that the Christians can trust his opinion on the matter. Paul is thinking about what is good for them. Verse 26 The Christians were already having difficulties because people were opposing them. Paul believed that Jesus would return soon. Before that happened, there would be a time of even greater danger and trouble.

So, it was not the time to make important changes in their lives. Verses Married people should not divorce. Single people should not want to get married. It is not wrong for a young engaged woman to marry. But marriage would bring extra problems. Children take up a lot of time and they are not easy to train. From now on, those with a husband or wife should live as if they did not have one. Those who are happy should live as if they were not happy.

Those who buy something should live as if it were not theirs to keep. Because this world as it now exists is passing away. Verses Paul believed that Jesus would return soon. Paul wanted them to stop and think. He did not expect them to understand his examples in their exact meaning. But he expected husbands to continue to love their wives. People would continue to be sad or happy.

Trade would go on.

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  7. But these things should not control their lives. So, their relationship to the present world was not the most important one. The present world is in the process of passing away. God has already decided the course of future events. Therefore, their hope for the future should free them from too many worries about the affairs of this life. He wants to know how he can please his wife. But a married woman is anxious about the affairs of this world. She wants to know how she can please her husband.

    I am not trying to limit you.

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    Together they mean the whole person. Paul used similar language to describe the whole person in 1 Thessalonians Paul pointed out this problem because he did not want anyone to be anxious in their Christian lives. He thought that to remain single would avoid the difficulty of divided responsibility. They had the freedom to choose marriage. And he thinks that he is not acting in the right way towards her.

    Suppose that she is getting older. And he feels that he ought to marry her. He should do as he wants. They should get married. And perhaps he has no urgent need to get married and he can control his own desire. If he has made up his mind not to marry, he also does the right thing.

    But he who does not marry her does even better. Paul began to talk about engaged people in Here he continues his thoughts about the subject. Verse 36 Some Christians in Corinth were making this man anxious. He had promised to marry a girl. But they said that he should not marry her. She had passed the age when she could easily find a husband. So, he would be failing in his promise, if he did not marry her. The man should follow his own desires and marry her. The man and woman can live their Christian lives as single people. Verse 38 The man who marries is doing the right thing.

    The one who decides not to marry will do better. That is not because marriage is wrong. It is better because of the difficulties that he has spoken about. But her husband may die. Then she is free to marry anyone else that she wants to. They thought that the unity of husband and wife continued after death.

    Paul believed what Jesus taught. He taught that marriage was for life. But a widow could marry again after her husband died. Women usually lived longer than men, so Paul speaks about widows. But this same advice would be true for men whose wives had died. In some ways, a second marriage is a way to praise the first one. The first one had been so happy that one is not afraid to begin a second one.

    The only limit to the choice to marry again was that the new partner should be a Christian. This is a wise command. A marriage between a non-Christian and a Christian could create great difficulties. The widow would be happier if she remained single. We know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge makes people proud. But love helps them. Then he still does not know as he should.

    Here is what I say about that meat. We know that there is only one God. He is the Father. All things come from him, and we live for him. All things came by him, and we live by him. Some people still think about it as food that someone has offered to a real god. Because they have a weak sense of right and wrong, they feel guilty. We are no worse if we do not eat. We are no better if we do eat. And suppose that a person with a weak sense of right and wrong sees you. If so, then I will never eat meat again. Verse 1 The Christians at Corinth had asked Paul about this problem.

    Meat was expensive. Then the priests kept some. They gave the rest back to the person who offered it. This would be a pleasant social occasion. Then they sold the rest of the meat cheaply in the market.

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    Christians were not sure if it was right to eat that meat. Some people in Corinth worried about it. Other people were proud of their superior knowledge. They thought that there was no problem. They thought that they could eat such meat. Real knowledge comes from love. I pray that you will continue to know God more and more. Then you will understand things more completely.

    You will understand why things are right or wrong. Verses The Christians at Corinth thought that they had real knowledge about the way to behave. But they did not possess real knowledge. Verse Paul uses words from their letter. They know that there is only one God. God is the Father. We can be his children. He created all things. He created us to carry out his plans. God created everything.

    These words about God and Jesus are like the beginning of a statement about Christian belief. They had believed in them for a long time. So it worried them to eat this meat. So, they thought that it would be better not to eat it. Verse 8 These may be the words of the Christians at Corinth, with which Paul would agree. To eat or not to eat food makes no difference to God.

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    Verse 13 Paul was willing to limit his own freedom. He would never make it difficult for another Christian. His action might be good in itself. But I certainly am to you. Verse 1 Paul continued to speak about his own freedom. This was because he did not expect to receive pay for his work. So Paul mentioned two facts. He had seen Jesus. It showed that it was genuine. We could take a wife who is a believer with us. I suppose that we have that right. They were sons of Joseph and Mary after Jesus was born. Jesus made a special appearance to James 1 Corinthians Later, James became a leader in the church in Jerusalem Acts ; Cephas is the Aramaic word for Peter.

    Aramaic is the language that Jesus spoke. Jesus also made a special appearance to Peter Luke ; 1 Corinthians Paul may have met her when he first visited Jerusalem Galatians Verse 6 Barnabas had introduced Paul to the Christians in Jerusalem. They sent Barnabas to help the church in Antioch. He brought Paul from Tarsus to work with him there. He and Paul worked together in Asia Minor Acts chapters But they could not agree that they should take Mark, a relative of Barnabas, on a second journey. So Paul and Barnabas separated. And Paul went to Syria and Cilicia Acts No one looks after the sheep and the goats and does not use their milk.

    Of course he was. Bible Walkthrough - 6 - Romans Cliff Taylor. Bible Walkthrough - 23 - Isaiah Cliff Taylor. Bible Walkthrough - 16 - Numbers Cliff Taylor. Bible Walkthrough - 12 - Revelation Cliff Taylor. Bible Walkthrough - 19 - 1 and 2 Samuel Cliff Taylor. Bible Walkthrough - 29 - Proverbs Cliff Taylor.

    Bible Walkthrough - 17 - Deuteronomy Cliff Taylor. Bible Walkthrough - 13 - Genesis Cliff Taylor. Bible Walkthrough - 14 - Exodus Cliff Taylor. About Cliff Taylor After studying Maths in Manchester and Theology in Cambridge, I spent nearly twenty years in full-time Christian ministry, regularly preaching and teaching through the Bible.

    After that, I joined a Pentecostal church and spent another twenty years teaching Maths, Statistics and Computing in schools and Further Education colleges. Now that I've retired, I'm still doing some Maths teaching, and am using a lot of time writing books. My grandfather, John Taylor, left his work as an apprentice blacksmith, and became a colporteur, distributing tracts around villages in the west country. As his work developed, he became a minister and evangelist who was radically opposed to the Modernist views which were prominent in the churches of his time.

    His son, my father, - Cliff Taylor, like me - was also a minister, but never aligned himself with any particular school of theology, although he retained his father's suspicion of anything too liberal. When I was studying theology in Cambridge [or 'Divinity' as it's called there], much of the teaching was firmly in the liberal camp. Through my first few years in full-time ministry, I gradually worked out which of those teachings I could retain, and which I had to reject in favour of a more traditional position.