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Military tr chiefly military to demote to a lower rank. Physical Geography intr of waves a. Stock Exchange intr of prices, esp stock exchange quotations to fall sharply. Individual Sports, other than specified intr to make a sudden effort, as in running, horse racing, etc. Cricket intr cricket of a ball to change direction on bouncing. Cricket tr cricket of a player to knock down at least one bail from a wicket. Horse Racing intr horse racing to commence running in a race: they broke even.

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Boxing intr boxing wrestling of two fighters to separate from a clinch. Wrestling intr boxing wrestling of two fighters to separate from a clinch. Music, other intr music a. Electronics tr to interrupt the flow of current in an electrical circuit.

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Compare make 1 Ecclesiastical Terms Christianity to administer or participate in Holy Communion. Tennis break service tennis to win a game in which an opponent is serving. Education Brit a short period between classes at school. US and Canadian equivalent: recess. Stock Exchange esp in a stock exchange a sudden and substantial decline in prices.

Tennis tennis Also called: service break or break of serve the act or instance of breaking an opponent's service. Individual Sports, other than specified one of the intervals in a sporting contest. Horse Racing horse racing the start of a race: an even break. Jazz a. Broadcasting access to a radio channel by a citizens' band operator.

Automotive Engineering a variant spelling of brake 1 6. Boxing boxing wrestling a command by a referee for two opponents to separate. Wrestling boxing wrestling a command by a referee for two opponents to separate. Old High German brehhan, Gothic brikan, akin to Latin frangere; see fragile ].

Examples: break of folk, ; of honeysuckle, ; Billards. He fell through the window, breaking the glass. He took his foot off the brake. Switch to new thesaurus. Informal stroke of luck , chance , opportunity , advantage , fortune , opening The rain was a lucky break for the American.

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To crack or split into two or more fragments by means of or as a result of force, a blow, or strain: fracture , rift , rive , shatter , shiver , smash , splinter , sunder. To become or cause to become apart one from another: detach , disjoin , disjoint , disunite , divide , divorce , part , separate , split up. Idioms: part company , set at odds. To make a hole or other opening in. Also used with through : breach , gap , hole , perforate , pierce , puncture.

To pass into or through by overcoming resistance. Also used with through : enter , penetrate , perforate , pierce , puncture. To find the key to a code, for example : crack , decipher , decrypt , puzzle out. To make known: carry , communicate , convey , disclose , get across , impart , pass , report , tell , transmit. To be made public: come out , get out , out , transpire.

Idiom: come to light. To make or become unusable or inoperative: fail , ruin. To impair severely something such as the spirit, health, or effectiveness of: crush , destroy , overwhelm , ruin. To give way mentally and emotionally. Also used with down : collapse , crack , snap. Informal: crack up , fold. To suddenly lose all health or strength. Also used with down : cave in , collapse , crack , drop , give out , succumb. Idiom: give way.

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To reduce to financial insolvency: bankrupt , bust , impoverish , pauperize , ruin. To undergo sudden financial failure: bust , collapse , crash , fail , go under. Idioms: go belly up , go bust , go on the rocks, go to the wall.

To lower in rank or grade: bump , degrade , demote , downgrade , reduce. To fail to fulfill a promise or conform to a regulation : breach , contravene , infringe , transgress , violate. To refuse or fail to obey: defy , disobey , flout , transgress , violate. To desist from, cease, or discontinue a habit, for example : cut out , give up , leave off , stop. To interrupt regular activity for a short period: recess.

Idioms: take a break , take a breather, take five. To make an animal docile: bust , gentle , master , tame. To cause the complete ruin or wreckage of: bankrupt , cross up , demolish , destroy , finish , ruin , shatter , sink , smash , spoil , torpedo , undo , wash up , wrack , wreck. Idiom: put the kibosh on. To cease functioning properly: fail , give out. To separate into parts for study: analyze , anatomize , dissect , resolve.

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To take something apart: disassemble , dismantle , dismount , take down. To reduce or become reduced to pieces or components: break up , crumble , decompose , disintegrate , dissolve , fragment , fragmentize. To become or cause to become rotten or unsound: decay , decompose , deteriorate , disintegrate , molder , putrefy , rot , spoil , taint , turn. Idioms: go bad , go to pot , go to seed. To enter forcibly or illegally: burglarize. To interject remarks or questions into another's discourse: chime in , chip in , cut in , interrupt.

To stop suddenly, as a conversation, activity, or relationship: cease , discontinue , interrupt , suspend , terminate. To cease trying to accomplish or continue: abandon , desist , discontinue , give up , leave off , quit , relinquish , remit , stop. Idioms: call it a day , call it quits , hang up one's fiddle, have done with , throw in the towel. To terminate a relationship or an association by or as if by leaving one another: break up , part , separate.

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Idioms: call it quits , come to a parting of the ways, part company. To become manifest suddenly and in full force: burst forth or out , erupt , explode , flare up. To break loose and leave suddenly, as from confinement or from a difficult or threatening situation: abscond , decamp , escape , flee , fly , get away , run away. Idioms: blow the coop, cut and run , give someone the slip , make a getaway, take flight , take it on the lam. To make a division into parts, sections, or branches: dissever , divide , part , partition , section , segment , separate.

To reduce or become reduced to pieces or components: break down , crumble , decompose , disintegrate , dissolve , fragment , fragmentize. To terminate a relationship or an association by or as if by leaving one another: break off , part , separate. To express great amusement or mirth: guffaw , roar.

In all, twenty brave pilots' passion for flying brought them to the starting line in California. Together, they defied convention by taking to the skies and racing across America. This 20th Century's amazing race has largely been ignored until now. IMAGINE : Flying along at 1, feet in an open cockpit plane when suddenly you smell smoke and realize the worst has happened, you have a fire! As you descend in your bright red plane, you pray there are no bulls. HEAR the thousands of fans cheering your arrival at every stop and breaking through police barriers clamoring for your autograph.

These are just a few of the scenes that occurred over a nine day period in during the First Women's National Air Derby. Over people trained in suicide inte. Suicide Intervention Skills Training. Irish Aftercare Network discuss accommod. Breaking Through Roadshow. Depression is a friend, not my enemy. E-Vetting solution for garda vetting is. Phone: , E-mai This email address is being protected from spambots.