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There have always been skeptics. After paved highways were constructed in the area, they maintained that the light was merely a reflection. An attempt was made to resolve the reflection theory in the mids. A group of observers watched for the light while all traffic in the area was blocked off. Joe Baldwin is a very special ghost: he has the distinction of having been seen by a president of the United States.

President Grover Cleveland saw his light in The Maco Light has been seen by many people over the years, though reports grew fewer after the train tracks were removed in the s. The mystery of what causes the light has never been solved. An equally tragic but less spectacular local ghost is said to reside in the Brunswick Inn in Southport.

According to folklore, the ghost of musician Antonio Caseletta roams the old Inn, which dates back to Festive balls were frequently hosted there in the s, and Caseletta was a visiting Italian harpist who played at the inn in He drowned while sailing off Bald Head Island that same year.

Tony has made the inn his home ever since! A group of people living in the swamps near Battle Royal believe that they are their descendants. They call themselves the Roe Nokers, and their dialect is much the same as that which was spoken during the time of Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Raleigh. A few hours spent visiting the Old Smithville Burying Ground in Southport will unlock pages from the history of Brunswick County, and give you an even better understanding of the events that shaped early America.

The cemetery was incorporated in , although some burials took place earlier.

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