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Ways to Give to Akron Children's Hospital

For teens. For adults. For all interested in volunteering in a hospital environment. Skip to Content. Urgent Care. In This Section. Donation Wish List A gift of toys, games or activity supplies can make a big difference to children and families spending time in the hospital.

Explore the Children's Center

Children's Champions Big hearts can change lives. If you have a Facebook account, it's easy to start your own fundraising campaign and it's fun to get all of your friends involved! Learn more and remember to select "Dayton Children's Hospital" and your non-profit of choice! There are many different estate gift options available.

Miracle Nation is an online ambassador group. We ask members to do one simple thing: share.

Do one or all of them — every bit helps! Every time you share our content you become a voice for the patients and families we serve. Sign up now! The generous support of the community is essential to keeping Dayton Children's as a resource for our local kids.

Giving and volunteers

Throughout the year, individuals, groups and organizations host events to benefit the hospital. Learn more about hosting an event for Dayton Children's. There is always a need for toys, games, books, movies, arts and crafts supplies, blankets, gift cards and educational materials for the child life department.

You can drop off items any time at the main information desk. To do so, Dan studied chess 10 to 15 hours a week during lunch breaks and after hours.

He read books, watched videos, and studied grandmaster games that allowed him to create a book with specialized lessons to instruct Kayden during nightly training sessions. State high school swim champion Caroline Thiel described her taxing practice routine this way:. Your brain shuts down but your body keeps going through the muscle aches, heavy breathing and throwing up. Her parents, Sonya and J.

How to teach Kids - from a Prague kindergarten, part 1 - English for Children

The Atkins had well-bred horses and a big trailer to transport them to nearby towns for rodeo competitions. The family ranch was a self-made center of rodeo excellence.

Ways to help | Norton Children's Louisville, Ky.

Most talented performers do not a have a center of excellence outside their back door. In those cases, they may travel to get to one. Consider three tennis players from Lincoln, Nebraska, my hometown. Wimbledon and U. Open doubles champion Jack Sock traveled weekly to that same tennis academy as a boy before his entire family eventually relocated to Kansas.

Ways to Give

He just lives and breathes chess. It was like yanking out the soul.

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When I asked chess parents why their children dedicate themselves to chess the way they do, they were unanimous about how much joy and satisfaction their children got from pursuing chess. Parents support this singleness of purpose. However, on occasion, they may find themselves supporting more than one passion. For instance, McKenzie Steiner is an all-state softball player and rising country music star.

Although stories of pushy parents abound, the parents I spoke with recognize that children must drive the talent train with passion and hard work and that parents can only help keep the train on track.