Guide Fractured Souls: My Life as I See It

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Healing a Fractured Soul - Simone M. Matthews

Sign me up for the monthly newsletter! Aggressive yet introspective, an award-winning and critically acclaimed composer and pianist whose music demonstrates an unpredictable meld of styles that tell deeply personal stories. Delve deeper Home Blog Causes Contact Me. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. To the ego mind, this would appear to be the case for the ego is solely about the destination. For it, the journey is only a means to an end; getting from point A to point B by the shortest possible route.

If a soul appears to wander off the main road or spend time in one of life's cul-de-sacs, the ego is threatened by this appearance of confusion or lack of clarity and hunkers down even tighter. This contraction obscures our ability to "get" what the apparent "detour" is there to teach, and often causes us to spend even more time being "side-tracked. Time spent in something other than direct pursuit of its goal is time wasted and considered a "mistake. To the ego, mistakes are failures. To the soul, there are no mistakes and there are no failures.

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There is only learning. The soul is here for the distinct purpose of unfolding its agenda in its earthly expression. Whatever is required for its evolution is grist for the mill and is taken on without consideration of the ego's suffering that may result. But for all the time the journey has already taken, how you have needed every second of it in order to learn what the road passes by. You see it in our homeless vets, struggling on the streets to come to terms with what they've experienced. You see it in the eyes of abused children, and of those children who have become adults.

You can feel it in the vibes of war refugees. See it in the faces of victims of domestic violence. It is there in a good number of people walking this earth. One wants to rebel and say that this should not be possible. That the soul should not be breakable, that such a thing cannot exist. But it does. With it comes a constant burden and a disabling weight that can drive a person to homelessness, helplessness and total despair.

In response to LearnerLine's questions, even more questions arise: How does the individual soul relate to the soul of the world and how does the loss of soul in a human being reflect the loss of soul in the world? We live in a world that does not recognize the aspect of soul, even as the world itself is an expression of our collective soul consciousness.

In seeking answers to the "lost or broken" souls of individuals, we must also address the loss of soul in a world that provides little time or space for the kind of activities that nurture the soul, like time spent in solitude and silence, the appreciation of art and beauty and pursuits of the imagination and yes, even suffering. It might sound cold and calculating to say that if a soul's journey requires great suffering to be included in the curriculum, it will not avoid that part of the curriculum. But we live in a world and in a culture that wishes to avoid pain at all costs, so the soul's ability to get to its truth, painful as that may be, is most often thwarted by those who think the solution is to "fix" or "cure" the conditions or symptoms we call "broken" or "lost.

Most cultures of the world pathologize an individual soul's descent to seek its own truth, sometimes only found in the depths of depression and despair.

We medicate our symptoms instead of listening to them. We drown them out through the use of alcohol, drugs, anti-depressants and endless distractions, readily available in modern culture. Rarely do we become still or silent long enough to be informed by the story attempting to be told by a soul that suffers. People are driven to despair when they cannot access their own truth attempting to bubble up into conscious awareness through the symptoms being expressed. To paraphrase Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul , there is no fixing or curing required for the soul, only caring.

Fractured Souls

We must learn to live with a conscious awareness of what our individual soul requires for its full expression. This will most certainly require that we learn how to live with pain, both emotional and physical, for when a soul loses its way, it is because we, the human host, have lost our way. Pain is the soul's alarm system that we're off track and that attention and care are required.

What steps are needed, to effect the change you wish to see? In what order or sequence do those steps need to happen? What will you do first? What comes next? What daily tasks can you undertake, that will pave the way for change? What resources can you call upon or gather, to assist you with your project?

Make a list: Inner resources, like willingness, love, devotion, determination, energy, skills. Outer resources like time, money, community organizations, allies, culture-makers, social networks, political and economic networks, and more. Societal change requires the concerted efforts of the majority of its citizens.

If you have the skills, capacity and desire to lead the change, then create a structure or organization that will activate reform or revolution. Make it easy for others who feel the way you do, to join you. Articulate a clear and compelling mission. Define a sequence of concrete steps that will be taken to positively affect the situation at hand. Use your voice, your charisma, your passion, your dedication, your skills and resources to ignite a fire of positive action from your community on behalf of your cause. If direct action is not within your capacity, own that and explore other ways to use your skills, strength, and heart to support change.

Donate or volunteer with organizations that have a track record of effecting change in the area that you have chosen to focus on. Call or write to your legislative representatives and make your vision and your voice heard. Talk with the folks who are most desperately impacted by the status quo and learn, from them, what they need and how you can be an effective ally in their liberation. Remember that their freedom is your freedom too. Attune to the Devas of your city, your region, your country.

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There are unseen forces that hold the pattern for the perfect unfolding of all forms of life, through every stage of evolution. There are subtle energy beings who work tirelessly to foster wholeness in all its forms. Learn how to partner with them, to harness the collective power of the subtle energy realms as well as the human realm, to restore wholeness to your fragmented society.

Remember, your own wholeness is the ground on which you stand, the ground from which you contribute to the restoration of wholeness in your society. So, do whatever is needed to remain whole, present, healthy, vital and engaged. Prioritize your own needs for safety, stability, connection, rest, play, and communication with your soul. Step back before you become depleted; renew your inner resources daily. Build joy, pleasure, delight into your day-to-day.

Cultivate a reservoir of goodness to counteract the effects of societal fragmentation. A daily practice of energy hygiene is essential, to remain sovereign, effective, creative, and free while continuing to work for the sovereignty and freedom of all beings. Practice gratitude. Practice it daily. Name and give thanks for the blessings that hold up your life, the blessings you receive, the blessings you offer your world. Let beauty restore you.

The beauty of the natural world. The beauty of our perfectly imperfect humanity. The eloquent beauty of things, which offer their service patiently, without fanfare or expectation of reward. Express your love daily. To the earth beneath your feet. The chair you sit in, that cradles you just so. Your bed, your toothbrush, the ant scurrying across your driveway, the trees outside your window whose breath flows through your lungs and keeps you alive. You are in relationship with everything around you.

Acknowledge the sacred web of relationship, without which you would not survive. Create in a variety of ways.

Create every day. Creativity is the speedboat that skims you across the waves of powerlessness, despair, denial, and fear. Creativity is a powerful portal into wholeness.