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Fudge, in fear that this would jeopardise the peace of his community and his seat as Minister for Magic, refused to believe Harry and Dumbledore, and spread a smear campaign to make it look like they were liars and nutters who were trying to gain attention, as well as take over the Ministry; his decision had partly been influenced by Rita Skeeter's writings, believing Harry to be hallucinating and that being a Parselmouth made him even more untrustworthy.

Because of this, Fudge transformed Harry's disciplinary hearing of underage magic used to defend against Dementors into a heavily biassed full-court trial, made the Daily Prophet print slander stories against him as though he was something of a slip-in joke, and granted Umbridge many new privileges to extensively punish and torment the boy. One of Fudge's ultimate goals was to expel Potter from Hogwarts and oust him from the magical community as an untrustworthy troublemaker.

At first, Harry was shocked by Fudge's blatant denial, and somewhat desperate in regaining recognition during the trial, which did not occur, while, in extension, trying to persuade his right-hand woman Umbridge. However, as Fudge's antagonism continued, Harry lost faith in the Minister, and began to feel more disgusted at Fudge's increasingly tyrannical hold; Harry only felt more angry when Fudge chose to blame the Azkaban mass breakout on Sirius instead of accepting that Voldemort has returned. When Fudge came to Hogwarts to deal with the Dumbledore's Army business, he sneered at the captured Harry, who replied with the dirtiest look he could muster, and thought it was worth watching Fudge's blood pressure rise from anger by denying his transgression of Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four.

When undeniable evidence of Voldemort's return was finally given, Fudge, in a last ditch effort to remain in office, tried to persuade Harry to lie to the wizarding world which ironically was what he had accused Harry of for a whole year that the Ministry was doing a good job in security. This failed, as Harry hated Fudge for his actions and held him in contempt from that point on. Dolores Umbridge was Fudge's right-hand woman, being his Senior-Undersecretary, and he trusted her greatly to place her into Hogwarts to control it. He granted her many powers through Educational Decrees , and full-heartedly agreed with all of her comments and mockeries against Dumbledore and Harry.

Fudge seemed to be unaware of Umbridge's sadistic and dark nature. In return, Umbridge was loyal to Fudge only because of the power he was offering her, and felt no true attachments to the misguided man. She was also willing to break the law behind the Minister's back to achieve results, such as summoning Dementors in an attempt to expel Harry, as well as using the illegal Cruciatus Curse for interrogation, all the while stating that "what Cornelius doesn't know won't hurt him".

In short, Umbridge used Fudge to further her lust for power. When Fudge was dismissed, Umbridge stood beside the new Ministers instead. Fudge had a close professional association with Lucius Malfoy who was a wealthy and respectable pure-blood. Lucius was cleared in of serving Lord Voldemort, claiming to have been under the Imperius Curse , which Fudge believed absolutely. This association may have encouraged Fudge's own belief in the superiority of pure-bloods over those with mixed parentage, as well as "half-breeds" and creatures with "near-human intelligence" which his senior assistant, Umbridge, expressed.

Fudge admired Lucius for giving donations of gold to the right causes. In return, Fudge granted him many privileges, such as personal access to him, favours in delaying laws and revealing classified information e. Fudge gave Lucius tickets to sit in the top box for the Quidditch World Cup final after his generous gift to St Mungo's.

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Fudge first met Narcissa Malfoy and Draco there in the top box, which suggests the Malfoys and Fudges did not meet socially prior to that. Despite receiving the Minister's favours, Lucius caused him great embarrassment by secretly leading the unconvicted Death Eaters and anti-Muggle supporters in a riot that night. Fudge did have disagreements with Lucius and his views. For instance, Fudge did not oppose Arthur Weasley's Muggle Protection Act , and allowed Ministry officials to conduct raids on wizard homes later including Lucius' , searching for artefacts harmful to Muggles.

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This may have turned Lucius back to the Dark Arts as his plot to re-open the Chamber of Secrets and discredit Arthur Weasley came about when he did not get his way. Then, when the twelve school governors suspended Dumbledore for not being able to prevent the Chamber of Secrets incident, Fudge said it was the wrong thing to do, but did not use the law to interfere with the running of Hogwarts as he would later.

After Harry survived Voldemort's rebirth and reported to him that Lucius was one of the Death Eaters who came to the re-gathering after receiving the Dark Mark invitation, Fudge took this as a great personal offence, and absolutely refused to believe it, continuing to treat Lucius with great respect and meeting him at the Ministry. He said Harry was just throwing out names of people who were cleared thirteen years previously, and began a campaign to discredit Harry and Dumbledore.

The next year, when Lucius' son, Draco Malfoy, captured Harry for being in the illegal organisation calling itself Dumbledore's Army , Fudge commented that his father must be informed of this achievement. Fudge was completely oblivious to Lucius' dark nature. Lucius, in turn, used this to his advantage and manipulated the gullible Minister to delay laws and other factors that would benefit the Death Eaters.

By the time Lucius was caught red-handed as a renewed Death Eater, Lord Voldemort had a year to regain power and followers unopposed by the Ministry, making it that much harder for his successor to protect the wizarding world , even with Lucius being locked up in Azkaban. As a result, Fudge suffered almost exactly the same consequences as Lucius: both lost their positions of influence, while desperately and unsuccessfully trying to reclaim it. Arthur Weasley , his rival. As Arthur was a lower-class person and having a poor family, Fudge always neglected Arthur while having a manipulated friendship with his wealthy rival, Lucius Malfoy, due to Fudge's swaying of money and power.

As Arthur was considered an odd duck due to his fascination with Muggle culture, Fudge was able to use that as an excuse that Mr Weasley "did not fit" into the Ministry norm and that he was unfit for promotion to higher office. However, despite his disapproval and neglect of Arthur, Fudge did not oppose Arthur's Muggle Protection Act as he was also accepting towards Muggles, and once allowed Arthur and his family to sit at the Top Box during the Quiddich World Cup. When Lord Voldemort had returned, Fudge suspected Arthur being in league with Dumbledore since he was aware that the two of them were friendly.

He even invited Arthur's son, Percy to become his Junior Assistant in an attempt to spy on the Weasley family and Dumbledore, which led to Percy defecting from his family after a row with Arthur. After Fudge was disgraced and forced to resign, Arthur was instantly promoted by Fudge's successor. Because of his position, Fudge was able to contact the Prime Minister of Muggles whenever the Wizarding world faced a crisis most likely affecting Mbugles.

In , when Lord Voldemort returned and Fudge had been forced out as Minister for Magic, he went to alert the Muggle Minister concerning the return of Voldemort.

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Percy Weasley and his family were originally looked down on by Fudge, due to their lack of wealth and having more affiliation with Muggles. However, in , Fudge promoted Percy to become his Junior Minister. This was an attempt to spy on the Weasley family , but Percy's defection from his family made it pointless. However, Percy commented in his letter to his younger brother Ron that the Minister would not be more gracious to him for this defection, and he agreed with Fudge on that Harry was violent and disturbed and Dumbledore is plotting to overthrow Fudge when the Ministry began publishing articles, leading to a quarrel with his family.

By Percy's claim, Fudge was actually glad that Percy left his family for the sake of the Ministry. Over the final year of Fudge's term as Minister, he kept using Percy as the court scribe for both Harry's disciplinary hearing and the discovery of Dumbledore's Army. Percy, during both moments, heartily agreed with Fudge's decisions, and laughed when Fudge made insulting mockeries at Harry and Dumbledore. When Fudge's folly had been exposed and he was forced to resign as Minister in disgrace, Percy remained loyal to the Ministry, but did not show any sympathy for or against Fudge's dismissal.

This was because of Barty being one of his main competitors during the election for Minister of Magic in , and Crouch's family history, as he was so jealous of how much Crouch was admired in the Ministry, and distrustful of Crouch's sanity and policies due to Crouch neglecting his son. Despite winning, the election left Fudge with such a strong dislike of Crouch that Fudge's first act as Minister of Magic was to have Barty reassigned to the Department of International Magical Cooperation, using Crouch's falling popularity due to being a neglectful father to his advantage.

Fudge's dislike of Crouch was strong to the point where he refused to take Crouch seriously for when Crouch vanished after trying to warn Dumbledore about his son and Voldemort despite being in a delusional state, Fudge simply dismissed his warnings as the ramblings of a lunatic, and refused to believe the real reason he was gone until he was forced to acknowledge Voldemort's return the following year.

This dislike also extended to Crouch's son, as he believed Crouch Jr was not a true Death Eater and that he only acted through insanity rather than his loyalty to Voldemort, classing him as a lunatic just like his father, and had no regret about Crouch Jr receiving the Dementors Kiss and therefore ending the Crouch family line, even though Crouch Jr could no longer testify Voldemort's return as a result. Despite his dislike of Crouch Snr, Fudge apparently required Crouch for translating foreign wizards and creatures who didn't understand English, as he struggled to communicate with the Bulgarian Minister of Magic who was pretending to not understand English in order to prank Fudge during the Quiddich World Cup while Crouch was absent.

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  8. It is unknown what Crouch thought of Fudge, although given his serious and rule abiding nature, he likely disliked Fudge in turn for his bumbling and incompetent nature, and for reassigning him to the Department of International Magical Cooperation, which permanently ruined any further chances of Crouch becoming Minister of Magic despite his fall in popularity. When Fudge first ascended his ranks to the Minister for Magic, his bumbling nature failed to worry the citizens, as long as he was willing to take advice from more able people such as Albus Dumbledore.

    However, Fudge never forgot how much the community supported Dumbledore to become the Minister in the past. As his position was the leader of the entire government, he was nevertheless highly influenced and affected by the opinion of the people as a whole. When a few people would oppose his rule which threatened his administration, he would abuse his powers to discredit such people to maintain his hold on the likings of the rest of them, as well as threatening any employees with dismissal for not supporting his rule; ironically, Fudge only became popular because he took Dumbledore's advice to begin with.

    When Fudge awarded himself with the Order of Merlin , First Class medal, it caused controversies throughout the community, as it was common view that Fudge's career was "less than distinguished". However, by ignoring Dumbledore's and Potter's warning of Voldemort's return, Fudge endangered the entire world, and despite his increasingly tyrannical hold on them, about half of the British wizard community chose to believe Dumbledore and Potter instead.

    When undeniable evidence of the truth finally came out, the entire community issued a virtually unanimous condemnation of Fudge's tenure, while Fudge made one last unsuccessful attempt to lie to them to regain their trust, which would have further endangered them by denying more preparation. Fudge was ultimately forced to resign after two weeks of pressure, and was remembered by history, as Dumbledore had warned him, " as the man who stepped aside, and allowed Voldemort a second chance to destroy the world we have tried to rebuild ".

    Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. You place too much importance, and you always have done, on the so-called purity of blood! You fail to recognise that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be! Contents [ show ]. The Accidental Magic Reversal squad was dispatched immediately, she has been properly punctured and her memory modified. She will have no recollection of the event whatsoever so that's that and no harm done.

    Pea soup? He had always thought of Fudge as a kindly figure, a little blustering, a little pompous, but essentially good-natured. But now a short, angry wizard stood before him refusing, point-blank, to accept the prospect of disruption in his comfortable and ordered world — to believe that Voldemort could have risen. I was sacked three days ago!

    The whole wizarding community has been screaming for my resignation for a fortnight. I've never known them so united in my whole term of office! Fail to act, and history will remember you as the man who stepped aside, and allowed Voldemort a second chance to destroy the world we have tried to rebuild! But it seems that he's become fond of power now, and much more confident. He loves being Minister for Magic , and he's managed to convince himself that he's the clever one and Dumbledore's simply stirring up trouble for the sake of it.

    After Umbridge? Fudge : " Prime Minister, I am very sorry to have to tell you that he's back. When you say 'back' I mean — " Fudge : " Yes, alive.

    Fudge: I Love Myself, Just How I Am

    That is- I don't know- is a man alive if he can't be killed? I don't really understand it, and Dumbledore won't explain properly- but anyway, he's certainly got a body and is walking and talking and killing, so I suppose, for the purposes of our discussion, yes, he's alive. Your dementor has just destroyed the last remaining member of a pure-blood family as old as any -" Fudge has also always favoured pure-blood wizards like Lucius Malfoy, also disdaining families like the Weasleys, considered "Blood traitor" by supremacist, indicating he is most likely at least a half-blood who strongly favours his wizarding side, possibly even a pure-blood.

    Categories :. For more Harry Potter videos check out Wikia's video library. Preceded by: Millicent Bagnold. Minister for Magic — 2 July , Succeeded by: Rufus Scrimgeour. Senior Personnel. Cornelius Fudge Junior Minister - s. Other Personnel. It actually makes me feel really good to be able to do that for them and I have glasses if I run out of contacts before I can get in to the eye doctor.

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    For the first time in eight years, my normal schedule is that everyone is at some kind of school from and I usually have consistent time to take care of me, my business and all the ins and outs of running a household and family. Sometimes an old feeling creeps in. Even though I was okay cancelling my week. Even though I was enjoying being home and taking care of my kids.

    I noticed this old feeling — really, more of remembering of the feeling — that I wanted someone to care about me. This mom thing.

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    More filters. Sort order. Aug 17, Amy rated it it was amazing. Fudge and his mommy, Super Sonia, just moved into a new neighborhood. Leaving Fudge to discover, for himself, the real secret behind being cool: loving yourself, just the way you are. With a strong and beautiful theme that resonates thro Fudge and his mommy, Super Sonia, just moved into a new neighborhood.