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Give me my Liberty Boots! During a recent True West photo-shoot, Jennifer Tilly so liked the pair we had asked her to wear, she bought them on the spot. What else can be said about this classy octogenarian? If you give a guy a gun, hat and horse and call it a Western, then Elvis made four. In Charro! Neat name, no more. Brother trouble also plays a big part in Love Me Tender. The town has an actual history—Buckskin Joe was founded about 90 miles northwest of the movie-set site in —and features several historical buildings. When he showed up on the set of Once Upon a Time in the West with his scruffy beard and wicked hairdo, he looked mean.

But director Siergio Leone chose Fonda because of his good looks, so off went the beard and scruff. His actions speak for themselves. His character, Frak, is ruthless and cunning, no makeup required. Every red-blooded American has to love this one. Not only are we given a real glimpse of the trials and tribulations of a grueling Old West cattle drive, but we also get into the lives of the characters.

This Western makes us all want to kick a pig, rustle cattle and cut the cards for a poke. Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia fit! Personally we prefer seeing Jean Arthur tough and gritty in Arizona and Shane. But hot damn, it works. This is a risky category at best. When it comes to keeping the West alive, two names stand above the rest.

Buck Taylor and Tom Selleck. Each has made his contribution to the genre in the last decade, and both are active in the West through films and festivals. Buck, however, gets our vote because of his expertise on the back of a horse. South of Heaven West of Hell may have done poorly at the box office, but the publicity folks have a hit with their web site. The menus are wonderfully animated, and the content gives the film depth. This film set the standard for all Western movies to follow.

Its impact on the Western genre is still felt today, nine years after it was made. Tombstone raised the bar in clothing, guns, vocabulary and even set design. Movie people are now interested in getting it right. With the proliferation of film festivals throughout the U. Well, someone has. Western films were shown in historic Schieffelin Hall. Our hats are off to James and his efforts. Long may this festival run.

In business for 23 years, Tom started his book business in Paris, Illinois. Published: May 28, by Piccadilly. Post-Civil War Texas is a hell of a rough place. And for a man wearing a kilt, it is even rougher. Colin Farquharson insists on retaining his native Scottish dress but to do so unarmed on the Texas frontier could get him killed. At least it provides a distraction for the bandits attempting to rob the stage he's on and a distraction is all his fellow passenger, the Ysabel Kid, needs.

Waco 1: Waco's Badge by J. Rancher Bentram Mosehan has accepted the responsibility of organizing a new Arizona State Police force. He's looking for men who are brave, honest, and lightning fast with a six-gun -- talents that drifters named Waco and Doc Leroy, possess in abundance. But the two young Texans remember all too well their run-ins with the Lone Star law, and the last thing Waco and Doc want is to wear a badge Other States were carved or born, Texas grew from hide and horn.

Charles Goodnight thought he had the answers and aimed to prove it. With Dusty Fog as his segundo, Goodnight meant to deliver his herd and so pave the way for Texas to grow from hide and horn. Waco 2: Sagebrush Sleuth by J. Words: 53, Arizona was wide open. The whole damn territory was easy-pickins for any two-bit cow-thief, back-shooting gunslick, or blood-simple outlaw. The law belongs to the fastest gun. And justice was in the hands of fools and cowards. So when cattle baron Bertram Mosehan formed the Rangers, he needed a special breed of men. Doc Leroy was one. And Waco was another.

Three good men had the badge of Sheriff and died wearing it. The good citizens felt that their town needed a real lawman, someone who would play the killers and hard cases at their own game. They knew of one man who could do the job. His name was Dusty Fog. Waco 4: Waco Rides In by J. Words: 64, Published: May 14, by Piccadilly. Mosehan when unscrupulous men sought to bring about the disbanding of the Rangers.

No matter what he was called to do, Waco did it and backed his play with cold courage and a fast draw that was more like chain lightning! Words: 43, A rogue ranger and a crooked lawyer were using loopholes in the law to buy up ancient Spanish land grants and to throw hundreds of people off their land. Like the man the mob was trying the lynch, the Ysabel Kid was half Comanche. He was a crack shot with a Colt Dragoon, a master of the border country art of "cut-and-slash," and the fastest shot with a Winchester Yellow Boy repeater Texas had ever seen. Of course the mob didn't know that.

All they say was a baby-faced kid in black who needed to be taught a lesson Three hombres were robbing cowhands of their cattle-drive pay. And the Ysabel Kid had been deputized to stop them and he intended to bring justice to this lawless land. But another gang was also at work in the Texas hills, and they had snatched the granddaughter of Ole Devil Hardin, from the local stagecoach. Now the Kid wants more than justice, he wants revenge.

The Floating Outfit Cuchilo by J. Luke Crammer had slaughtered a white buffalo which could easily launch a full-scale war between the Kiowas and the white men of North Texas. Sioux war-chief, Grey Bear had been kidnapped by a bunch of hardcases and branded a thief; he could not accept such shame and do nothing. Riverboat owner Tate Browder is one of the slimiest varmints to cruise down the Mississippi. Published: July 17, by Piccadilly. Riverboat owner, gambler and ladies' man Chance Sharpe gets word of strange goings-on up on the Mississippi by Craddock's Bend.

The Lone Ranger - S01 E03 - The Lone Ranger's Triumph - Full Episode

Several boats have disappeared Chance means to get to the bottom of this phantom foolery Words: 49, Just like Bonnie and Clyde, Cord and Chi are free spirits—and accomplished bank robbers. Cox Series: Cemetery Jones. Cemetery Jones to his unlucky enemies. Lucky for Jones he was born suspicious. And dead quick with a gun. Sunrise is a frontier town, just beginning to stretch.

Till outlaws vow to take out the whole damn place to revenge themselves on the new marshal, name of Cemetery Jones. The numbers are against him. But Jones has his gun. And the graveyard has plenty of vacancies.

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Only a split-second move keeps Chance from getting his head blown off by a mean Texas boy who dropped his family inheritance at the poker table. Chance needs to settle the score with his deadliest hand yet. Words: 77, Published: August 29, by Piccadilly. Double the action. Double the adventure for Shawn Starbuck.

As his quest to find his brother continues he finds himself on a Passage to Dodge City where Marshal Wyatt Earp himself was awaiting drovers from Texas before playing his part in the desperate enterprise. Starbuck plunges into the middle of a bullet-riddled ambush for a final showdown of deadly truths in The Hell Merchant.

They met in a New Orleans alleyway in the dark days following the Civil War. His name was Philippe St Andre, a peace officer and he was in the process of being beaten up by a gang of hardcases. Her name was Martha Jane Canary, and with a few unladylike tricks she dispersed the thugs with an ease. That meeting proved good for citizens of New Orleans and fatal for the maniacal killer on the streets. He and Chi step in—and make all the difference in the outcome Calamity Jane 4: Trouble Trail by J. Milo Hack reckoned to be a smart man, but he never made a worse mistake than when he tried to rough-handle Martha Jane Canary.

Not that anybody in the West would know her by that name. They called her Calamity Jane. Rockabye County Bad Hombre by J. No matter how he might look, Burgenhof was a bad hombre. Published: April 1, by Piccadilly. Sometimes the law loses its way. Like it did in the case of Eloise Charmain — her savagely murdered body left bleeding in the dust. Eyewitness began to vanish. Money changed hands. Suddenly it looked like an open-and-shut-case. Jefferson Clay Savage is a new adult western series written by the late Australian author, Paul Wheelahan, under the pseudonym of E.

Jefferson Clay. The covers usually featured paintings of leggy, full-figured babes and sported such snappy and often exclamation mark-endowed titles as Kill Me a Little! Add on the or so radio shows, and we figure that Larry turns out to be one of the hardest working eyes around Piccadilly Publishing have chosen 25 Larry Kent novels to be made available for the first time digitally in the English language and feature the gorgeous original covers themselves collectible. Larry Kent: Witch Rhymes With Larry Kent: Hello Dolly Buchanan by Jonas Ward Jim Buchanan: one of the best heroes of western fiction.

Shawn Starbuck scours the thousands of rugged miles through the wild Southwest, in search of his lost brother Ben. Each book brings Starbuck face to face with danger and possible death. Will he ever find a man who doesn't want to be found? Proctor writing as Clay Tanner comes the adventures of Chance Sharpe. He's cool-headed, hot-blooded He's Chance, a legend in his own time on the big river paddlewheels. Whether it's cards or women, he plays hard and wins big.

Look for Chance's other adventures - Western excitement you won't want to miss! Proctor writing as Zack Wyatt aka comes the adventures of the early days of what we now call the Texas Rangers.

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  4. They were young, proud - and they were all that stood between defenceless settlers and the warring Comanche. The Texas Rangers, struggled to bring law and order to the infant Republic of Texas. Raised in Arizona, Garfield found success at an early age, publishing his first novel when he was only eighteen. Which, at the time, made him one of the youngest writers of Western novels in print. This is the first time that his Marshal Jeremy Six western series have been made available in a digital format. Nineteen of his novels have been made into films, including Death Wish , The Last Hard Men and Hopscotch , for which he wrote the screenplay.

    Krauzer writing as Owen Rountree, comes of the adventures of Cord and his lady companion, Chi, both accomplished bank robbers. Just like Bonnie and Clyde, Cord and Chi are free spirits—One of the first self-reflexive Westerns, as novels that commented back on the idea of the Western itself. Cemetery Jones by William R. Cox He's Sam to his friends, Cemetery Jones to his unlucky enemies. Suntise is a frontier town, just beginning to stretch.

    Till outlaws vow to take out the whole damn place to revenge themselves on the new marshal, named Cemetery Jones. The Floating Outfit by J. Edson J. Edson describes a Floating Outfit as a group of cowhands who travel the outer sections of ranchland dealing with problems that occur far from the main house. Bannerman the Enforcer by Kirk Hamilton Bannerman the Enforcer, in which a special task-force answerable only to the Governor of Texas is sent on all kinds of do-or-die missions.

    He has the complexion and features of a Cheyenne Indian, but his hair is a bright golden blond, a gift from his English father. Sundance received his name - his Indian name - after participating in the Sun Dance ritual. He is a man who has roamed and fought across the length and breadth of the U. The O. Detective Agency deals out justice - Wild West style. Wilderness Giant Editions by David Robbins David Robbins takes his much-loved Wilderness series' characters into extended adventures where they battle against nature and man during the early days of the American Frontier.

    Cap Fog by J. Company Z is an extra legal company formed by the Governor of Texas. Besides the Texas Rangers, there are other members who were chosen for their skills and abilities that are special to them. Wilderness by David Robbins In , the Rocky Mountains were an immense, unsettled region through which few white men dared to travel.

    Only courageous mountain men like Nathaniel King and his companion Shakespeare McNair were willing to risk the unknown dangers for the freedom the wilderness offered. These are their adventures Slow to anger, fast with a gun and no slouch with women. A man tempered by the West, dangerous living and a perpetual gamble with death.

    Texas Trails by Patrick E. Andrews This series consists of three novels set in the Lone Star State of Texas, featuring different characters and fast-action. He introduced Larry and Stretch in Drift! Larry and Stretch 1: Drift! Stageline by Chance Nielsen Stagecoach men Cosum Beech and Whip Roundel aim to run the Hostrum and Hayes stage on time, as it winds its way through a tough land without law and order.

    Now he is dead and she is about to find out that there are worse ways to live and die than as the wife of a wanted man. Herne the Hunter by John J. McLaglen John J.

    Texas Rangers Player Elvis Andrus Walks Out to Viral Hit 'Baby Shark' for a Very Sweet Reason

    Jedediah Herne, who was once upon a time known as Herne the Hunter— a bounty hunter and hired killer, comes out of retirement to avenge his wife's death at the hands of seven men. A blood-soaked and violent Western series. Rockabye County by J. Edson Rockabye County is J. Edson's version of a modern-day Western. Dusty Fog's Civil War by J. Calamity Jane by J. Edson Calamity Martha Jane Canary is acknowledged by the author not to be the historical character of that name.

    Jim Stewart. Triumph of the Mountain Man. Rider on Fire. Sharon Sala. Once a Ranger. Dusty Richards. Lookout Hill. Ralph Cotton. West Texas Kill.

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    Johnny D. Longarm Longarm and the Devil's Sister. Tabor Evans. Crossing the Wire. Will Hobbs. The Barrio Kings. William Kowalski. Longarm Longarm and the Church Ladies. Longarm Longarm and the Outlaw's Shadow. Joe Pepper. Elmer Kelton. Slocum Slocum and the Real McCoy. Jake Logan. Husband by Choice. Tara Taylor Quinn. Sabio's Redemption. Philip Caputo. Shadow Valley. Impact Zone. Jeff Shelby. The Vigilante: Santa Fe Showdown.

    Jory Sherman. Marshall Grover. Marta's Ride. Under the Skin. James Carlos Blake. Trouble Creek.

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    The Death Dealers. David Griffith. Blackwater Crossing. Victor Villasenor. Brian Garfield. Marshal of Arizona. Doug Hocking. The Devil's Staircase. Randy D. The Baron Range. El Diablo. Tom Bartel. The Stockton Saga 3. Steven Douglas Glover. The Baron Brand. A Man Called Crow. Chris Adam Smith. Rio Tinto. Michael Zimmer. Horseman of the Shadows. Bradford Scott.