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People of three faiths - Islam, Judaism and Christianity lived and worked together under this diverse and inclusive leadership, and prospered. The focus of the exhibition is Pluralism - embracing and leveraging difference so all of society can benefit. This society was so advanced for its time and senior leadership positions filled, not only by Muslims but by Jews and Christians.

Extract from his Instagram post simonlewisphoto: "Peace and serenity agakhanmuseum fumihikomaki architecture design photography akdn instacorps thefatimids yurt".

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Photo by Kerry Payne. At its height in the 10th and 11th centuries, the Fatimids established one of the greatest civilizations in the world, influencing knowledge and culture throughout the Mediterranean, Europe, and the Near East.

The exhibition marks the first time a carefully selected collection of masterpieces from the Fatimid dynasty are shown in North America. Extract from her Instagram post kerrypayne: "Artifacts inscribed with Latin, Hebrew and Arabic on display at The Fatimids exhibition at the Aga Khan Museum symbolize the pluralism - a world where human differences are valued and diverse societies thrive - promoted by the Toronto museum. Photo by Alice Aedy. Extract from her Instagram post aliceaedy: "At university I studied History and Politics and one of my favourite topics was studying the Middle East.

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I was fascinated to learn about periods of peaceful co-existence and tolerance between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. History can teach us many lessons.

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I was so lucky to be invited by akdn with a group of incredible photographers to visit the most recent exhibition at the agakhanmuseum. Extract from her Instagram post kerrypayne: "Every sense is on high alert in this spectacular museum. Architecturally, visually and intellectually stunning, stimulating, arresting.

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Photo by Guillaume Bonn. Extract from his Instagram post guillaumebonn: "The world of the Fatimids was diverse and inclusive. Their dynasty turned outward to the larger worlds of the Mediterranean, the lands of the eastern Islamic world, and points even further east and west, welcoming the thinkers, poets, merchants, and artisans who flocked to the Fatimids' centre in Cairo.

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