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They barked with excitement all the time. I darted sideways as a young dog with black fuzzy fur came lolloping up to me, trying to show him that the proper way to meet a new dog is to sniff under the tail first. He shoved his nose beneath my rear legs and lifted me off my feet, dumping me in a heap. I jumped up and shook myself, ready to growl, but he was already running away. Irritated, I took myself to the edge of the pen.

On the outside, a huge white dog lowered his nose to sniff at me. It was the other way around. It was such an astonishing thought that I sat still, stunned, until the same black dog who had shoved me so rudely before came galloping up and knocked me right over. He put a paw on my chest, pinning me down.

I thrashed my legs and shook my head. He was heavy!

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I wanted him off me! I growled. I showed him all of my teeth. And I barked as loudly as I could, right into his face.

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He leaped back with a startled yelp, and I was free. I scrambled to my feet. I kept my lips back from my teeth to show the other puppy that I meant business. I walked slowly toward him. The other dog backed up a few more steps. Then he flopped down meekly and lay on his back, showing me his stomach and throat. People, too.

It was important, I realized, as I looked around the pen where the other puppies were running and chasing and wrestling and barking. A few had curled up for quick naps. I had to show the world I that I mattered because there was something I had to do. A job. I had a job.

There was somebody I was supposed to take care of. A girl. A human girl. She was somewhere out there in the world, and she needed me. No matter what size I was. My sisters and I went into the pen with other puppies again and again, and every time I showed them all that I was in charge. They learned pretty quickly. I could tell them with the way I walked, my head up, my ears forward, my tail high. I could tell them with my voice, which was becoming louder and louder, and every now and then by showing my sharp little teeth.

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That was me. My name was Max, and I was a dog to be reckoned with. Abby and Annie learned to let me eat first. And then came a day when we were picked up and taken out of our cages with leashes clipped to our collars. The cage door shut, leaving our mother behind. My sisters looked back and whimpered. When gentle young C.

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As much as she likes the tiny dog, C. Not giving up on C. Neither want a dog in their apartment. But Max has found his purpose and is unwilling to turn back. He loves C. This story is heartwarming and teaches young readers about compassion and determination. Max is a tiny Yorkie with a big ego in this tale, a puppy born at the pet rescue center, now desperately needing a home. Grace is a girl displaced to the big city, struggling to find the self-confidence she needs to succeed. The writing is warmly inviting, encouraging misfit readers to identify with the dog and understand how actions seem different from intent.

Max, though tiny, is profoundly confident of his power, while Grace, the human protagonist and Max's designated friend, is afraid to trust her own talent. Wise questions and lesson plans fill the gap between last and bonus chapters in this small book. Like I said, don't miss that "bonus" ending. A very fun short novel for kids and their carers. Disclosure: I borrowed this book from a friend. May 04, Ms. They are adopted right away, but he keeps nipping at people. When he hears a girl in the park, he is immediately taken with her and keeps barking to try to get her attention.

After CJ stops by the adoption event, Max is determined to go after her. He runs away and follows her to her apartment building, but CJ takes him back. Because of the aggressive behavior, Max is slated to be put down, so even though she is just visiting a friend of her mother's in the city. Jillian has a cat, Sneakers, but eventually acquiesces to hosting Max, even though he barks and widdles on things. CJ is involved in an art school, and misses her own dog, Molly, but things are not going well with her mother, whom we met in Molly's Story. There is a moment when it seems that Max will have to return to the shelter, but art saves the day.

Strengths: This is a short, easy read with a very cute cover although my paper ARC has a more Chihuahua looking dog on the cover. While it is from Max's point of view, we do get enough information to forward the plot. Good information about shelters and caring for pets, and Sneakers and Max are cute together. Weaknesses: I would have preferred this be from CJ's view point, because it would have been interesting to find out about her precarious family situation.

What I really think: This is a series worth having, and is an easy go-to for readers who love dogs. Curious as to what will happen when CJ returns home!

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  7. Aug 27, Carey Handley rated it it was amazing. Bruce Cameron can't write books fast enough for our household. This book was for my daughter, age My daughter has Special Needs and there aren't many books that are on a middle grade reading level that hold interest for her but the series of middle grader readers by W. Bruce Cameron do just that. One trend I notice about his books is that my daughter can read them but also can keep track of the plot and characterizations in his books. We finished Max's Story this morning and I asked her w W. We finished Max's Story this morning and I asked her what the best part of the book was.

    She looked at me and said, "Max"! I wanted to know what she wanted me to write in the review and she said she liked his adventures around New York City and also CJ's part of the story including how she was going to art school. The best thing to her, I think, is that Max tells his own story. Cameron never talks down to his young readers and he makes reading exciting, even to those plague by learning differences, including severe dyslexia. As I'm writing this, I see that Shelby's Story is coming out.

    You can bet that we'll be first in line to buy it! Thank you, W. Bruce Cameron, for writing in such a way that both my daughter and myself look forward to your middle grade readers. Aug 09, Jean rated it liked it. Max's story parallels "His Girl's" struggle for success. From Max's point of view he is "in charge" and needs to let everyone know.

    That attitude makes him difficult to adopt, but Max is on the hunt to find the one person he can belong to and assist. He finds his girl-- CJ. The two are devoted, and it seems Max has found his perfect home, but challenges lie ahead. His purpose is fulfilled in bringing joy to CJ, who is having a difficult summer and facing challenges in a New York summer art schoo Max's story parallels "His Girl's" struggle for success.

    His purpose is fulfilled in bringing joy to CJ, who is having a difficult summer and facing challenges in a New York summer art school-- a new experience for her. I enjoyed this novel for young people, and it is the perfect book for my 8 year old granddaughter who loves dogs.

    The story is delightfully told from Max's point of view; he is often puzzled and a little confused about the human world. But her perseveres. As does CJ. Good role models for young readers. I had to write a note to guide future readers at the perceived ending of the book-- to go past the study and activities section and read the "bonus chapter. Nov 25, Gretchen rated it it was ok Shelves: for-haavah. She loved it, thought Max was so cute and brave and tough, and CJ just needed him so much.

    I, however, found it far too repetitive and shallow. Max is cute and tough, but his potential to become gentle was really minimized. CJ was really lonely, but honestly, her human friendships were more valuable for her than Max was. I understand that she says that he needs her, but there lacked some of the companionship play that I expected in a dog story like this.

    The ending was satisfying but a bit abrupt, again missing the opportunity to take things to a bit rounder development. I guess if you love dogs, this would be a sweet, warm-hearted read. I admit that I do not, so I recognize my potential for prejudice. I think the target age demographic was years, and that feels about right—probably closer to 8 than 12, as the vocabulary was nothing to write home about. Jul 03, Lisa rated it it was amazing. Grab your favorite treat and prepare to get into a New York state of mind. Max protects and loves CJ while teaching the other dogs he is the boss and no one messes with his girl.

    As the story moves forward you see that CJ is becoming Grab your favorite treat and prepare to get into a New York state of mind. I personally enjoyed Max protecting Sneakers, the cat, from Baxter, the menacing dog. This is a middle grade novel, with great illustrations that kids and adults will enjoy. Mar 30, Ryan Garcia rated it really liked it. In this story, we follow through the story through the eyes of dog and I recommend this story to 5th and up.

    In this story, we follow Max a Chihuahua- Yorkie mix and he starts at an shelter and he hasn't been picked up by anyone because of his rude temper. Until, this girl called CJ and when Max sees her he starts thinking that's who he wants to be with and then when Max gets the chance to escape from he dashes out towards his girl and ends up being with her for the entire book.

    We meet new char In this story, we follow through the story through the eyes of dog and I recommend this story to 5th and up. We meet new characters like Jillian and her cat and CJ goes through her struggles her dog Max is there. And, towards the end of the book CJ goes home to her other dog because she was spending her summer at her aunt's and then fly's back to her mom. The theme for this story is that dog's are family. S no dogs die Feb 27, Nicole rated it really liked it.

    This was a pretty decent book written about a loving dog named Max. He is a Yorky and Chihuahua mix who is very small but has a big personality. They have an awesome relationship and Max knows that he wants to love and guard CJ. This book included some humor and I think a younger audience would enjoy this book. This This was a pretty decent book written about a loving dog named Max.

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    This was a cute book and a good read. I would recommend this book to younger ages but I think anyone could enjoy this easy to follow book. Apr 01, Shannon rated it did not like it. I detested nearly every minute of this book while reading it to my 9-year-old! Jun 05, Jessica Gonzales rated it it was amazing. The things that I like about the book Max's story is that it is in the Max's point of view. I love how it shows how the dogs deal with their humans not being there. Also what the dogs think of when their are outside or around people.

    I also love how the Max started out in a shelter then he like knew who his perfect person was. The Chihuahua is prone to needing to have a Cesarean. This can be quite expensive and it can compromise the health of the dog. Reducing Risk This, undoubtedly, is not the easiest purebred to breed. Size alone creates obstacles. Health to both dam and pups must be the first and more important goal. Some sources will state 1 or 1. One of the crucial elements for a safe pregnancy and delivery is for the pelvic region and hip width to be fully formed and at maximum width.

    Young Chi's also do not have strong enough knee and hip formation, which is so important for carrying extra weight. Females should be retired by the age of 6 at the very most or at any age before this if the veterinarian suggests so. Having a female Chihuahua assessed for breeding capability should be done before any planned pairing. There are a host of medical reasons why a Chi should be retired early from breeding, including stress on various areas back, knees, hips and a history of difficult deliveries.

    For males , the proper age is at least 1 year old. The age at which sperm starts to be produced by male dogs is 7 to 8 months and giving a leeway until the age of 1, ensures the sperm strong enough to reach the female's eggs. Studs are in their prime from the age of 1. After this time, the sperm will gradually weaken. Size - With breeding, the female should always be larger than the male. Because the Chihuahua is so small, when a female is going to be matched up with a male, the male should be under 4 pounds 1. Also, the male's parents should be between 4 and 5 pounds 1.