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Being homeless

Find ways to explain the action of hope without saying the word. Please remember to use their gmail accounts when sharing.

If you are asked by someone on the street to give them money panhandling what are your best options? Poetry for the Homeless: Home. Homeless Youth in Los Angeles. Hard Times Generation. Google Docs Google Docs Directions. I can't help. But see. I see you inching, inching along on the earth, pitch black and poor, weathered, severed and dirtied. Lost in time.

Homeless Women’s Forum Celebrates Poems, Hope | November 21, | Real Change

Mouth open. Where open hands may be closed. I do pass by you every morning, thinking, thinking of you. As you drum your thumbs to your own music, in your own darkened world. Where the albatross rest on your drooping shoulders, as you piggyback what olive branches there are.

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But think. As you sit shrugging in those same brown pants and redshirt, holding weeks of grime and stench. No doubt, holding passerby's casting eyes, thoughts and conversation. Sometimes, I can't watch. But hope.

A poem for the homeless

Yes, hope and pray. As you go looking into the pockets of thrash, digging for change, literally, hopefully, three ways to paradise, please, yes, sir, please. And maybe. Just maybe. You will find better and parkgoers can use the bench again. That would be a nice olive branch, to give back, my friend. Joseph Miller Jul On city streets late at night in the cold winter I walk and run not too numb to feel not too blind to see my dream like a summer day long gone now only cold to crystallize my fate like frost on the window icy patterns trying to get in reached the limits of my reach I reach and pound my fist against the wall of humanity of denial stretching across the horizon as far as I can see I am lost in a crowd only the sun beating down reminding me I am hot, so hot I'm going to die on city streets It won't be easy remember me I walk and run away like a summer day long gone now.

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Drop Drop into the deep end, new faces daily right up to the weekend, the realization of your current situation yet to set in. Kewayne Wadley Oct Internal You. At the end of the day I can't think of a better place.

A solemn moment. Luke, who works as a life coach, first met Jamie last year in the pouring rain and heard about how Jamie and his wife ended up living on the streets - he heard their accounts of getting attacked.

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Since their first meeting, Luke has visited Jamie a further three times to give the them a couple of hundred pounds raised through donations, to help them get food and a few nights in a hostel. Since the viral post, Luke hopes to be able to make difference through a GoFundMe page designed to help the couple get back on their feet. Luke said: "I wanted to raise some awareness and for people to realise what it is like for those living on the streets.

It's terrible that they are treated that way. You can donate to the GoFundMe page here. Crisis estimates there are , homeless households in Britain, and predicts rough sleeping to rise by 76 per cent if the government doesn't take action to tackle it. By Robyn Darbyshire Audience Writer. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Read More Shocking state of UK's homelessness crisis. Follow DailyMirror.