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He is of Irish descent and was brought up Roman Catholic.

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He was brought up near Canterbury with a brother and a sister. Clarke became a chorister at Canterbury Cathedral and subsequently won a choral scholarship to The King's School, Canterbury. He played University hockey, was University punting champion, sang with Schola Cantorum , and acted with the dramatic society and the Oxford Revue at the Edinburgh Festival. He also captained the wine-tasting team. He claims to have been given his chosen name, Oz, "in the school showers" [ citation needed ] when he was 13, because he played cricket like an Australian cricketer.

The Australian cricket team was touring the UK at the same time. Prior to this, he answered to the name Robbie, or Robin formally. Having grown up in Kent , Clarke played cricket for Babes of Kent schoolboys and supports Gillingham. He is a cousin of Irish journalist and broadcaster Olivia O'Leary. After Oxford, Clarke started a career as a full-time actor and singer.

His first job was at Northampton , followed by Sheffield , Manchester and Leicester.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Beginners Guide to Wine

It was during this acting period that he was drafted in to the newly formed English Wine Tasting Team, who won competitions against France, Germany and the USA, among others. This proved crucial for his career development. When a wine expert dropped out of the new BBC show Food and Drink , the acclaimed television producer Peter Bazalgette allegedly shouted, 'Get me the actor who knows about wine'.

They did, and Clarke's career began to shift away from theatre towards wine, but not out of the entertainment business. He and Jilly Goolden became the voices and faces of wine in Britain for a generation. He then became wine correspondent of The Daily Telegraph. Santa is coming early this year my loves! This powerful trifecta of yoga, food and wine has guided me to wellness.

Ticket link in bio. Please feel free to DM me for more info. Are you new in the world of wine? Like anything, practice makes perfect. Get your favorite bottle of wine and make every sip count.

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Start simple: what is it that you like about the wine you are drinking? There is no substitute for tasting, tasting, and more tasting. When trying to to learn more about wine the biggest question is - where to start? Vivino app is the answer.

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Go wild and crazy and scan the labels and read the reviews. Learn from experts and get familiar with the wine vocabulary. My love for wine started a year ago on the beautiful island of Corsica. There are few things that are as magical as vinyards. The winemaking over a period of time has evolved drastically and hybrid varieties of grapes are produced worldwide. You can book tickets for all the upcoming events on our website or call in to the shop to buy tickets.

Bordeaux wine for beginners. Which is your favorite french wine? Do you know how to serve your wine properly? Which one is your favorite wine? And which glass do you choose? Received as part of weeklytasting Intro to Tasting. Strong but pleasant strawberry jam aroma - much more subtle on the tongue. Med-long finish. Overall very good and paired well with dinner. It was incredible! And I am a very fussy customer having only just started drinking wine this year! Learning from the winefolly book and comparing 2 cabs.

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  • Cabernet Sauvignon: Beginners Guide to Wine by Sara Fasolino.

Tastes of cherry, touch of smooth tobacco. Paired with roast pork. Look forward to our next glass of this delightful wine.

A Beginner's Guide to Common Wine Descriptions, Part 1

We need to work on our descriptors. So I knew people paired wine with food to eat food that goes well with wine but I didn't realize that food could actually transform wine so much! But then, I had a few bites of meaty, cheesy pizza, had more wine, and fell in love with it! Full bodied, delicious, with very subtle hints of cocoa.

A great choice for full bodied wine lovers who want bold flavours with food that usually requires lighter wine. It's Monday, it's time for our wine vocab! Our wine word this week is - Dry. It's a little different when it comes to wine. It is actually associated with sugar content. Most wines are often classified as a sweet wine or dry wine. A dry wine is the opposite of a sweet wine.

It is a taste sensation often attributed to tannins and causing puckering sensations in the mouth. Do you like your wine sweet or dry? New Blog post! Dry is the most commonly used, and misused word when describing wine. It's ok its confusing because wine is a liquid Last Friday we crushed it, so as we prepare for homecoming this week, I dipped into thecrusherwines Pinot Noir.

Wonderfully fruit forward with raspberry brightness. What was so great, to me, was the balance. You encounter so much Pinot that is earthy or wildly aromatic. This expression was balanced in every way. Light color, light acidity, light tannin, light finish. While embracing a California style, it is an incredible time for a minimal price. Kudos to these folks.

The 12 Best Wine Books, According to Sommeliers -

Go get it! If I help one person my goal will be achieved.

Wine's Cool - Class 1: Basics of Wine

Word of the Week is in full effect! Our very first word this week is WINE. What a simple word, right? But guess what, it's not as simple as one could think. It's definitely a little more complex, but for now, wine beginners just know that wine is made from the fermented juice of grapes. Pay people more than they expect and give them bandwidth to have their own ideas. Thank them when they say you're wrong because they're probably right. Micro-management kills creativity.

Let's create educated consumers who value quality.

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