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In most cases, and particularly in nature, I feel it detracts from things. But in this case, it seems to fit. You could wander up and down that tree for hours taking in all the little details.


The bright, vibrant colors seem to tell their own story of the area. We all sat there for a while taking in the surrounding and seeing if we could feel some presence of the spirits that are said to inhabit the area. We walked around the Hippie Tree a few times like we were told to do in order to open the gates of Hell. Nada there, too.

The only thing that opened the gates of Hell that day was the Taco Bell we had for lunch. Or maybe Saturday is a day off for ghosts. Maybe we caught the ghost during the shift change and they were busy. A beautiful day enjoying the wonder of nature with the people I care most about. Share this Like this: Like Loading Posted by Richard Francis Just a guy that has way too much free time. Jasper Bark. October 6, Reply. Glad you liked it! Brandy Rae Courtade. February 8, Reply.

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We want to hear your thoughts! Cancel reply. Many people living there say that the spirits of those patients haunt the city that had lived once in the mental hospital near that area. Moreover, some say that the tree gets haunted by the ghost of a young boy that was murdered by a person with a mental health condition. However, many rumours have got spread that this tree is a gateway to hell to those who walk around the pattern of the tree.

However, the real story behind this tree gets lost behind those silly tale stories and rumours. Moreover, the only fact that lies behind this colourful tree is that this tree is a beautiful site that will fantastically impress the visitors.

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The Hippie Tree lies near the old hospital in Traverse City. The walking line around the area is well maintained and gets labelled distinctively in the area. This tree gets beautifully painted with bright colours which have light coloured doodle everywhere covering its surroundings. Each colour that includes the beautiful tree tells their own exceptional story related to that area or tree.

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When one visits the tree, he can feel the spirits that surround the area. It is not yet clear that spirits come there or not. However, there are many tale stories behind the art of this tree. Moreover, one of those is that many souls and happy folks were used to go beneath the roots of the tree in an attempt to gain some other- worldly enlightenment.

Moreover, when they returned out of the tree when they leave their marks on that tree by painting it with different bright colours. However, it has not found to be a real story as the actual story gets lost behind those fake rumours and local tale stories. Nowadays, Hippie Tree is a natural inspired breaker wave.

The design of the company and the hand-drawn graphics that merely resembles the mountains, waves, and wildlife are beautiful. A green tree logo marks it.

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So, this was all about the colourful Hippie Tree. Surely this is a fantastic site that you must visit in your life for at least once. Moreover, when you visit this site, you will find the scenery so enjoyable that you will feel the energy of your surroundings. This tree is a full package of history that will provide you with a lot of excitement and knowledge. When are you planning to visit there? Read Also: Sedona Vortex.

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Hippie Tree The hippie Tree stands for its fusion or combination through the art that it bears.