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Overall, 32 national football teams competed at nine different venues completing 64 games. In total, 3,, attendees watched the games at the soccer stadia in the host country Technical Study Group In , this mega-sport event was held on the African continent for the first time depicting an integration of the developing nation South Africa into the globalised world Witt and Loots Nevertheless, the question remains whether the local government and the FIFA organising bodies could live up to their benevolent objectives of leaving a positive legacy in economic, social-ecological and environmental terms FIFA World CupTM Organising Committee South Africa Sport - Medien und Kommunikation.

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Introduction 2. Sustainability 2. Theoretical Approach 3. Conclusion 6. Bibliography 1. Introduction With the London Olympic Games, sustainability within mega-sport events has come to attention again as the organisers of the event are seeking to create a truly green event London a, London b. Sustainability To provide a deeper understanding to the core of this paper, sustainability will be defined and then put into the context of mega-sport events. Theoretical Approach Further, comprehension of the Triple Bottom Line Model is essential for understanding the essence of this paper as it is the theoretical framework on which this analysis is based.

It is easy to see why many of my classmates had been coming back to Saena Iulia for years. I would jump at the chance to come back here again! A su vez, siendo turista y no conociendo nada de Siena, fue muy importante tener la ayuda del director y de Elettra una diosa!

Y ni hablar de la ciudad y de los paisajes! Me encantaron las clases culturales y los viajes que se realizaron. Ich habe zwei Wochen Sprachkurs im Juni gemacht. Am ersten Tag gab es eine Einstufung in die Klassen, welche aus mir und max. Es war sehr anstrengend zu Beginn, weil ich kein Italienisch konnte, man aber sehr viel reden muss. Auch neben dem Unterricht macht man vieles zusammen, z.

Freitags gibt es ein selbstgekochtes Mittagessen, mit wirklich sehr leckeren Speisen. In Siena selber gibt es auch wahnsinnig viel lebendige Kultur zu erleben! Same pohvale! I had a really interesting week at Saena Iulia, and learned a great deal. There was a very friendly atmosphere at the school, and both myself and my husband were invited to several social and cultural activities which greatly added to the experience.

We felt there was a genuine interest in introducing students to the culture and history of Siena, and creating engagement with the community. Many of the students I met had returned to the school several times, and I also hope also to return next year. I highly recommend Saena Iulia for your Italian language study!

The location is wonderful. I had visited Siena before but had not stayed more than a few hours. I have studied for 2 weeks both in and , and now Siena is one of my favorite towns in Italy. You can get a sense of local life, especially in the evenings when people go to their neighborhood bar for an aperitivo before dinner or in the piazzas to chat. The setting of the school right in the heart of the town can't be beat. I love to observe the particular shade of blue sky every evening. One of the best assets of instruction at Saena Iulia is its personalized nature.

It is not a cookie-cutter program with an inflexible curriculum. Each student's level is assessed weekly and the classes are formed to accomodate each one's goals. The small class sizes students are ideal for pedagogy. They facilitate conversation, which is a big component of class time.

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We practice with new vocabulary and grammatical constructions through conversations with a partner and through question-answer with the instructors. This kind of practice cannot be done on one's own and is really the best for learning a language. The instructors are kind, patient, and thoughtful. They take the time to answer questions and explain the nuances of grammar and vocabulary.

They have also been helpful in practical living matters outside of school, such as suggestions for stores and restaurants, a fitness center, and other activities. All instructors create a relaxed, friendly, and welcoming environment to all students, no matter their background or abilities. I enjoyed the variety of activities from day to day. Each day is a little different with worksheets, drills over new material, videos, songs, and discussions, but there are some consistencies week to week with the daily coffee break, group aperitivo one evening, and the optional afternoon outing to a nearby town or site.

Studying at Saena Iulia has greatly improved my ability to speak Italian, and I feel more confident in engaging in conversations when I travel through Italy. I'm already planning on returning again next summer! Die Lehrer sind durchs Band alle extrem motiviert und total sympatisch. Immer auf Italienisch versteht sich.

Es hat mir sehr viel gebracht! Somit war ich nach zwei Wochen stolz darauf, wie sehr ich mein Italienisch verbessern konnte. Gewohnt und gegessen habe ich bei einer Familie. Un italiano vero! I was only able to spend a week at Saena Iulia, but it was a great experience. I advanced my Italian capability significantly, and it really jump-started my progress in more formally learning the language. My instructor Sara was fantastic - we had a pretty small class, so it was almost like a week of private lessons. She was incredibly patient and flexible in how she arranged each day's lessons, tuning them to our specific needs and levels.

If I can scrape together time next year, I'll be back! Die Scuola Saena Iulia bleibt bei mir nur in bester Erinnerung. I attended a beginners week at Saena Iulia last May. I was a solo traveller and initially quite aprehensive about the trip. Mauro and the staff were simply fantastic and so welcoming I was swiftly reassured. The teachers are excellent combining a mix of formal and informal learning styles. It was wonderful to meet other students at the school and share in some of the social activities arranged. I would very highly recommend this language school in beautiful Siena and look forward to returning very soon for another course.

Thank you so much!! Italian was my first language, but I haven't spoken it in many years. On my bucket list is the desire to again become fluent in Italian. I choise Saena Iulia because of its location near my zia in Siena and because of its rave reviews. I was not disappointed. On arrival, I spoke with one of the teachers at length - this was the class placement process. I was in the advanced class with two other students.

Sabrina was our teacher - she is a master teacher! We spoke almost exclusively in Italian, taking a break mid-class to go for 'un caffe'" at a neighborhood cafe, where we usually met with the other students and teachers. We spent an evening together at an outdoor restaurant in Siena's main piazza - what fun, good eating and drinking! Saena Iulia found an apartment for my husband and me, just a short walk from the school.

It was a simple apartment but had everything we needed, and the price was so reasonable. We felt like Siennese residents - so much nicer than staying in a hotel! By the time my week of study ended, I felt so much more confident in my speaking ability. I looked forward to engaging Italians in shops and on the street to try out my newly acquired language skills.

The school is small, the teachers are so dedicated to their profession - I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to study there. Hope to return some day! We signed up for a week at Saena Iulia and loved it. It was a wonderful way to enrich our time in Italy. I had studied Italian for 2 semesters at the community college and my husband was a complete beginner!

I was placed with a small group of travelers from various countries most of whom had been there several times before for the morning classes while he had a private tutor! Our teachers were professional, engaging and patient. They modified the instruction to fit the group. The other students were friendly and interesting and we enjoyed getting to know each other--in Italian and English!

The school was more like a community that we were instantly welcomed in to. We also had a wonderful homestay experience. Siena is the best place to study Italian-big enough but not very big at all. I would recommend it to anyone entertaining the thought of a language school experience. It was one of the highlights of our trip. I cannot say enough of wonderful things about this school.

I was referred to Saena lulia by a friend who raved about it and upon arriving, I immediately understood why. Mauro, the founder is at the very heart of this school and he and all of his carefully, hand-selected teachers truly put theirs into all that they do. From the private and group lessons, their desire and ability to understand how each and every one of their students' brains operate, as to better help them learn the language. The thought and planning that goes into their weekly events, excursions, culture lessons and Friday potluck lunches. They even help you with your accomodations!

They care on such a personal level here, you seriously feel as if you're being looked after by family. I stayed at Saena Iulia for 6 weeks during the winter of but wish it had been longer. Each one of them had a different style and approach but all of them were extremely passionate about their vocation.

I am not the best student, but they managed to captivate and inspire me on a daily basis. Which was an impressive task considering I was there almost 6 hours a day. As teachers, they are all top-notch and as human beings, even more so. For me, this was so much more than just learning the language- it was an amazing experience that I will treasure forever. If you want to propel your language skills whatever your level in an environment that is both challenging, nuturing, and fun - this is it.

We found Saena Iulia from a friend who had been to the school several times over the years. We had a fantastic experience each of the three times we have been there and have recommended it to many others. The teachers and administrators are very warm and strike a great balance between challenging you and encouraging you. Group sizes are small to encourage participation and allow for personal attention with the questions and challenges you bring to the class.

Lessons are inventive and not your typical workbook language study.

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Their goal is to make it easy for you to communicate in Italian, not to follow a rigid pedagogy. Each teacher is warm, fun to spend time with, and get to know better. Siena is obviously amazing, too! Highly recommended! Es war eine tolle Woche in der Schule Saena Iulia. Bereits im Vorfeld war alles super von Mauro organisiert worden. Der Unterricht in der kleinen Gruppe war sehr effektiv. Sabrina ist eine super Lehrerin: engagiert, sie macht einen sehr strukturierten Unterricht und das alles mit viel Leidenschaft und einem riesigen Herzen.

Danke an Euch alle. Schon vor meiner Reise nach Siena wurde ich umfassend von Mauro informiert und er hat auch die Unterbringung in einer Gastfamilie organisiert. Einerseits von Mauro, Elettra und Sabrina und andererseits von Silvana sowie Anna und Marcello, bei denen ich je zwei Wochen wohnen durfte "Fai come a casa tua". Saena Iulia ist viel mehr als eine Sprachschule. Es wird ein eigenes, exzellentes Lehrbuch verwendet und die Lektionen finden nicht nur innerhalb des historischen Palazzos sondern auch einmal draussen, auf einem Spaziergang durch die Stadt oder an der Bar statt.

So umgibt man sich ausschliesslich mit der italienischen Sprache. Ich werde schon bald wiederkommen. In diesen zwei Wochen lernte ich diese unglaublich interessante Stadt sehr gut kennen und besichtigte den Dom, die Krypta, das Baptisterium, das Museo, das ospedale Santa Maria della scala, das Staatsarchiv und einiges mehr. Um Italienisch zu lernen ist Siena ideal man sagt, dass man hier das beste Italienisch spricht. Ich komme wieder. What an amazing experience to learn Italian in Italy! I chose Saena Iulia because I wanted an authentic, local school with instructors from the region, rather than a franchise generic course.

Saena Iulia proved to be spectacularly rewarding both in terms of the language instruction as well as the cultural experiences. Every instructor was highly competent, friendly, encouraging and genuine. Every day was rich in terms of the language training and the excursions. The courses are challenging, but fun. Siena is the most beautiful city in the world. You cannot go wrong with this choice of school. I attended Saena Iulia in August for 3 weeks. It was really intense, but in a good way.

I come to Siena every summer and my classes at the school demonstrably improved my Italian conversational skills. I loved that most of the teachers are from Siena as it's such a unique, magical place. It was also important to me to be at a school that was not a large chain-type of establishment, and because of its independent configuation, Seana Iulia is able to give personal attention and adapt to the needs of the students, changing the content every week to match who is studying.

Classes are small, teachers are supportive and fun, and the sense of community is great. I was somewhat disappointed to return home to the teachers I have avaiable to me, and will absolutely be returning to Saena Iulia in the future! I had a great learning experience and a wonderful time at the Scuola Saena Iulia school in Siena. The teachers are wonderful and enthusiastic. They are very knowledgable about language learning and the lesson are structured and focus specifically on your level and needs.

At every turn they encourage you to immerse yourself in Italian but they are there to not only serve as role models but also to provide the necessary support. They give the students sufficient classroom time and homework reinforcement. The school also provides extra-curricular activities that are not only fun but allow you to interact more with your fellow students. I had a fabulous time with my adopted Italian family, which also allowed me to be even more immersed in the language.

Of course, Siena is a marvelous environment. There is so much to see and do - churches, museums, ancient sites, mulltitude of restaurants, stores, and wonderful people. I highly recommend this experience! I spent two weeks at Saena Iulia from the end of September. All the staff were excellent, as was the program. My teacher Sabrina was so encouraging and extremely patient. The first week I was by far the least advanced student and did ask myself what am I doing here - I felt that I was hopeless which is not something I am used to feeling!

In the second week I felt a little more capable and now a month later travelling in Sicily I am actually speaking to the locals and they understand me! The program mix is very good - class room activity, drinks and nibbles one evening, a couple of excursions and lunch with the staff cooked by the staff!

The booklet provided is very good and will be an excellent resource for me when I go home. I will definitely return and will be recommending the school to all my intalian language classmates back home. I have attended Saena Iulia twice and each time has been an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience.

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Although they are clearly serious about teaching Italian, they also have senses of humor, particularly about the pitfalls of language learning. I very much appreciated their relaxed playfulness. We laughed a lot. They are conducted in Italian and class sizes are quite small; my last course had 4 students. The class activities were varied and fun. For example, we listened to Italian songs, watched clips from Italian movies, invented stories, and played games. While fun, each activity was serious in purpose and structured so we had to use specific vocabulary and grammatical forms in conversation.

And the warm and welcoming atmosphere at Saena Iulia helps promote a sense of inclusiveness and camaraderie. As a bonus, Saena Iulia is located in a 15th century palazzo near the Duomo and the Campo, in the heart of beautiful Siena. Dit was een bijzondere en leerzame ervaring. De lessen werden gegeven in kleine groepjes en waren leerzaam en afwisselend van opzet. Verschillende docenten wisselden elkaar af en wisten precies welke lesstof nodig was om het niveau van iedere leerling te verbeteren.

Je zou het lessen op maat kunnen noemen. Tevens werden er iedere week culturele excursies georganiseerd en een aperativo en lunch aangeboden om elkaar te leren kennen en om in het Italiaans te communiceren. Ik beveel het iedereen aan. The Saena Iulia School offers comprehensive Italian language instruction in a relaxed setting in the heart of Siena.

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The Italian grammar lessons were excellent; and conversation sessions catered to our unique needs and levels of comprehension. The staff was very professional, friendly and accommodating. The other students were equally welcoming and enthusiastic, making us feel like we were all old friends. We would strongly recommend the school to students interested in perfecting their Italian or to those starting to learn the language from scratch. The manual the school gives out is thoughtfully prepared, very useful, and something we will keep and refer to as we continue to study this beautiful language.

I have been learning Italian for three years, during which time I have studied in a number of different types of class in the UK and Italy: group lessons, one to one lessons and conversation classes with teaching in both English and Italian. Several of these have been excellent but the teaching at Saena Iulia is exceptional. I was put in a small class with two other students of similar standard. The focus, attention to detail and patience of the teachers is just brilliant. The entire dialogue in class is in Italian, which gives students lots of spoken Italian practice.

Not a single mistake goes uncorrected and so, by the end of my week, I felt that many of my bad habits had been corrected and I was a better Italian speaker all round. Every class was fun and full of variety. Time passed very quickly in such a stimulating environment. Saena Iulia has a wonderfully warm and friendly atmosphere. I was only there for a week and yet I feel I have made lifelong friends amongst both staff and other students. In addition, the school organised some lovely extra-curricular activities: an aperitivo in a bar, an outing to a vineyard and Montalcino, a visit to a Contrada museum and fantastically informative historical tour of Siena with Elettra.

On the final day we were served a feast of Italian food cooked by our lovely teachers. I can't believe the luck I have had in finding Saena Iulia. I feel there is nowhere else in the world where such safe hands would be able to teach me Italian. I'll definitely return. Diese Schule ist etwas ganz Besonderes. Tag vermittelten in einer liebenswerten Familie angekommen zu sein. Zwei Wochen konzentrierten, abwechslungsreichen Unterricht in einer kleinen Gruppe 4 Pers. Auf eine gute Aussprache wurde viel Wert gelegt. Mille grazie. Es waren nicht zuletzt Mauro, Sabrina, Elettra, Elena und Franco, die mit ihrer herzlichen Art diesen Aufenthalt so besonders gemacht haben.

I'm really pleased with my 2 weeks at Scuola Saena Iulia. The school has a warm and supportive atmosphere , which I found helpful in learning a new language My classes were small , the first with 4 students and the second with 2 students. I felt well-matched to my classmates. My teachers were adaptable, shaping the material to our needs. For example, one day most or all of us seriously butchered the reading of some Italian texts. We immediately shifted the focus of the lesson to Italian pronunciation, to which we returned the next morning. While rigorous , my classes were FUN.

The emphasis was conversational Italian , but I learned lots of Italian grammar. There were several non-class activities, e. All enjoyable social times. Siena is a beautiful city with a very long and interesting history. Many points of interest, which I was only able to sample on this trip. All-in-all, a great experience. I hope to return in the next year to firm up my Italian and to visit my new friends at Scuola Saena Iulia. This group of teachers was very diverse and extremely talented. Of most importance to me was the warmth and hospitality with which we were received.

It was non-judgemental and genuine. The school is run efficiently, and always with an attention to creating a comfortable platform from which to learn, both the language and the culture of Siena, as well as Italy. This school represents education, not only in language but also the warmth and sincerity of the culture in Italy. Really, to witness the effort and talent of this group of educators is so rewarding and as heartfelt an experience as one could hope for. Es versteht sich von selbst, dass Kunstliebhaber in einer Stadt wie Siena auf ihre Kosten kommen. Besonders diese Form des Unterrichts hat mir geholfen mein Italienisch zu verbessern.

Dadurch dass der Lehrer die fehlenden Vokabeln ersetzte oder die Fehler verbesserte stellte sich schnell ein Lerneffekt ein. Nach 4 Stunden Unterricht war die Schule vorbei. Die Lehrer waren an allen Personen aus der Sprachschule sehr interessiert und hatten tolle Tipps auf Lager was die Stadt anging. In diesen zwei Wochen habe ich sehr viel gelernt. Ich habe sehr herzliche, liebe und interessante Personen in der Zeit kennengelernt und den besten Rotwein Brunello getrunken.

Am Ende meines Aufenthaltes musste ich allen versichern dass ich auf jeden Fall wiederkommen werde. Das werde ich, certamente! Die Sprachschule Saena Lulia ist auf jeden Fall weiterzuempfehlen! Naravno, bilo je prilike i za degustaciju. Profesori su izuzetno strpljivi, dragi te se zaista trude pripremiti materijale koji bi nam bili zanimljivi.

I have just spent two fantastic weeks in August in this language school Saena Iulia in Siena. The city itself is a very old walled city and very easy to walk around. You are surrounded by Medieval art and culture in the streets, the churches, the museums and the houses. Looking at some of the frescoes would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. I was in awe of my surroundings and I know nothing about art!

I chose Siena because it is not too big a city. It is easy to get to with good bus and train links. I flew into Pisa. The school itself is small, personal and very well run. All the teachers are very friendly and supportive. They are very professional in preparing and presenting their lessons and adapt to suit all levels. Their spoken Italian does not have a strong accent and the people in the city do not speak too quickly, which was good for me, and I could carry on a conversation with the locals in the shops and bars.

The classes in the school are small, three in my class, and each person gets lots of attention. Every day we had conversation, grammar, listening, reading, memory and writing activities. The teacher used many methods and fun activities to help us learn Italian and have fun. Everyday was different and we had a good laugh. All of the classes took their coffee break in a local bar and we used our Italian to order food and chat with each other.

The students come from all over the world and are of all ages. We all mixed well and helped each other and often went out socially together. We went to visit the nearby towns, sample the food and wine and experience the thermal springs. The school organised a trip to the beach, suggested other events for us and we had some lovely meals and drinks together. We experienced the famous festival of the Palio and shared a street party with Mauro's contrada, a great privilege, while all the time listening to and speaking Italian.

I can't praise this school enough It was a great experience and I will be back next year. Hvad kan jeg sige andet end at Saena Iulia er et helt fantastisk sted! Jeg vender ihvertfald tilbage! Selten habe ich von einem Sprachkurs so profitiert wie dieses Mal. I was living in Italy for a year with the goal of becoming as fluent in Italian as possible and am so grateful to Saena Iulia for helping me with that goal! I wasn't sure what to expect and was so pleasantly surprised by my entire experience, so much so that I returned for a second time.

The teachers are incredibly good at what they do, tailoring the classes to meet the needs of their students. They quickly recognized where my many weaknesses were mixing up Spanish and Italian among others and worked with me to help me improve in those areas. I also appreciated the flexiblity provided by Saena Iulia, they offer a variety of activities after classes which one can choose to participate in, as well as offering the option to help students find housing for the week, etc.

Saena Ilulia was recommneded to me by a friend who has returned multiple times for classes. I agree with him in that I would recommend it whole heartedly to others and I will surely return! Ubrzo sam shvatila da je svako poslijepodne organizirana neka aktivnost. Same ulice Siene su kao da hodate kroz muzej. Siena je idealno mjesto za sve ljubitelje arhitekture, slikarstva Grazie mille! This was my first trip abroad on my own since my husband died and I was very nervous about it. I need not have been.

All the staff and students were friendly and helpful. Only on one occasion did I dine alone - on every other occasion I was invited to join other students. I was the only Brit at the school - though there were two ladies fro Southern Ireland with whom to sneak a few words of English after class. Most of the other students in the school, and all the other students in my group came from Germany and we tended to converse together at meals in Italian, sprinklrd with English! The staff at the school were terrific - helpful, good fun and very informative.

When I left after a week my Italian was definately more fluent than when I arrived, as was my confidence in speaking the language. I'm hoping to return next year - for two weeks! I can thoroughly recomment Saena Iulia and Siena - una buonissima scuola e una bella citta! A year ago I turned 40 and decided it was time to do something I had wanted to do for a really, really long time.

I started planning a trip to Italy to study Italian and so began looking online for places to study. I had not yet been to Siena and it had been popping up in conversation for a couple of years as a place I might want to go I settled on Saena Iulia because after looking at other schools online it had a warmth to it that drew me in. The class sizes were small and I read a lot of positive reviews from adults who had attended and had overwhelmingly positive experiences.

So, consider this review an addition to those! I signed up as a beginner for four weeks of classes and stayed with a host family for the first three weeks to get me fully immersed in the Italian experience. I was exhilarated upon my arrival to be staying in a room with a view of not only a gorgeous old church but the rooftops of the homes across the street from me.

My host family spoke no English so I got the immersion I asked for The classes were intensely challenging for me too as very little english was spoken and often I felt as if I was drowning because I felt so lost! What drew me to Siena was not only the school and the kind correspondence from Mauro via email, but the size of the town. It is not so small that you get bored, but not so large that it is overwhelming.

It is kind of perfect for a month-long school visit. And there are so many beautiful towns to visit within just two hours of Siena. Each week the school planned a trip to a new town While there we spent a few hours learning a little something about each place, viewing important architecture, but also having an aperitivo at the end of the evening before the drive home. Tuscany is dreamy. The green fuzzy softness of the landscape and the beauty of the old homes and architecture will mesmerize you. And I did not know how great it could be to take a trip to the beach in Tuscany!

That was a highlight for me. They have hearts of gold and are servants to the work, making everyone feel welcome upon arrival. They were very patient with us students, and I honestly do not know how they do it everyday. We all spoke so many different languages and I am sure it got exhausting trying to understand us all the time! At any rate, they are passionate about what they do and take the time to help their students learn, and would let us know regularly about activities in town that we could go to to.

These experiences enhanced the learning experience and week after week I felt I was getting to know Italy from the inside out. I arrived just as Palio was beginning and highly recommend going to Siena during this time. It was crazy and exciting and unlike anything I have ever before seen or experienced.

Before the event, the school offered a lecture about Palio so we could more fully understand what it was and what it means to the people of Siena. During the week leading up to it there were parades throughout the city, drummers practicing their drumming, and boys throwing flags into the air and somehow catching them. There were a series of trials before the actual race that packed Piazza del Campo with spectators.

Mauro took a group of us to the race on August 16th and it was honestly the most exciting thing I have ever been to It felt electric. Oh yes, another thing that the school does that is lovely. Every Friday we had pranzo together at the school after class. Everyone brought a little something to the meal and we spent time attempting to talk Italian to each other while eating and drinking. After the three weeks with the host family, I stayed in an apartment with other students for a week, then ended up staying two extra weeks because I liked Siena and wanted to do some artwork there after the intense month of classes.

It all worked out well for me in the end, and I learned that as long as you can go with the flow and have a sense of humor, all will be well. The last room I stayed in had a dreamy view of Siena's rooftops and at my front door was the baptistry of Siena's duomo. Lastly, I must mention the people I met at the school. This place draws souls from all over the world and what kind and wonderful people they are! My experience with Siena Iulia was overwhelmingly positive and quite honestly changed my life. I recommend it without reservation to anyone passionate about studying Italian.

Our experience was incredibly positive and my friend even came back the year after because he had formed meaningful relationships with Mauro, Elettra and Sabrina. It was more than a language learning experience, we were welcomed in like family. Our Italian improved, but most importantly we both grew personally in the beautiful and soulful Italia. One of the real strengths of Saena Iulia is its small class size six or fewer--I never had more than four and its totally personalized approach to match students with others at their level of Italian fluency. The school's location in Siena is another real plus as it's a walkable, beautiful, interesting, and extremely safe city.

Two other things that added greatly to my own personal experience were attending school during the Palio festivities and living with an Italian family. I recommend both. I sincerely appreciate everything Saena Iulia did to make my experience so meaningful and memorable. I wish to express my gratitude to all involved in the running of La Scuola. La Scuola Saena Iulia had been recommended to me by Irish students who had been with you previouslyand I am pleased to say that my time studying with you surpassed their high praise.

The atmosphere of joyful tuition,overall communication and easy interaction with fellow students was very good. I would like in particular to thank my excellent tutor Sabrina and Mauro for his attention to my various requests re transport and accommodation. Estuve en la escuela Saena Iulia de Siena haciendo un curso de dos semanas de aprendizaje del italiano durante el verano del Kommentar from: Hardy 'Knuddelbacke' [Besucher]. Kommentar from: Unbekannt [Besucher]. Kommentar from: Mandy [Mitglied].

Das allerdings nicht innerorts oder in der City, sondern an den Elbwiesen wo keine Bebauung ist. Sorry, aber dein Argument ist etwas zu weit her geholt: Oslo hat damit wohl eher nichts zu tun! Im FS kann ich umschalten und ich erwarte einfach, dass ich auch unterwegs die freie Wahl habe! Hardy: ich auch! Glaub mir, ich auch. Kommentar from: Julia [Besucher]. Kommentar from: Gassi [Besucher]. Wenn ja, dann solltest Du auch mal gesehen haben, wie ein Tier stirbt. MAch Dir doch nichts vor, auch die Natur ist grausam! Was machen Deine Hunde, wenn vor ihnen ein Hase aufsteht?

Und das, weil sie fressen wollen, bzw. Also reg Dich doch mal ab. Vielleicht hat der Herr Citytrapper auch nicht mit Dir kommuniziert, weil die gesamte Sizuation konfrontativ war? Weil Du ihn angemault hast? Wie oft hast Du Dich selbst in so einer Situation befunden und dann noch freundlich und sachlich reagiert? Kommentar from: elbfan [Besucher]. Ihr wisst doch von nichts, macht auf tierschutz und keine ahnung, ich bin froh dass c. Ein Elbfan, so so Die Welt verroht - nicht zuletzt weil auch Tierleben nichts mehr wert ist!

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