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Force of nature Harper Jane Jane Elizabeth. Edited by Damian Rodriguez. Supervising editor, Rob Macomber. Production assistance by Jim McBean. This has been your announcer, Pierre Mancini, speaking. Join us again next week for Theme Time Radio Hour when the subject is Posted by Fred Dreamtime at AM 3 comments.

Outside the dogs are barking. A woman walks barefoot, her high heels in her handbag. The Violet, the Daisy. The lovely Chrysthanthemum. The Yarrow and the Tansy. On Theme Time Radio Hour. The [Flowers] list is arranged to form a poem, almost a talking blues of flower names. Whether that was in his mind or not, the Gemini hybrid tea rose that Dylan names is a favorite of rose exhibitors.

The crushed leaves of Yarrow are an astringent, still used by herbalists to help heal cuts. Legend has it that the Achilles used it for healing his soldiers after battle. It is also said to reduce inflammation, increase perspiration and relieve indigestion. Dylan obviously enjoyed having an audience with him when taping his Theme Time narrative: the sounds of laughter, off-stage voices, even a kitten meowing can be heard during several shows.

The identity of the person heard laughing in the background during some TTRH segments, including this one, is unknown. Candidates include Eddie Gorodetsky, who was reportedly with Dylan during the taping of many of the early shows, and Damian Rodriguez, a San Antonio-based musician and sound engineer who has quietly worked in the background on several major Bob Dylan projects, including Theme Time Radio Hour.

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Both Beechers were the brothers of the even more famous Harriet Beecher Stowe. Thomas Beecher was a study in contradictions who would appeal to Gemini Bob Dylan. He was far more politically and socially conservative than his siblings. He opposed both abolition and the woman's rights movement, yet participated in the Underground Railroad and joined the Union army.

This song was written by South African trumpet player Hugh Masekela, but it became a big hit when it was recorded by The Friends of Distinction. His wife, Tammy Wynette, was sick of his constant drinking. She emptied the house of liquor; she took away his car keys, and made him a virtual prisoner in an attempt to wean him off the booze. One afternoon, alone in the house, George wanted drink. The house was quite a distance from Nashville, too far to walk.

So George hopped on the only vehicle he still had the keys to. You could see George heading down the side of the highway, going towards the liquor store on his riding lawnmower. She took my keys away And now she won't drive me to drink. Some poems rhyme. Paul has a lot of songs. During the Fifties, he made a collecting tour with Liam Clancy and together they found a whole bunch of blues, ballads and gospel music.

All about young Bonaparte. Concerning the bonny bunch of roses. Paul Clayton. Clayton and Dylan were contemporaries in the Greenwich Village music scene during the early Sixties. Bob Dylan: Roses have been named after a lot of famous people. The General MacArthur Rose. However, the Himalayan Blue Poppy has nobody named after it. Perhaps that was what earned the flower a TTRH shout-out, a poppy among a half-dozen roses.

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Kim Shattuck and her band, The Muffs have another way of putting it. Maybe a little too much about roses. As a matter of fact, here are some official state flowers: Bob Dylan: For our friends in Alabama, you got the Camilla. In Alaska, we have the Forget-Me-Not. Mississippi has the Magnolia. New Mexico of course has the Yucca Flower.

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Add charm to your private world. Landscape for personalized luxury. If nothing else, he was the man who introduced singer and guitarist Sister Rosetta Tharpe to the American audience. But he made plenty of records on his own, and none of them swung better than this tribute to the fruit-bearing vine of the grape.

Rosebud or rhubarb? Filet or plain beef stew? Ray was also a great trumpet player and one of the most famous jazz violinists. Bob Dylan: The tulip was introduced to Europe in the middle of the 16th century, and soon became very popular in the Netherlands. It rapidly became a coveted luxury item and status symbol. A single bulb could cost as much as a thousand Dutch florins. By , they were worth a hundred times as much.

A sale of 40 bulbs was made for , florins. Just to give you an idea of how much that was a ton of butter only cost a hundred florins. And eight fat swine florins. In February of , tulip traders could no longer get these inflated prices. They began to sell and the bubble burst. It was worse than Black Friday, the stock market crash of 19 and They might have been better off with turnips.