Manual Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Volume One (A Seth Book)

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This book answers crucial questions about the significance, of Seth's thought system, while chronicling the worsening health problems that -- Explores genetic heritage, reincarnation, and the creation of the material world Volume One of the latest series of reissued Seth books describes a conscious, self-aware universe where possibilities and potentials generate life forms.

Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published June 19th by Amber-Allen Publishing first published More Details Original Title. Dreams, "Evolution", and Value Fulfillment, Vol. Other Editions 5.

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Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 02, Kelly Enck rated it it was amazing. Everything I had felt deep within me was flowing onto the pages…. Astronomers using a NASA's Hubble Space telescope got a first-hand view of how dark matter behaves during a titanic collision between two galaxy clusters.

The explosion created a rip "This book will be my most ambitious project thus far. The explosion created a ripple of dark matter, which is somewhat similar to a ripple formed in a pond when a rock hits the water. Such clusters would fly apart if they relied only on the gravity from their visible stars. Although astronomers don't know what dark matter is made of, they hypothesize that it is a type of elementary particle that pervades the universe. Electrons are precognitive, and so is our cellular consciousness.

Our body is dependent upon the electron's magnificent behavior as it deals with probabilities. The cell's stability, and its reliability in the bodily environment, is dependent upon its innate properties of instant communication and instant decision, for each cell is in communication with all others and is united with all other through fields of consciousness, in which each entity of whatever degree plays a part.

At one level our cells obey the rules of time, but on other level they defy it. All of these communications are a part of the human parcel of reality, they all exist beneath what we think of as normal consciousness. Events are not built up initially from physical particles. They are the result of psychological activity. We think of the conscious mind, as the only kind of consciousness with a deliberate intent awareness of itself as itself, and with capacity for logic and the appreciation of symbolism.

When Conscious Units are invisible waves they are boundless and simultaneously in two places at once, an example is the quark.

Units of consciousness are the building blocks for the physical material of our body, for the trees and rocks, the oceans, the continents, and the very manifestation of space itself as we understand it. Each "particleized" unit, however rides the continual thrust set up by fields of consciousness, in which wave and particle both belong. The persistent psychological abuse and mistreatment by her mother resulted in the young girl's deep fear of abandonment. Such situations increased Jane's sense of not being safe, yet also reinforced feelings of independence, for she did not have to feel as dependent upon Marie as she might otherwise.

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Well before she was 10 years old Jane had developed persistent symptoms of colitis. By her early teens she had an overactive thyroid gland. Her vision was poor; she required very strong glasses which she seldom wore. For most of and half of Jane was in a strictly-run Catholic orphanage in Troy, NY while her mother was hospitalized in another city for treatment of her arthritis. Priests came to the house regularly and support was offered to the fatherless family.

Jane's initial bonding to the cultural beliefs of religion was very strong to make up for the lack of a loving, nurturing family. The 'troublesome' material remained relatively inactive until her curiosity and ability led her to actively challenge those ideas, while she was also in a situation where the natural fear of abandonment might be suggested, thus clouding her perception of her own reality.

This type of limiting psychological suggestion might have resulted from coercive and unintentionally abusive societal interaction perpetuated by the unenlightened and egotistical behavior of individuals around her, which she would later help to unveil, at great length, through the persona of "Seth". For a time she was left between belief systems.

In the summer of , when she was 16 years old, Jane began working at a variety store. It was her first job. That fall she continued on the job after school hours and on an occasional Saturday. After attending public schools she went to Skidmore College from to on a poetry scholarship. Roberts' grandfather died when she was age It was a time of severe shock for her. She began to substitute scientific world view for religious belief. Jane then married Walt and continued to write while taking a variety of other jobs, including society editor for the Saratoga newspaper, and as a supervisor in a radio factory.

Walt and Jane lived together for three years.

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June 20, - May 26, The bachelor had shown up at the shindig on a last-minute impulse. She was the only woman invited to the first science-fiction writer's conference in in Milford, PA. The couple moved to Elmira, NY, in , to find steady part-time work — Rob in the local greeting card company, Jane in an art gallery.

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Their lives seemed set, their art defined. Now in her 30s, she and her husband began to record what she said were messages from a personality named "Seth," and she wrote several books about the experience. On a September evening in , their everyday worldview changed. Roberts sat down at her table to work on poetry; Butts was in his back-room studio, painting.

And then "Between one normal minute and the next, a fantastic avalanche of radical, new ideas burst into my head with tremendous force It was as if the physical world were really tissue-paper-thin, hiding infinite dimensions of reality, and I was flung through the tissue paper with a huge ripping sound. Before this, she had never had any interest in psychic phenomena, and though her fiction typically dealt with such themes as clairvoyance and reincarnation, intellectually neither she nor Butts believed in extrasensory abilities or that anyone survived death once, let alone many times.

Yet soon after this episode, Roberts suddenly began recalling her dreams, including two that were inarguably precognitive, the first, as far as she knew, that she'd ever had.

Their curiosity piqued, the couple decided to investigate further, and she managed to land a contract with a New York publisher for a do-it-yourself book on extra-sensory perception. In late , Roberts and Butts started experimenting with a Ouija board as part of Roberts' research for the book. Soon after, Roberts reported that she was hearing the messages in her head.

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The first seven sessions were entirely with the Ouija board. The three-hour session on the evening of Jan. For a while she still opened her sessions with the board, but finally was able to abandon it after the 27th session on Feb. Roberts described the process of writing the Seth books as entering a trance state. She said Seth would assume control of her body and speak through her, while her husband wrote down the words she spoke.

They referred to such episodes as "readings" or "sessions.

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On Jan. Despite feelings of disbelief toward both messages, the couple somewhat reluctantly agreed. Two days afterwards they heard from a psychologist interested in reincarnation to whom they had written three weeks earlier with some session copies enclosed. The psychologist told them that the very fluency of the material suggested that it might come from Roberts' subconscious , though it was impossible to tell.

He also cautioned that in some circumstances, amateur mediumship could lead to mental problems. They were out in the air where I could at least deal with them. As far as we could tell, for all of my stewing and hemming and hawing, there were no alarming changes in my personality. I was doing twice the creative work I had done earlier. I was satisfied with the quality of the Seth Material; it was far superior to anything I could do on my own.

If nothing else, I thought the sessions presented a way of making deeply unconscious knowledge available on a consistent basis. I didn't believe in gods or demons, so I didn't fear them. I wanted to learn. Rob and I had discovered a whole new world together, and we were going to explore it. Seth is best known for his introduction into mass culture the phrase, "You create your own reality. Roberts, Jane Publisher: Frederick Fell. Later retitled and reprinted as The Coming of Seth. ISBN Butts Feb 1, The Seth Material. Reprinted, by New Awareness Network.

Reprinted by Amber-Allen Publishing.