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Gekwalifiseer as sekretaresse. Sy en haar man, Doepie, spog met drie pragtige kinders: die tweeling, Mario seun en Franja dogter en ouboet Ruan. Maar deur die jare het ek al geleer hoe om dit te hanteer en probeer ek altyd die positiewe in elke situasie soek!

Young Hearts Platinum status. Ek en Jy - Ska-Rumba Dis Waar Ek Wil Wees Dubbel Platinum status. Jy Is… Altyd Daar Bly by my Jou Skaduwee Vlieg Hoog Volmaakte Kring It is no secret that I am inclined to dislike an Afrikaans film. I entered the cinema with a hope of change that the Afrikaans film industry promises time and time again, but has it finally arrived? This perception, however, is only the cinnamon of the milk tart.

Her father, Ivan Humple Neels van Jaarsveld , numbs his soul by devoting himself to any bottle that comes in a brown paper bag, while her mother attempts to keep the peace. Skip ahead a few years and Irma is at the end of her high school career, having to study for her last final exam when she decides to draw the line her mother, Alta Humple Nicola Hanekom , never could. Irma runs into her childhood friend, Marieda de Klerk Lara Kinnear , by coincidence when applying to be a nurse for soldiers returning from the front of the Border War.

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There are specific things that I vindictively look for in a film that is set in a specific era. Details that exclaim that the fictional world created for the production of the film is false, whether it be in the wardrobe, set dressing or the types of globes used in lamps. My search exponentially lost its momentum as the story gained my attention. My opinion about narrators was that they should be outlawed. I do not want a voice, a person or even dictation to tell me what I do not know. It enhanced the flow of the film without thrusting itself into a scene; it contributed empathy when the audience could only express sympathy.

Furthermore, the acting ability of the new generation of Afrikaans actors seems to be approaching that of, what I refer to as, the Golden Age of Afrikaans cinema. Nortmann has proved herself in comedy and drama and is well on her way to having job security, a rarity for any actor in South Africa, while Kinnear reminds me of Emma Stone in her breakthrough role in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Not for one moment did I roll my eyes with the hope of erasing the forceful expression of what is meant to be emotion I had to witness.


Hanekom seems to still be stuck in her mindless character in Dis Ek, Anna and seems to not be able to play a character other than that. The films soundtrack assisted greatly in creating an atmosphere in to which most Afrikaans speaking people can relate, resulting in the persuasion that what the audience is seeing, is true and authentic, while the score reminded of the emotive capacity of that of a Pixar score.

I can, with no authority and absolute certainty, say that this is the dawn of a new age for South African film after being thoroughly impressed by this film and Noem My Skollie. To a certain extent, this film disguised itself too. It was disguised as a light hearted comedy, promising two hours of entertainment in your home language, but it is so much more.

It ripped open wounds to reveal the puss in so many broken families. Families in which alcohol is more important that the members which it ruins.

It reveals to the ignorant and those who choose to be naive that the influence of parents on children is far greater than anyone can explain. It determines their selfesteem, their fears, their objectives and their emotional ability. This film can ignite a revelation within you, within your family, within the South African Film Industry and within our nation, but only if you let it. Please be sure to like, subscribe, comment and share. It reminded me of the emotions I experienced while I was watching Shok , the Oscar nominated short film from director Jamie Donoughue , which is based on true events during the Kosovo war.

Shok shook me.

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