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At Shivaratri Hindus honour Lord Shiva. Devotees observe a day and night fast and perform rituals in honour of Lord Shiva. Great Lent is the most important fasting season in Orthodox Christianity.

Shamrock & Awe Event

It corresponds to Lent in Western Christianity and they both use a period of 40 days because of the 40 days that Jesus is said to have spent fasting in the wilderness. Making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday was a way to use up ingredients like eggs, fats and milk that were not allowed during Lent. Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. It's also known as Pancake Tuesday or Pancake Day.

Shrove Tuesday gets its name from the ritual of shriving, i.

March 13, 2013 - A Special Day

Lent is the period of 40 days which comes before Easter in the Christian calendar. Ashes used to mark the sign of cross can be made by burning palm crosses from the previous Palm Sunday.

On this day in Tamworth: March 13 in 2007 and 2009 | Photos

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent for Western Christian churches and is a day of penitence. In some traditions, services are held on Ash Wednesday when worshippers are marked on the forehead with a cross of ashes as a sign of penitence and mortality. For Western Christian churches, Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, and is a season of reflection and preparation before the celebrations of Easter. By observing the 40 days of Lent, Christians replicate Jesus Christ's sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert for 40 days.

Lent is marked by fasting, both from food and festivities.

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Purim celebrates the events told in the Book of Esther in the Hebrew Bible. The Jewish heroine Esther, wife of the king Ahasuerus, persuaded her husband to prevent a Persian nobleman, Haman, from massacring Jews in his kingdom. Purim is a time of praise and thanksgiving, and almsgiving is an important Purim tradition. The Book of Esther is read aloud in the synagogue and the congregation use rattles, cymbals and boos to drown out Haman's name whenever it appears. An Indian woman is covered with coloured powder during Holi celebrations in Kolkata, India. Holi is celebrated on the day after the full moon in the Hindu month of Phalguna early March.

At Holi Hindus celebrate spring and certain events in Hindu mythology. This ritual is said to be based on the story of Krishna and Radha. Krishna would ask his mother why Radha was fair while he was dark, and she advised him to apply colour to Radha's face to see how her complexion changed.

March 13, Date in History: News, Social Media & Day Info

At Holi images of Krishna and Radha are carried through the streets. Hola Mohalla follows the Indian festival of Holi and celebrates Sikh martial skills with displays of horsemanship and mock battles. It was established by Guru Gobind Singh in The festivities are followed by music and poetry contests.

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  6. This day marks the beginning of the year in the Sikh Nanakshahi calendar. The Nanakshahi calendar was instituted by Sikhs in AD and has been used since then to determine the dates of their feast days, replacing the Indian lunar calendar. At Spring Vernal Equinox the days and nights are of equal length. The land begins to bloom and Pagans celebrate the rebirth of spring.

    What Do People Do?

    Spring Equinox is sometimes called Ostera or Eostre after the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility, whose symbols are the hare and the egg. To celebrate Spring Equinox some Pagans carry out particular rituals. A man and woman are chosen to act out the roles of Spring God and Goddess, playing out courtship rituals and symbolically planting seeds. Egg races, egg hunts, and egg painting are also traditional activities at this time of year.

    Iranian-born comedian Shappi Khorsandi celebrates Noruz with her family. Historically, Noruz is the traditional Iranian new year holiday, and is celebrated by more than one religious group. It marks the start of the Zoroastrian new year and is dedicated to fire. It coincides with the first day of spring. As the seasons change from winter to spring, take some time to review the special days, holidays, awareness weeks, and observances for March. You and your family can use them as inspiration for learning more about health challenges and healthy habits.

    March 14, 12222 United States Holidays & Popular Observances

    This is a great time to explore historical facts, interesting people, new concepts, and hobbies. Local schools, community centers, and health care organizations might plan activities in coordination with these observances.

    Religious Festivals and Holidays: January - March 2017

    For others, you will need to be creative in finding ways to honor them with your family. You can design your own activities, partner with friends for a wider celebration, or work with your local school for an in-class event. While some of these events happen on the same day every year, others are floating observances and the dates may vary from year to year.

    The dates listed are suggested dates only. Check the calendar to see when they happen in any one year. And, of course, Easter and Passover sometimes occur in March and other times they don't.