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Generally, mental health symptoms such as depression and anxiety tend to decrease or remain stable during adulthood but can increase in later life. The researchers found that combat exposure has a unique impact on that trajectory, independent of other health issues or stressful life events. They may need help to see meaning in their service and not just dwell on the horrors of war.


Veterans' homecoming experience may also color how they view their service later in life, Aldwin said. Welcoming veterans home and focusing on reintegration could help to reduce the mental toll of their service over time. Additional research is need to understand more about how veterans' experiences may vary from war to war, Aldwin said.

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Aldwin and colleagues are currently working on a pilot study, VALOR, or Veterans Aging: Longitudinal studies in Oregon, to better understand impacts of combat exposure. The researchers have collected data from veterans and are beginning to analyze it. Based on their initial findings, they are also planning a second, larger study with more veterans. They expect to see differences between veterans from different wars.


They are going to affect veterans differently," Aldwin said. We have many more survivors with far more injuries.

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These veterans have had a much higher levels of exposure to combat, as well. Too late ; - rogspax, Feb 4, I would say that we say "more later" quite a bit, informally. At least I do. In the sense of: I will write more, later. I will respond further later.

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More information to follow. I will provide further details later. Usually, the higher earning individual in the couple would choose this approach in order to get the most possible retirement benefits. When the person receiving the spousal benefit reached the age of 70, they could then claim their maximum retirement benefit and stop receiving the spousal benefit.

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In order to use this strategy, the lower-earning spouse must also be claiming benefits, you must have reached the age of 62, and you must file a restricted application. Therefore, a married individual cannot claim spousal benefits unless his or her spouse is receiving social security.

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While this program has become wildly popular amongst married couples, this is the last year that spouses who are turning full retirement age can choose whether to take spousal benefits or to take benefits on their own record. In budget law began phasing out the strategy. The changes eliminated this approach as well as other restricted applications, unless you are a widow or widower or you were born on or before the January 1, deadline. If you were 62 by the end of , you are still able to choose which benefit you want at your full retirement age.