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Many in my hall bought them because someone, probably the vendor, started a rumor that exotic origins were good icebreakers with girls.

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I wanted badly to buy one, maybe the New Jersey state flag? Eight years of living there had to count for something, right?

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But for my high-school friends, Little League and swim lessons at Seaside were memories. For me, they were just concepts.

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I finally bought the red Soviet flag, which I promptly shoved in a dresser drawer. The problem, I decided later, was that I lacked any longing for roots in the first place. When someone asks if I have been back, I say no. Why go back and ruin a wonderful memory?

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Taking my time explaining how to pronounce my own name was quickly eroding any sobriety points I had gained with my stellar alphanumeric performance a few moments earlier. I have the coordination of a baboon on quaaludes.

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He received his theological training at Andover Theological Seminary starting in He later married Mary White Smith and they had six children. These hymns were compiled into a Baptist hymnal, The Psalmist.

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Smith died on November 16, Learn More! Help get this translated.

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