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We got up to Chandelier Bar and one of my cousins from NY and his wife were already there, having arrived at Vegas earlier in the day. We sat with them and started to spread out to more tables as more people arrived. We had about 35 people probably there with us, and our waitress was great.

She knew who was in our party and was quick with the orders and bringing the drinks out. We paid for these drinks for the group, so kept checking in with her on the tab which she was really good with. I was on drink watch as I tend to get a bit over excited and drink loads, then suffer the next day. So I only had 3 drinks — one house Cosmo, one Prosecco and then one Mojito. It was a brilliant night and everyone loved the Chandelier Bar as a location! I left with my sister at probably We also helped my bridesmaid find her husband who likes a bit of a gamble on the slots.

Back at Wynn, me and my sister had a quick wander around and took some pics of the lighted flowers at night, and played a couple of slots. We were in bed by about Also — the Wynn bed is so comfortable, and they did turn down service as well. Loved it! We woke up pretty early — probably about 7. We headed out to get some bubbly for us all to get ready with and some bits to eat — ended up getting this from Walgreens at Venetian as that seemed to be the closest place to Wynn without playing crazy money.

This made for a good pic that I took outside with the Wynn in the background! We played a couple of slots when we got back in so I could have a souvenir cash out voucher with my wedding day on it! When we got back to the room there was a Las Vegas local newspaper delivered, so I had another fun souvenir. My mum and bridesmaid arrived shortly after from the MGM, and we went to meet them downstairs and bring them up to the room. They both loved it as well!

I had booked breakfast at Tableau before we came, so we headed down there at 9. They were going to seat us inside, but I had specifically requested a patio table so we were moved out there no problem. I had eggs benedict which was a good portion size so I could finish it! Harmony, our make-up artist arrived at 11am. She had met my bridesmaids when I had my trial and they briefly spoke about ideas for their hair and make-up so it was all relatively easy!

She even got my sister to wear eyeshadow — a light one — but it really suited her. I then had my hair and make-up done and asked her to tone down a bit from what she had done for me on the Sunday. I did like it for a night out, but looking back at the pics thought it should be a bit lighter for the wedding. Harmony was fine with that, even when I asked her to add more eyelashes afterwards!! She also introduced us to the wonder of Sally Hansen airbrush legs — we are all quite pale and as we had a few nights out, had a few bruises. This sorted our legs out in no time! We had a what's app group going while we were here so people knew what everyone else was up to.

She was so excited and we were too!! He had won quite a bit so far during the trip - I totally lost track of it all but he did very well on the slots which was fab! We all got dressed quite quickly and took some pics of us all dressed up. I was really excited to get downstairs so headed down to the bridal area at about 2.

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Everyone else was in Parasol Up, having a drink, which was nice apparently! When we got there, our wedding coordinator showed us the Primrose Courtyard all set up and it was absolutely beautiful and perfect!! We went into bridal room at 2. Everyone else arrived at about 2. They then called us and it was time to go and get married!

The ceremony was beautiful, lovely, intimate, funny, and everything I could have wished for. We then served prosecco in the courtyard while we had some group photos taken.

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Me, M and the bridesmaids then went for a photo tour around Wynn while our guests went for drinks. Having the girls meant not all photos were of us too, plus it was more fun in a bit of a group! Some tourists were literally like walking in front of all our photos until the photographer had to step in and say just walk around us?! We got some great shots by the flowery lights, the carousel, in the casino, by the Lake of Dreams and the waterfall.

The first hour was an appetizer buffet and drinks, then we sat down for main course and speeches. The food here was amazing, everyone raved about it and they did a great job setting up the room with all our decorations and place names etc. We overran a bit on everything so had about 1 hour 45 for dancing in the end, so we quickly edited our iPod playlist and hit the dance floor.

We made sure we had a mix of music for all ages, so it was a good party atmosphere! It was also a lot cheaper bottle service than most places. I looked at loads of places for the after party, but chose CC as it got great reviews for a place for all ages. Well, judging by the pics of that part of the night, all ages had lots of fun.

The Worst Week of My Life

My aunt was doing jagerbombs, my teetotal mum even stayed out until gone midnight, and everyone was drinking, dancing and generally had a great night! We eventually left about 3am when the music stopped! A few of the guys wanted to stay out and I was happy to, but one of them was like — you guys go and enjoy your wedding night!

So we got in a cab to Wynn and when we got there realized we were starving!

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As soon as we saw the pasta, pizza etc on the menu at Allegro, we headed in there. I remember what we ordered buffalo mozzarella platter, meatballs and pasta and Caesar salad but I have no idea what we spoke about! I would love to have been a fly on the wall! All in all, a nice way to end an amazing day. Woke up feeling surprisingly ok! I enjoyed a leisurely bubble bath in the Jacuzzi tub, then it was time to check out.

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  8. I was so sad to leave the room, especially as our flowers had been put there from the wedding, so it looked even more beautiful. We had our photo appointment at 10am, so headed down there after packing read: throwing everything in bags. When we walked in, they had printed and framed 2 pictures from the wedding, which were lovely. They then put a slideshow of all our images on, set to emotional music, which set us both off!

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    We left happy with our pictures, and with a CD and print outs of all images. We had a morning after buffet booked at the MGM where most of our guests were staying and were on track to get there on time, until we saw the Wynn cab queue. We had booked it through the group booking manager, so had our own section. The brunch was great, they had breakfast stuff and then were bringing out more and more lunch stuff, so people got quite a selection, perfect for the hangovers. A few people had flights booked for the Thursday afternoon, so we said goodbye to them and I started feeling quite sad that people were leaving!

    It was good to all catch up the morning after though. People then kind of went to do their own thing, but we had to go to Maggianos to pick up all the stuff from the night before. My sister, other bridesmaid and her husband wanted to come with us as they wanted to go to the mall so we headed off in a cab another long queue at the MGM.

    Went to the mall first, then picked up all the stuff and said a massive thank you! We were then flagging a bit, so headed back to the hotel. We went back to our room as I had loads of stuff to divide up, then we all looked at the photos together.

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    I started packing as well, as we were leaving the next morning to go to LA. Earlier in the day, everyone had been deciding whether to go to a Cirque show. A few people booked tickets to the Beatles show, but it was quite expensive, so a group of others got a really good deal to KA. My BM asked me if we would like tickets as a wedding present, and I thought why not, as I had not been to a Cirque before. He then cashed out and put it in a zombie machine and lost it all.

    We got strawberry daiquiris and headed into KA. The set looked amazing. Some parts were great, but I found the story quote hard to follow and I thought they would do more acrobatics etc using the staging around it. The boys found it really hard to stay awake — they all napped at one point or other.

    I think I would like to see the Beatles one next as I like the music, and my friends who went there said it was really good although one of them fell asleep too — Cirque on a hangover is probably not the best idea! We got there and we were just so tired so we said goodbye for a bit and reminisced a little bit, then went to bed and crashed out!

    So it was a pretty darn good week. Everything about this place -- the golf course, the fans, the people, the clubhouse -- everything about it, and obviously the birth of my child, it beat all my expectations. I just love being on the 15th green or walking down the 15th hole there to the 15th green because you can see 16, you see all the azaleas, you see all the people behind To me that's the epitome of Augusta and the Masters.

    The golf course was way harder than I thought it would be, as far as difficulty around the greens. It's a great golf course tee to green -- you have to hit a lot of great shots -- but you can hit good shots into the greens and have a difficult time making a par. I wanted to make an eagle all week. That's all the players talk about is getting crystal here. Certainly in the position I was in, 19 over, I wasn't really contending, so it was nice to get some crystal and have a memento from it. I hit a great tee shot on 13 and hit a great second shot about 20 feet behind the hole.

    It was just an incredibly fast putt, and somehow the putt went dead center. And I was very thankful it did.

    The Best Week of my Life

    After my week with the Clip, I couldn't help but wonder if we really need to record every moment of our lives. Like so many blurry photos, maybe the imperfection of memory is as much a blessing as a curse. And maybe just living your life as though you will reflect upon it later is good enough.

    The Narrative Clip is light, weighing just 20 grams. It takes a photo every 30 seconds, has 8 GB of memory, and holds about pictures. The 5-megapixel camera snaps x —pixel JPEGs, with a quality somewhere south of that of the iPhone 4's camera. An accelerometer and GPS make sure each photo is correctly oriented and geotagged.

    The Clip connects to a computer via micro USB for charging and uploading. Fully charged, the battery's good for about 30 hours of use, with an LED charge indicator along one edge. You'll need it. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Your Guide to Fireworks Safety. The Best Fourth of July Sales. The Tech Guide to the Declaration of Independence.

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