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Undergraduate Students who are highly motivated and show strong academic promise and interest in the philosophy of science, including but not limited to:. While this program is designed for students traditionally underrepresented in philosophy of science, all qualified undergraduate applicants will be considered. Past coursework in philosophy of science is not a prerequisite for application to the Summer Program.

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The Summer Program will feature two daily graduate seminars about core issues and cutting-edge topics in general philosophy of science and philosophy of the special sciences e. The seminars and lectures will be given by internationally recognized faculty in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh as well as in the Department of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University.

For further details, visit the page for PSP2 , where you'll find last year's course descriptions, schedule, etc. Whereas seasons 1 and 2 dealt with The Upside Down as a dark mirror image of small-town America, season 3 finds the darkness that exists alongside it.

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Members of the production team describe this outside as a blender of genres. With that darkness comes a new look. Costumer designer Amy Paris says she prides herself in choosing costumes that will make cosplaying as the characters challenging and rewarding. Kind of like Dustin and Steve.

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She's younger than us and we're gonna make sure that nothing goes to her head. People are gonna meme the crap out of her. Lots of GIFs of her. With Steve stuck at home the summer before college in season 3, that bromance will get to continue. Like, you'd be surprised.

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So they kind of have this thing where they meet in the middle and the relationship is almost, kind of sometimes like an old married couple which is kind of a fun thing to play with. There are dangers to be confronted, and monsters to be slain.

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Wolfhard disagrees. The second season was more about the horror aspect, the first season was more about the adventure aspect. This series has always thrived on the synthesis of many genres and ideas, like sci-fi, adventure, comedy, and more coming together with a strong dose of horror all the way through. It works because the people at the center of it are real…or at least close enough to real to vaguely recognize.

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