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Currently, over 18s are authorised to carry cigarettes, or mini-cigars, or 50 cigars, or grams of rolling tobacco. For example, you may carry half a litre of liquor and 1 litre of sealed wine since each of these quantities is half of the permitted amount. Given that conditions may vary, we suggest you contact the Spanish Embassy or Consulate to verify these restrictions.

For more information visit the European Union website. There are three general rules : animals should be accompanied by their owners or representatives, must be properly identified and must have a veterinary certificate written in Spanish. Please take into account that all pets must be in possession of the correct veterinary certificate or passport, according to the species of animal. You can travel with a maximum of five pets for non-commercial regulations to apply.

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If the dog, cat or ferret is less than 15 weeks old it cannot have a valid anti-rabies vaccination and will therefore not be allowed into the country. You can find full information and the certificate and declaration forms in Spanish and English here. Pet birds are birds other than: chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, ducks, geese, quail, pigeons and doves, pheasants, partridges and ratites.

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Birds brought from European Union countries must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate according to the INTRA-2 form, written in, at least, Spanish and issued in the last 10 days. However, if the birds are coming from non-European Union countries, they must enter at one of the designated Points of Entry and be accompanied by an animal health certificate signed by an official veterinarian, presented in, at least, Spanish, and by a statement according to European Union forms. The pet bird must also comply with one of the four options in the veterinary certificate providing protection from problems such as avian influenza.

You can find information on all the requirements here. They must all have the corresponding veterinary certificate, written at least in Spanish, issued within 10 days before the trip. Also, if coming from a non-European Union country, see this link to consult which animal health certificate form corresponds to each type of animal and which are the official Points of Entry.

Make sure you have a telephone number for emergency veterinary services in the place you are planning to visit with your pet. In addition to fulfilling all the entry requirements, you should also bear in mind the following:. There are taxi companies specialising in pet transport.

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The high season comes in July and August when the Bulgarians mainly take their vacations and some foreign tourists arrive, but it never becomes crowded as in other European destinations. September and October are also a very good time to visit Bulgaria, temperatures are mild, hardly any tourists and the trees begin to show the full range of autumn colors, green, yellows, red, brown,…still a paradise for lovers of nature photography. Bulgaria is also a booming destination for lovers of winter sports, Recent resorts are well equipped and with much less tourists than in the rest of Europe.


Winters are generally cold and wet, yet the summers are hot and dry, although the Black Sea coast climate is milder. However, There is obviously important differences in weather between the upland and lowland areas. This variety of climates offers many possibilities for hiking intend in Bulgaria.

The official currency is the lev leva en plural. There are problems to change euros in the numerous bank branches or agencies of change of cities, or own Sofia Airport. The use of credit cards and ATM is not widespread outside cities so before traveling to Bulgaria should be made with cash for daily expenses in rural areas. Belonging to the European Union, in Bulgaria we will be served free to any emergency or hospitalization by presenting the European Health Insurance Card.

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However we recommend especially if you go to adventure sports, such as canyoning and climbing, we recommend hiring some additional travel insurance to cover the costs of a possible repatriation, rescue, etc. Citizens of the European Union do not need visa to enter Bulgaria. The passport allows entry to stay days from the date of entry and DNI 30 days.

They can stay in Bulgaria without a visa for up to 90 days. However we recommend inquire applicable legislation before traveling to Bulgaria if they had changed since the publication of this information. Hiking in Bulgaria is a joy for many reasons, one of them are natural and national parks in Bulgaria that store an enormous natural wealth: an exuberant unspoiled nature, high biodiversity, endemic plants and rare species of plants and animals, and other unique natural phenomena.

Rila and Pirin are alpine type. They have sharp peaks and steep peaks. The highest peak in Bulgaria and the entire Balkan region is the mountain Musala 2. In the Bulgarian mountains there are over A gift for hikers. A particular feature of the mountains of Bulgaria is that you can get almost all peaks above 2. Summer routes are marked with paint on rocks and trees, while winter paths have metallic markers.

Free camping is prohibited. If you need any assistance on the mountain, you have to contact the local Rescue Service Mountain phone number , Please note that even matches the number used in Spain, Bulgaria being on the phone you will be attended by Bulgarian officials.

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The highways are underdeveloped, mainly the capital to the east of the country. Displacement in rural areas are slow and problematic especially in mountain areas far apart. Confirm password. Yes, I agree to the MyOlympus Terms and conditions. Please see our Privacy Notice for information on how we process your personal data. How would you like to hear from Olympus?

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