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Kiev University Boris Grinchenko. Professional training of future music teachers. E-mail: popovich rambler. The role of an integrated approach in music education technology. Name, last name: uzma shakoor ID: Academic degree, academic title, academic interests: M. Phil Student E-mail: pu. State support for development of agritourism entrepreneurship in AP Vojvodina Serbia. The culture of national minorities as part of Vojvodina tourist offer. Experience as a basis for the professional development of future teacher of music. Interested in linguistic semantics and the theory of English grammar E-mail: enph-k mail.

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Petersburg,, Russia. Teryukova Ekaterina Alexandrovna Ph. Didactic title: Associate Professor Scientific Fields: Models and the methods of optimization and protection of information in the computer and telecommunication systems. Rudnickij K. Krushenie teatra. Mejerhol'dovskij sbornik [The collapse of the theatre. Meyerholdov collection]. Issue no. Moskovskij rabochij General'nyj plan rekonstrukcii goroda Moskvy [General plan of reconstruction of Moscow].

Moscow, , 99 p. Afanas'ev K.

The Mozhaisk Luzhetsky Monastery: picturesque refuge in the shadow of Moscow - Russia Beyond

Shhusev [A. Han-Magomedov S. Ivan Zholtovskij [Ivan Zholtovskij]. Keywords: human ecology, eco- reconstruction , architectural process, sustainable building, environmental alarmism Article RUS References Nefjodov V. Landshaftnyj dizajn i ustojchivost' sredy [Landscaping and environmental sustainability]. Petersburg, , p. A Brief Guide to the Antiquities.

Khouri R. A Guide to the Capital of the Nabataeans. Kudriasheva A. The Classical Order in a Rock Ensemble. Architectural Reconstruction in Technical Drawings. GJU Mc Kenzie J. Parr P. Photogrammetric Work at Petra, Architectural drawings of twelve facades with all structural and ornamental details for the first time show systematic range of their dimensional, typological, proportion and style correlation.

It is considered the rock ensemble of Petra Kornyeva, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Kiev, Ukraine Abstract The article lists the major urban factors, which are used in the methods of study of reconstruction of historic complexes It was identified that maintenance and development of transportation infrastructure in large cities can be accomplished through: modernization, reconstruction of existing multi-storey car parks, reprofiling, reconstruction of obsolete industrial and public buildings for the purposes of storing personal vehicles.

Keywords: detached, semi-detached, built-in, built-on, multi-storey car park, modernization Main features of mural compositions Gray F. Designing the seaside. Gray — London. Reaktion Books Ltd, — C.

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Jencks C. Theories and Manifestoes. Kropf — Great Britain. Academy Editions, , pp. Botao L. Zhangjiagang Town River Reconstruction. Novgorod, , 24 p. Mironyuk A. Arhitekturno-planirovochnye metody rekonstrukcii i modernizacii sushchestvuyushchego shkol'nogo fonda bol'shogo goroda: issledovaniya i rekomendacii na primere goroda Uhta [Architectural and planning methods of reconstruction and modernization of existing school fund of the big cities in the study and recommendations on the example of the city of Ukhta. Prostranstva neopredelennosti: chto i kto planiruyet?

Volume , pp. Moroni S. Moisseev I. Reaktion Books Ltd, Jencks, C. Jencks, K. Academy Editions,