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    Kindle Edition. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Beast Within Me , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 27, Maureen rated it it was amazing.

    So Trish is a Animal Control Officer and while looking for stray animals. She is bit by what she thought is a large dog. Download this book too see how Trish's life take a drastic change. I really enjoyed how the Author was able to capture, a little hood mixed with horror. I would definitely recommend this book because, it was an enjoyable read with a dose of laughter. May 29, Latoya Wilson rated it it was amazing. Poor Trish How fair is it to have the world as you know it taken from you with one bite? Unfortunately, Trish as to live through it until aid is given from the most unlikely of people.

    Good read The book started moving from beginning to end Terae' rated it it was amazing Sep 15, Robin: It's not Beast Boy I'm worried about. A loud, feral growl from o. Pull back to a long shot as it echoes in the passages, of which there are many here. Cyborg and Starfire go down side tunnels while Robin chooses he dry concrete path. She floats above the sewage, using one green-glowing hand to light the way, and reaches a large chamber whose ceiling is supported by many columns. After she has passed o. Cut to Robin, who has pulled out a small flashlight of his own and is aiming it ahead as he picks his way along.

    In an adjoining, muck-filled tunnel, a hatch is knocked out and he looks out from the opening. Nothing here, so he leaps in and immediately sinks to his chest in the filth before wading along. Next we see Cyborg on patrol; nothing catches his eye for several moments, but he suddenly stops and puts the light on something draped across a patch of rock.

    Cut to his perspective, zooming in-it is Beast Boy's belt-then back to him. Cyborg: Beast Boy! Robin: On my way! Soft panting from the o. All three charge after Beast Boy, but when they reach the spot, he has already cleared out. Cyborg's light sweeps through the tunnel toward its end, briefly passing the massive form whose back it to us, and swings back to pick it out in full detail. In close-up, it turns to reveal itself as something of a cross between Beast Boy's Sasquatch and wolf forms, and it has the hood of Raven's cloak in its teeth.

    Tilt down to show the other missing Titan dangling unconscious within the garment. Cut to the trio; Starfire gasps, and we then see all of the transformed Beast Boy. He is humanoid, standing at least ten feet tall, covered with green hair and far more muscles than he could ever hope to build up in the gym. Very gently, he lowers Raven to the ground and lets her hood out of his jaws. All charge. Cyborg lands the first punch, Robin follows it up with a flying kick, and Beast Boy is driven backwards a good distance.

    As both sluggers close in for another go, he snarls and hurls his gigantic form up at them. Robin gets swatted away and Cyborg finds himself going toe-to-toe with the crazed green monstrosity. They tumble across the floor; Beast Boy stands up just in time to see Robin dashing in. Instead of striking, though, the Boy Wonder peels off to one side, distracting Beast Boy long enough for Cyborg to get up and grapple again. This, in turn, gives Starfire a chance to fly across the chamber and look after Raven.

    Cyborg, for once not the biggest dude in the fight, gets thrown down the way and crashes into the tunnel wall. Looking down that way for a moment to make sure the Titan is out cold, Beast Boy snarls and charges back toward the rest of the team. He is heading directly for Starfire and Raven, but Robin's flying kick plows him into a wall.

    Almost immediately, he bounces away to deliver a crushing counter-punch that dumps the leader into the river of sewage. Cyborg is across in an instant, tackling the gargantuan creature, but finds himself hoisted overhead and slammed to the floor. A savage roar, and Beast Boy turns his attention to the two girls.

    As he gathers himself to pounce, Starfire rises to meet him and begins laying starbolts right into the wild face. Beast Boy runs here and there to avoid the fusillade, then gets all four feet off the ground and catches her in midair. As Robin gets to his feet, her yell rings in the chamber and the pair hit he floor nearby. She is raised high and brought down toward the deadly fangs; at the last moment; she swings her legs up and plants the soles of both boots right in his face.

    He is driven backward, letting her go. A new roar of fury accompanies his next leap, which is met by Cyborg's sonic cannon, Starfire's eye beams, and Robin's discs. The triple strike sets off a massive explosion, with enough smoke to fill the tunnel from floor to ceiling. Beast Boy's snarls are heard through it for a moment, then stop abruptly; cut to the three Titans; moving closer as the air clears.

    Cut to just behind him and zoom in slowly. Beast Boy lies in the ooze, his clothes torn, badly dazed, back in human form. They have just realized what we knew since the end of. Act One-that he became the horrid thing that has been trying to eat them alive. He sits up, rubbing his head.

    Coming the rest of the way around, he finds five normal eyes and one implant staring at him with a mixture of shock, horror, and pure anger. Dissolve to the exterior of the Tower and zoom in slowly. A heart monitor can be heard beeping inside; cut to the readouts on the wall of the infirmary and tilt down. Raven floats just above the bed-cloak gone, stretched out, stiff as a board, still completely out of it. Cyborg: from o. She's alive, but she's in some kinda trance. Robin: from o. She's healing herself.

    Pull back to frame these two and Starfire. Cyborg watches the monitors while the others are by the bed. Beast Boy is at the far end of the room, seated in a large chair. Beast Boy: And you're telling me I did that to her? That's impossible! Robin: We found you with her. Beast Boy: No! I wouldn't! I mean, we had a fight, but I would never Starfire: She was in your teeth. The green Titan glares up at him with open animosity and gets only a level gaze in return.

    Close-up of the right hand; the fingers ease forward to grip the end of the chair's arm, so hard that they begin to shake. Anger burns in his eyes for another moment, then subsides. Close-up of the screen in front of him, which shows Beast Boys vital signs; it is connected to the chair he sits in. The display soon changes to show a couple of double-helix molecules next to his outline.

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    Cyborg: It's not human. Robin: The chemicals at the lab? Cyborg: Because of the shape-shifting, his genetic code was always unstable. Maybe it's just Beast Boy: horrified Raven Pull back to frame her. Back to him and Robin. What have I done? Robin: You need to tell me what happened. Beast Boy: I told you, I don't remember-any of it.

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    We had that argument, I went to my room, I was angry, and then nothing. Robin: moving closer around side Claws and a scream isn't nothing. What else? Beast Boy: That's all. Robin: No, it isn't. You have to focus. Beast Boy: I am! Robin: You have to remember! Beast Boy: I'm trying! Robin: Try harder! Zoom in slowly. If you can't tell me what happened, I have to assume the worst. Beast Boy begins to sweat. I have to put you in jail. You need to remember!

    The heart monitor starts doing double time as he groans and writhes in the chair-whatever set him off before is about to do so again. Cut to the wall monitors and pan to Cyborg and Starfire. Before she can finish the question, the metamorphosis begins anew: outfit splitting apart over his rapidly swelling muscles, eyes squeezed shut, face becoming the unearthly visage that greeted the three rescuers in the sewer tunnel. With one final growth spurt, he explodes out of his clothing and the chair and snarls down at everyone.

    Starfire backs away with a sharp gasp; cut to the motionless Raven, then to the animal eyes. They go wide, and Beast Boy opens his mouth for a roar, filling the screen with its interior. Opening shot: Beast Boy rushing straight at Raven. Cyborg fires a line from a launcher hidden in one forearm, as he did while chasing the underground drilling worms in "Titan Rising.

    He pulls mightily on the loops but cannot break them; the bionic Titan is holding his ground, but has to get his free arm into play in order to keep up the tension. Robin and Starfire charge in. Somehow, the ensnared behemoth gets an arm free and knocks them the full length of the infirmary. They bounce off the wall and hit the floor, whereupon Cyborg is whipped away on the end of his own line and Beast Boy finally breaks loose.

    He turns back toward Raven. Roaring, Cyborg barrels across the floor, intending to snap Beast Boy's spine with one punch; the mad Titan jumps clear and comes down right on top of him, then flips to the far end. Not missing the chance, Starfire zooms in for a couple of strikes, but gets only air and a savage kick that sends her crashing through the infirmary door. He takes off again; cut to his perspective, approaching Raven's bed. Robin drops into view, holding his staff to block the path-he has procured a new once since the fight with Adonis.

    Pull back to frame both; Beast Boy is bulldozing Robin across the place, but the latter finds a purchase and stops him near the bed. He forces the enemy away and comes out swinging to back Beast Boy up again. Not getting anywhere after several attempts, he forgoes the staff in favor of a smashing kick to the broad solar plexus that sends the one-ton monster skidding away. He scales it at Beast Boy, who tries to duck away only to have it explode on his back.

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    This just makes him mad; he vents that anger in the form of a bone-rattling open-palm uppercut to the Boy Wonder's chin. If his feet had been glued to the floor, this blow would surely have broken his back. Beast Boy is first to come down, landing near Raven's bed just before Robin collapses semiconscious. Cut to the hall outside; he crashes out through the wall, and the dust clears to show him half-buried in the rubble and Starfire floating inside. The deranged Titan straightens with a snarl, but instead of going after her or Raven, he charges down the hall.

    Starfire and the other two boys move out. He and Cyborg set out, leaving her to look worriedly in at the comatose fifth teammate. Dissolve to a pan along the rooftops of Jump City; Beast Boy moves from one to the next with surprising grace, considering his size and brutality. As a building passes near the camera, the view changes to a profile close-up; a leap carries him to the street, and the camera pulls back as he howls at the moon.

    After a bit of sniffing, he starts off toward us but is abruptly cut off when the T-Car screeches to a stop in front. Out comes Cyborg to face him down. Long, tense silence. He gets only a spate of growling as an answer. Cut to a slow pan across the glaring white eyes, then to the armed Titan, muzzle pointed right at the camera.

    The eyes soften, Cyborg lowers his cannon, and then the slitted stare re-establishes itself as another engine buzzes in. The monster does not bother with him, but simply leaps onto the T-Car's roof and bounds off down the street. Robin peels out after him. The chase moves swiftly down one of Jump City's major thoroughfares, and after several blocks Beast Boy hops straight up toward a high rooftop.

    Robin is brought up short by the traffic and can only watch as the gargantuan attacker scales the skyscraper. He does not sit idle for long, though; a wide, flat emitter pops out next to his handlebars and angles itself upward. Close-up of a small circular screen on the dashboard, which shows Beast Boy working his way to the top. Two shots flash out from Robin's position; there is the glare of their explosion, and the camera cuts to the exterior of the Tower.

    Smoke and fire belch up from the blast zone, accompanied by an agonized, howling scream. As it dies away, cut to an extreme close-up of the right side of Raven's face; her eyelid begins to twitch and she snaps awake with a gasp, having come out of her healing trance. Dissolve to a longer shot and pull back briefly toward the ceiling, then cut to Starfire at bedside. She is eyeing a clipboard, the sort that is often hung at the foot of a patient's bed in a hospital, and gets a small shock when Raven sits up.

    Raven: groaning a bit Beast Boy Starfire: putting hand on her shoulder Rest. You are safe. He can no longer harm you. Raven: He didn't hurt me. He saved me. Starfire: From what? Dissolve to a sewer, the camera pointing up at an open manhole. Beast Boy jumps down through this and races into the darkness of the tunnels; he does not get far, though, before a blinding light flicks on and stops him in his tracks.

    Pull back to frame Robin, then Cyborg, the latter using his shoulder flash to provide the illumination. Robin: pulling out discs Don't-move.