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From plump tomatoes to crisp cucumbers and juicy peaches, discover what produce is best during the summer months blog link in bio. What's better than food for connecting with others? From cooking shows in your hostess's home to Facebook parties, which are completely virtual, Pampered Chef consultants earn 20 to 25 percent commission based on sales volume. That can increase to up to 31 percent if you build a team. Which teas do you serve as iced tea? Founded in , Steeped Tea allows you to share your love of tea with others through tea parties and online selling.

You'll earn 25 to 39 percent commission, based on sales volume and other consultants you've sponsored. The products contain no artificial colors, flavors, or added sugars.

Choose wisely.

Of course, you'll find your favorite flavors such as chai and matcha, but there's a whole world of deliciously different flavors including pumpkin banana bread, strawberries and cream, and sweet date marzipan. Founded 10 years ago, this company sells a range of unique accessories including an array of fun jewelry, pieces, trendy tunics and scarves, clutches and cross-body bags. There's also a line of fine jewelry featuring diamonds and white or yellow gold. Stylists earn 25 to 35 percent commission on sales. You get to choose the accessories and jewelry you want for your kit, so it's completely personalized to your tastes.

The gift company Thirty-one was founded in They offer a huge number of attractive home organizing and personalized products including storage bins, purses and totes, wallets, lunch and picnic thermals, and customizable pillows and wall art.

Consultants make 25 percent on every sale through face-to-face, online, and catalogue parties. If you become a leader to new consultants, you'll earn a percentage of their commission as well.

How to Choose the Right Direct Sales Opportunity

There's also a monthly subscription fee for a personalized website and emails to customers. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. As part of my role as a coach to family-centered entrepreneurs, I work with a great deal of direct sales consultants. Sometimes I work with women in the beginning stages of wanting to choose the right company and a lot of times I work with women who want coaching for their own downline. Other times I work with women who want to expand the opportunities available within the direct sales company they have already decided to represent.

This article covers:. Representing a direct sales company requires you to SELL. Let me repeat that, SELL. Reframe your outlook or choose another line of business. Every business needs to sell something to stay in business. Starting a direct sales business is no different.

More importantly, how much money you afford to invest and never get back? All businesses need to answer this question, not just direct sales. Many of them require the purchase — or a minimum dollar purchase — to start as a commissioned representative. This is no different than a retail store having samples to see or try before reaching behind the counter for inventory to sell.

The benefit of direct sales is that generally, you do not have inventory on hand, although some choose to. You will also need to invest money into marketing.

Start a Direct Sales Business!

This could be a table at a local business fair, flyers, logo wear, business cards, samples, consumables, advertising, or even business networking memberships. You should go into building a direct sales business knowing not only how much money you want to make but have a plan on how to get there. Note : Direct sales is not a get-rich-quick scheme or opportunity. Please know that building any business does not a guarantee of making money. That is what a job is for — show up, do work, get paid, repeat.

If you are in NEED of immediate money to pay bills or feed your kids, a traditional job is the smarter choice. This is the part that honestly breaks my heart. Lots of product, lots of new friends, but very little money. When looking at compensation plans across direct sales companies, be sure to consider if what you are selling is a one-and-done product such as cookware, jewelry, kitchen storage, or clothing or a consumable such as food, beauty, nutrition, hair care, essential oils, etc. Some direct sales companies have auto-ship programs which help guarantee a certain level of sales read: income.

In the end it all adds up. In a nutshell : Consumable auto-ship programs require the least amount of new customers to make an income. Products that customers only need to buy very infrequently — such as cookware or kitchen storage — require you to reach a much larger of people to purchase from you to sustain income.

It can be easier to sell when the area you live in or your online circle of friends has not been over-exposed to a particular product. Of course, there is a fine line between over-saturation and market awareness. My go-to tip for taking the pulse of an area for direct sales saturation: Check out the Facebook or Nextdoor group for local moms. What company do you see over and over? What company or types of products are people looking for? You now have a great place to start your research. Next, check to see what your restrictions are for selling online via social media. Being able to sell via social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — those are the three biggies in the order I see success can be vital for people that either live in sparsely populated areas or folks like me who have limited in-person social circles hey, I just moved to San Antonio!

It can be insane. People tell me it scratches the gambling itch. To each their own! One of the pillars of direct sales is to start selling to your friends and family first. My experience shows if you can successfully reach a third level connection, you can sustain a direct sales business.

This is by no means all-inclusive or as detailed as it should be, but it is a starting point for your research. Direct sales company is structured to operate within frameworks like the ones shown below. So check the terms and conditions before you sign up to anything.

10 Direct Sales Marketing Tips

If, however, you are looking to supplement your existing income, remember the Revenue is likely to treat this in the same way as other earned income. Opting for an easily recognisable brand that is well marketed is another obvious choice. Herbalife, for example, is a nutrition sponsor of top footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and its high-profile sponsorships also include FC Barcelona and the American soccer club LA Galaxy. However, a familiar brand may attract more consultants, which could diminish your selling potential, so another consideration should be to assess how many consultants of a certain product may already be serving your area.

Personal circumstances brought fiftysomething Ann Lenihan from Cork to direct selling back in She was struggling financially at the time, and had sought advice from a business consultant for help with a marketing business she had started from home herself. However, when she visited him she saw Herbalife products in his office, and was hooked.

However, Lenihan soon turned her business into a full-time career, allowing her to build up a solid pension plan. The income possibilities are only limited by the effort one puts in, how open they are to learning good business skills and what they want from life. When her mother moved in with her at the age of 92 in she was able to design her work around her mother and care for her, while her income has also allowed her make annual visits to her three children, who emigrated to Australia. She even met her husband through the brand, when he came to Ireland from London as a guest speaker at a training event.

He is also now based in Cork, selling Herbalife products with her. Lenihan has never shied away from seeking support and advice from her mentor, and advises others looking to get involved to do likewise. In direct selling, our mentors love to hear from us, often even every day or several times a day. We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

For more information see our Cookie Policy. Buying into direct selling for extra cash Companies have long appreciated the profitability of getting people to sell to friends and strangers Tue, Oct 20, , Updated: Tue, Oct 20, , Fiona Reddan. What is direct selling?

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