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From mistresses to Mafia murders, fingerprints to dictabelt recordings, all the evidence is integrated and interwoven into complete and comprehensive perspectives on the assassination.

Gunshot-wound dynamics model for John F. Kennedy assassination

Theories are weighed, checked, contrasted, and contradicted. Evidentiary and exculpatory material is delineated in intelligible and readable fashion. Edgar Hoover's homosexuality provide a Jungian counterpoint with the shadowy psychological underside to this story. Kroth provides a fresh statistical analysis of 86 'mysterious deaths' of witnesses in the assassination and weighs the merits of prevailing theories on who carried out the assassination, and why; he profiles the actors, the witnesses, and the investigators. He includes recently released documents and speculates over the large portions of information that remain barred to public scrutiny.

Beyond conspiracy theories, Kroth discusses the collective psychology and symbolism involved in this highly numinous, archetypal event to the American national character.

His artfully written synthesis of well developed academic research and insights, yield a fascinating, certain classic. Kroth is the first author to delineate the role of John F. Kennedy's mental instability, and its manifestation as sexual addiction, as key role in his untimely death. As a result of sexual and economic acting out, both father and son were subsequently brought into close contact with mafia and other underworld connections.

These dark linkages played a prominent role in Kennedy's untimely murder, and the deaths of scores of others with Kennedy connections.

John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories

Conspiracy in Camelot rivets the reader like the finest detective novel. But the substantive new insights and statistical data that Kroth provides, will influence the historical perspective on America's most romantic and admired president. Kiernan, psychotherapist, Palo Alto.

Kroth uses his well-tuned research skills to bundle up the plethora of evidence in a scholarly package of text that is easy to understand and absorb. Join Dr. If you are a JFK assassination aficionado, then here's a book that will reinforce your passion and satisfy your desire for new information. If you're not a JFK assassination aficionado but have thought about being one only to fear being over taken by the over sources of information on the subject before you come to terms with who killed JFK and why, then you must read this book!

As Dr. Kroth attempts to base all conjecture and speculation on evidence gleaned from one source or another, he respects his readers' rights to formulate their own evaluations and conclusions. His deep—rooted resentment of all authority which was expressed in a hostility toward every society in which he lived;. Oswald seems to have had no more than an occasional vague distrust of authority. He had been a relatively obedient member of the Marines for several years.

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His well—documented behaviour in New Orleans in the summer of , together with other aspects of his interesting career , shows little evidence of anti—authoritarian impulses. Oswald was married with two young children. His urge to try to find a place in history and despair at times over failures in his various undertakings;. This seems to be the motive that the Warren Commissioners themselves found the most persuasive.

Chapter 7 | National Archives

There is no evidence to support such a notion. Nor did he ever boast of killing Kennedy. Oswald was almost certainly not one of the two men who attempted to shoot General Edwin Walker in April General Walker himself pointed out that the bullet which had almost killed him was not the same type as the bullets fired in the JFK assassination, and thus cannot have been fired from the only rifle which could be attributed to Oswald. Indeed, the Commission was set up precisely to defuse rumours of a communist conspiracy.

When combined with the early evidence of shots from more than one location , this information generated two conspiracy theories :. Two days after the assassination, an incident occurred that allowed Washington insiders to repair the damage. Nicholas Katzenbach, the acting Attorney General, wrote a memo on the evening of 24 November, before any proper investigation of the crime had taken place:. The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin; that he did not have confederates who are still at large …. The thing I am concerned about, and so is Mr Katzenbach, is having something issued so that we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin.

Mr Katzenbach thinks that the President might appoint a Presidential Commission of three outstanding citizens to make a determination.

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House Select Committee on Assassinations Report , appendix vol. A few days later, the Warren Commission was appointed. A look at the evidence makes it clear that Oswald cannot have had any motive for killing JFK, because he almost certainly played no active role in the assassination. It has been clear for several decades that the JFK assassination was not the work of a lone nut. The obvious failure of the single—bullet theory shows that more than one gunman killed President Kennedy. It is almost certain that Lee Harvey Oswald was not one of those gunmen, and that he cannot have had any motive for killing JFK.

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Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will find your questions answered in the essential JFK assassination book! Whether you are an expert or a beginner , this essential book will help you make sense of the JFK assassination:. Pool on Amazon. Factual, precise and clearly written.

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