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Riding On a Railroad Remastered.

Riding on a Railroad - Two-Lane Blacktop (DVD Extra)

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This Man Bikes the Railroad Tracks. Can he do that?

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Riding on a Railroad

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Lyrics Riding on the Railroad James Taylor. They will either know from other riders of a spot to hide and wait, or they will find one themselves. Depending on the size and layout of the yard, riders may have to get on the train while it is moving; doing this is known as "catching on the fly".

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Riders will occasionally wait at "side outs", places where there are two parallel tracks and trains pull aside for others to pass. Cars and trains are divided several ways with regards to riding. There are "IMs" intermodal containers , also called "double stack" if 2 are stacked , "junk" mixed cars or literal scrap and coal. Within these three groups some cars are "rideable" and some not: boxcars , grainers and gondolas are some of the rideable "junk" cars. On coal, riders often get into " DPUs " or "rear units", which are the engines put on the back or middle of the train on long coal loads.

Riding in the empty or full coal containers is also possible but has obvious downsides dirty, hard to get out of.

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Riding cars on the small exposed porch of a tanker , on a truss-bottom well car or any other position which exposes the rider to a great risk of falling off or getting caught is called "riding suicide". Freight-train riding has a reputation of being very dangerous and, to some degree, is in fact so. According to author and journalist Ted Conover , a large percentage of modern-day hobos are ex- convicts and violence is not uncommon among the transient population.

The amount of security and the attitudes of authorities vary greatly depending on the location.

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  7. Increasing security has also presented a problem for train hoppers, though the establishment of legal protection for vagrants has led to a decline in the beating and maltreatment for which 'bulls' railway security men and brakemen became infamous, primarily through the overemphasis on violence in such popular culture manifestations as the film Emperor of the North Because railroad companies can only patrol stopped trains, freight-hoppers embark and disembark while the train is in motion to avoid bulls.

    But freight train cars are not designed for human riders; hopping on or off moving trains bears serious risk of dismemberment [3] or death. In March , Welsh "tramp-poet" W. Davies lost the lower part of his right leg after jumping a train at Renfrew, Ontario. The incident is recounted in his book The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp.