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She is a being of the material aeons, and her restoration is only as far as the thirteenth material aeon. The myth as a whole seems to have been adopted to address the beliefs of another Gnostic group, and to assert the superiority of this text's system: humans who receive the mysteries of this group can surpass Pistis Sophia and reach the divine realms of light.

Unlike Ialdabaoth, he is not created by the Sophia figure, and in fact he holds a slightly higher hierarchical position than Pistis Sophia. His sin is wishing to rule all the material aeons, and he grows jealous when Pistis Sophia chooses to worship the light rather than continuing the ways of the aeons. Authades appears only in the chapters dealing with the Sophia myth; elsewhere Sabaoth the Adamas is the representative of evil in these texts. Jesus serves as a teacher or instructor, teaching his disciples information about the divine world they will need to progress to a higher state of being, as well as knowledge of the cosmic realms, their inhabitants, and their functions.

He teaches the disciples baptismal rites, and instructs them to give these rites to all who show themselves worthy. He is closely tied to the highest divine being. However, little significance is given to his earthly incarnation — the ritual bread and wine in the baptism is not associated with the Christian Eucharist, and the crucifixion and resurrection play little role. Here, he only gains his true garment and teaches the disciples the higher mysteries eleven years after his resurrection — downplaying versions of Christianity claiming his earlier teachings as ultimate truth.

This is the demiurge of these texts. Jeu dwells in the Treasury of Light and organizes the cosmos. He places the archons and the aeons in their proper places, and assigns powers to the planets, effectively offering a divine origin for astrology. This is particularly noteworthy given the anti-cosmic nature of some other Gnostic groups. Often referred to simply as Melchisedek , this figure also dwells in the Treasury of Light or Place of the Right.

His primary role is overseeing transport of light from the lower realms to the higher light realms as it becomes purified. His subordinates also deliver certain souls out of the punishment regions when believers on Earth pray for them. This role is most widely discussed through extensive interpretations of Psalm in Chapters This is the primary representative of evil or wickedness in the majority of the Pistis Sophia. He is accused of inappropriate sexual conduct, begetting archons and other beings, and as a result he is imprisoned in the bounds of the zodiac, or the material universe.

The manuscript is organized as an introductory manual for a new, potential initiate. The first two books take a radical approach to the well-known myth of Sophia's fall and redemption, reducing the story to a tale of struggle between material beings whom humans have the potential to surpass.

They assert that all of the knowledge imparted by Jesus after his resurrection was inferior to that possessed by this author — only after eleven years did he take up his true garment and tell the disciples the highest mysteries. To a reader who was familiar with other, particularly Gnostic, forms of Christianity, this would have been striking, but might also drive the hearer to want to learn more about these truer and higher mysteries.

Exploring the Gnostic Mysteries of the Ineffable

The third book addresses readers that, having read the previous, want to gain access to these higher mysteries. It explains the ethical code of conduct required to be considered for initiation, including punishments for particular sins. It also gives some hope to those who find the strict rules daunting, as it outlines conditions for being allowed to receive the mysteries again after slipping back into sin. Up to this point, while the mysteries necessary for salvation from the lower realms have been mentioned, they are not explained — the initiate must prove him or herself sufficiently worthy through right living.

The fourth book is then intended for someone about to undergo the first baptism. Although it contains some moral instruction, it primarily gives explanations unique to this group about how and why the world is the way it is. It provides an outline of what to expect for the first baptism. While it acknowledges that two more baptisms must follow it, these are not described; the initiate must persist on the path and meet the requirements to experience the later rites.

From beginning to end, the Pistis Sophia takes new followers from first encountering the group's teachings, addressing an environment where other forms of Christian Gnosticism were probably more popular, all the way to their initial baptism. The texts show strong signs of knowledge of Sethian Gnostic texts, particularly the Apocryphon of John, as shown by their radical reinterpretation of the Sophia myth, as well as some of the language used in discussing the components of human beings as they are formed to enter the world.

The basis of the underlying system however, has strong Egyptian ties, ranging from descriptions of the solar disc, certain animal-faced deities, the serpent that encloses the world, and decan-stars as astronomical determinants.

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If the Books of Jeu, which are referenced multiple times as sources of the mysteries, are those found in the Bruce Codex, then they also show close affinity to the Egyptian Book of the Dead with their formulas for ascending through the realms beyond the world.

In Jewish scripture, Sophia is a feminine voice, in contrast to a God of dominion and force. Jesus, too, has a Sophia heart, not the heart of someone seeking power.

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Both Sophia and Jesus are brought forth by God, and both are sent by God to be special messengers to humanity, bringing wisdom, counsel, and guidance. Each is a healer and a comforter, a messenger of truth, perception, and guidance. I have come to know and love Sophia. The qualities attributed to her in the various wisdom passages have greatly influenced my spiritual life. I will never be the same because of her. My spiritual director introduced me to her a few years ago and this has changed my life.

The Book of Wisdom often attributed to the wise King Solomon but actually authored by an unknown writer has many beautiful passages about Sophia. One could spend a year just pondering this chapter with its rich presentation of Sophia as a radiant, indwelling presence shining in our midst. Sophia has depth and is full of mystery.

Attentiveness and alertness are essential in finding Sophia.

SOPHIA: Sophia, Antichrist Spirit, Divine Feminine & Gnosticism

Both Proverbs and the Book of Wisdom present Sophia as sitting by the city gates, crying out at the busiest corners by the entrance to the city Wis. The gates of biblical times were the entrance into the marketplace or heart of the city. Symbolically, the gates where we meet Sophia today are in the midst of our busy, marketplace lives. It is here that we can still discover Divine Wisdom, who is always ready to guide and direct our lives if we are aware of and open to her. There are many other metaphors for Sophia. She is also described as a counselor, a fine mist, light, and the law.

Sophia provides healing and shelter, gives rest, and offers what is needed for spiritual transformation. I count on Sophia to influence my attitudes, values, and beliefs, to help me make good choices and decisions. I pray to her each day to guide me as I try to reflect her love in all I am and all I do.

Whenever I am in doubt as to how to proceed in my work and relationships, I turn to Sophia for wisdom and courage. She has never failed to be there for me. Now tell us: How do we find her? We need to look for Sophia. By her very nature she is relational, present in the world, interacting among people and ordinary human lives. By desiring to know her, by opening our minds and hearts, her radiance will permeate our lives. Such is what happened recently with a concerned mother who was having much difficulty with her two young daughters, who were sulky and disruptive.

One day after work she sat alone in her car feeling sad and troubled. She called on Sophia for guidance and insight, praying quietly for some time. Then she drove home, sat down with her daughters, and together they came to some much-needed household compromises that made all of them more peaceful and happy. Prayer is vital in discovering the treasure of Sophia. This helped me the most in finding her and establishing a faithful relationship. I believe it is time for Christians to recover the richness of this heritage of the divine feminine that has been lost.

We need Sophia now more than ever. We need her compassionate presence and her ability to help us see clearly in the midst of a world that cries out for wisdom and love. Sophia will not fail us. She will always draw us deeper and further for there is no end to the mystery of her life with us.

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Joyce Rupp is a bestselling author and spiritual director in Des Moines. Cady, Ronan, Taussig. San Francisco: Harper and Row, Who is Wisdom-Sophia? Louis de Montfort. Get started. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention divine feminine gospel of sophia many years male and female tyla gabriel goddess god spirit living christ trinity women beauty current deep universal volume.

Showing of 15 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Tyla Gabriel has done a fantastic job of presenting in Encyclopedic fashion the critical importance of the Divine Feminine in all her forms. This book is not just a lesson in the Divine Feminine, it is an attunement - and ordination.

As I have been reading the book, I am being transformed. Miracles have been happening in my life since encountering The Gospel of Sophia and I imagine they will for you as well. Please get this book and savor it drop by drop by drop as you enjoy the Divine love you will receive while enjoying its nourishment. Lauri Ann Lumby Author, spiritual advisor www. An incredible resource. The Gospel of Sophia represents an amazing compendium of spiritual research in the light of Sophia. Even at first glance one can see that it is a wellspring of living and generative knowledge.

It is highly readable and inspirational, both universal and personal, and belongs on every seeker's book shelf. The text is a highly digested synthesis of great spiritual traditions, and in this it is also a reawakening to our culturally conditioned preconceptions about spirit, materialism, and of course our own personal relationship to the divine feminine.

In its totality, I feel the book in many ways represents a worldwide cultural struggle to reconcile male and female and this is represented in the text by a movement between the romantic and the intellectual. I don't find this contradictory but in fact the mark of an authentic visionary; the grounding of experience and loftiness of ecstacy. The section called The Fourth Seal, near the end of the book, represents the perception of the evolving Sophia throughout history.

By quoting passages of Vedic, and Buddhist scripture, as well as great mystics and visionaries, the author demonstrates the worldwide continuity of vision of the Sophia. Readers would likely do well to meditate on each of these passages daily in order to gain a direct sense of the vastness and primacy of the Sophia. The chapter entitled "The Lemurian Calendar and the Goddess" is filled with deep and rare knowledge. I can't think of another text that encompasses so eloquently what this does. You would have to read dozens of texts and spend many years to grasp the essential as it is presented here.

The book is nothing less than a gift.

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As this book is meant to be a study guide and an index would be appreciated though it seems that it is some kind of tradition that spiritual texts are rarely indexed. From a post script in the book: "The Gospel of Sophia is the testament of an aspirant of Sophia who has been given self-initiation with the assistance of the Divine Feminine Trinity as guide and teacher.

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From the first revelation through Pelee sp. Pele, the Hawaiian Volcanoe Goddess, for some reason the author uses a non-standard spelling throughout the text , to the Etheric Christ experience several years later, the author has followed the luminous path of study and communion with Sophia Christos to become an initiate of Sophia. The teachings about the Being of Sophia are the result of living Imaginations given by the author by spiritual beings that inspired her over many years, guiding her to active Intuitions that unveil the hidden nature of the Great Goddess" -Bryen.

The Pistis Sophia: An Introduction - Theosophical Society in America

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. For years I have sought a deeper level of personal spiritual development. I have studied the religions of the world from mainstream to alternative and I have found both truth and misunderstanding in all of them.