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I really recommend her books. Her dad is a retired police officer who now owns a bar in which her office is located on the 2nd story of the building. Her uncle is still on the police department and uses her in some cases since she can see dead people. Just finished reading the 3 book series. Could not put the books down. Am so glad did not have to wait to see what happened after reading book one, then 2. Am curious to see if there will be a book 4. The story gets you from the very beginning, and draws you in to the lives of all the characters.

Great reading. I would have paid for these!!! They were sufficiently long to give you great insight into each of the characters and the situations. I was on a roller coaster with each one—almost like I was there with them. NC did a great job at bringing you into the story.

I hope to see more from here SOON…. So many different ways to go. Hard to believe sucj a good series was free. Thank you!!!! I know! A lot of Indie authors are really great! And free!? But I was wondering, what would you recommend for an e-reader? Maybe wishful thinking? I cannot believe you have not discovered fictionpress. Looooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeedddddddd it!!!!!!!!!!! She said it will hopefully be done by Christmas She does it because she loves to write. She is amazing at it! I finished all 3 books in about weeks. I could NOT put them down- I am now a werewolf fanatic!!

I LOVE these books!!! When can I read it!!!!! I just finished reading the third book last night…. But i wanted to tell you that barnes and noble has them for free, i got them on my Nook Book. These books were so good i read all three in 2 days hope theres gonna be more.

I downloaded them from Barnes and Noble to my nook. Once she discovered that, she had them immediately removed. If you did purchase a book, contact Amazon for a refund. She now has her latest book out, Bonded. Happy reading! I just finish reading bonded about 4 mins ago from my iPhone. That book is fanastic. Nicky Charles I have to say hands down your books are better than the twilight serie. I hope one day your book becomes a movie because I will be the first one there on opening night. Loved them — was lucky enough to get them for free as well.

I read them before finding this blog — so glad that the word is out there about these books! I cheered when I first started reading these, realized how into them I was, and saw how long the books were. LOVE these! I too finished reading all 4. Loved the books until the end of the last one.

I disliked the ending completely. I am reading book 3 and was sad to be almost done with it. Then I just discovered there is a book 4!!!! I am now a happy girl!!!! These books are fun to read. But to my surprise I have been loving them. And telling all my friends about them.

Now I am not so sad that I am almost done with book 3.

Keep them coming Nicky!!!!!!!!!! I agree with you michelle the ending totaly left me wanting their to be another book. I also really liked demian and beth! I hope theres a 5th book to the series! Loved all 3 boks…awesome, I now am trying to find m next good read… nothing compares so far! These books were so good. Now i am looking for more werewolf books that are similar — suggestions?

I got all 4 of these on smashwords for free — YAY! Maryse I have truly enjoyed all the books you have recommended. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Reading the second book and I love it! Almost as good as Kenyon and Terry Spears.

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I love my werewolves! I'm working on the next book right now and hope to have it ready in the spring. At the moment, it is only available at feedbooks. Thank you Judy for a gteat interview. They are treasures for sure. Happy New Year. Juli Silverman. Nicky Charles Homepage. Interview with Nicky Charles Writing is It started out as a lark, something to do for fun that didn't cost me a dime. And then, when the books started to take off, I thought it was a good way to raise awareness of the importance of giving to charity.

I didn't want or feel the need for any money. Fan mail was my pay and if I could give a book to someone and brighten their day, I was happy. But, just between you and me, I'm seriously thinking I will charge for this next one. Not a lot because I still want to continue to ask people to give to animal shelters. The reason for the shift is three fold. First, I'm getting very close to retirement and with changes in the economy my nice pension might not stretch as far as it would have a few years ago. I need to be able to afford to plug in my laptop!

I gave you this opportunity to make some money so you wouldn't go without in your old age. Why aren't you taking it?!?! Secondly, I'm also starting to incur some expenses with this 'hobby'. Hiring a line editor so I can get the books out in paperback, paying for images for the covers, buying a domain name, giveaways It adds up and hopefully the books can 'pay their way'. The current location is awful.

The kennels are old and look more like jails and the building is way too small - they just don't have enough room to keep very many animals and way too many are euthanized needlessly simple because they have no place to house them. If I can make enough money with my books, I might be able to help out in meaningful way.

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So there you are! Book 1: The Mating. Kane is the Alpha of the pack and Elise is from a pack that borders his. Her father wanted an alliance and chose to give her as Kane's mate. Elise was hoping to mate with her childhood friend and love, Bryan, but it was not to be. Before she knew it she was mated to a stranger and leaving everyone she knew and loved.

Many things are going on in Kane's pack since the death of Zack, their previous Alpha and the blame was falling on Kane's half-brother, Ryne. They had battled for the Alpha position, and Kane won. They thought Ryne left the area, but every time something happened his scent was there. Marla was one of Kane's pack members. A beautiful blond with an attitude and it seemed she had her eyes set on Kane, even with Elise there. As Marla causes trouble for Elise, she could not get Kane to see it. She quickly becomes the character to despise as you see her underhanded ways.

If you enjoy paranormal it is worth the read. T hey are exceptional and equal to other paranormals. Book 2: The Keeping. Marla, one of the pack members had been playing the brothers against each other including making it look as if Ryne was guilty of sabotaging the pack.

After it was all said in done, Ryne thought it best to start his own pack. He found a place in Stump River, Ontario, Canada. Two others came along, Bryan who had grew up with Elise and Daniel who was from Kane's pack. Ryne was handsome and arrogant both in human form and as a sleek black wolf with blue eyes, and he knew it. He had no plans on settling with one mate. When Melody Greene came to town, his inner wolf disagreed. Melody Greene was hired by a Mr.

The Finding (Law of the Lycans Book 3)

Greyson to interview a photographer. The money she was getting was enough to quit her waitress jobs and finish school so she could become a reporter.. Should be an easy job to find this Mr. Taylor, interview him, and collect the rest of her money. Mel went to Oregon where the store was that Mr. Greyson bought his wolf picture. No one would talk about Mr. Taylor because of some affair he had with the sales gal there and the scandal of her keeping his money from the sales.

By chance she was able to find he now lived in Canada. Once she made it there it was no easier. The man did not want to be interviewed. And he was not the older man she expected but a young handsome playboy type. Ryne's wolf keeps wanting to get closer to Mel but the danger she is to the pack keeps Ryne cautious. If a human finds out about a pack the Keeping law would need to be enforced, either the humans with knowledge of them must be silenced or else the pack members would take poison after sending the pups and others to other packs. Ryne doesn't know if Mel is aware of the Lycan community, Mel does not know why the interview is so important to Mr.

Greyson and neither does his lawyer, Leon Aldrich. The more Aldrich threatens Mel to get the job done or he will sue her, the more pressure she is under to get the interview the less Ryne trusts her. Book 3: The Finding. A great paranormal series. And this third book is packed full.

We see more of what is going on in the minds of characters from previous books along with the main characters, Cassandra Greyson and Bryan Cooper. Nicky has a unique way of having the person and the wolf as two separate entities and yet one. Cassie ran off three years ago after hearing her Uncle Anthony Greyson say she was a werewolf and then seeing a man change into a wolf and attack Mr. Aldrich and a gun went off and her uncle was laying there dead as well. The words ringing in her head, if anyone knew about the wolves they would die. She took her secrets and left. He took her under his wing and gave her a place to stay.

He did not know that the drugs she took a few days a month were to hold her wolf inside. Cassie was sure it would go on a murdering spree if it ever escaped, just like the big black wolf. Kellen's gambling issues continue after he has promised to stop. Cassie wants to stop bailing him out but he gets the drugs she needs, she finds herself in a catch twenty-two.

Bryan Cooper was so drawn into finding Cassandra. He had found her scent in the motel three years ago and his wolf was drawn to her. Finally, someone has spotted someone that may be the girl and Bryan was off to get her. By the Lycan Laws she would belong to their pack. Only it was not so easy to convince her to come to Canada. For a man who usually had no trouble getting women, Bryan met a woman who could not get away from him fast enough. And instead of heading to Canada he found himself heading to Chicago to help her rescue her boyfriend, Kellen. It seems the family lawyer was using him as blackmail to get the young heiress home.

Leon Aldrich is the family lawyer. Ryne had attacked him but he lived. He wanted to have all the Greyson fortune for himself and was desperate to get Cassie so he could further those plans. Cliche much? I noticed there were several cliches in the last book.

The Mating

I can only think of one at the moment though. When Mel was stuck on the plane sitting between a large man and a crying baby It seemed to take Cassie way too long to finally 'get along with her wolf. The fact that it also took her a long time to realize Brian was interested in her, more than the fact that he was her Beta was stupid too. So when Aldrich realizes that Marla was reading his computer file on werewolves, it was just a strange conversation. At least to me it was. I mean he starts off by saying "I can tell you know they're real, but you've been afraid to mention it. Why would she have even thought of werewolves in the first place?

Obviously she was one, but he didn't know that. I would have liked to know the ages of Meredith and Franklin. I mean Meredith was described as being a little old lady. Sylvia was a joke. I mean it was a surprise to find out that she was an assassin It was just too easy to get rid of her character when she's suppose to be bad ass. I mean she is a professional killer here. Yet- bang, and she's dead. All done. Cassie and her feelings towards Aldrich were annoying I mean she had previously said that she didn't trust him, she didn't feel comfortable around him and whatnot.

But then she's not sure if she should believe Brian and her wolf OR Aldrich? And her wondering about Aldrich following Daniel's IP address back to the pack was funny too. I mean she doesn't seem like a computer savvy person. So it is possible to live after falling 40 stories? I just can't believe that one.

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Although it was nice of Marla's wolf to apologize in the end. That was a sweet ending for her It did seem kinda strange that the author had chosen to bring Marla back into the series though. Melody ends up asking- are the person and the wolf, one in the same? That automatically made me wonder how she interacted with her wolf.

I mean considering through the whole series the person and wolf are talking to each other as two different entities. Basically holding conversations and fighting with each other. Cassie is having the same dreams as her wolf becomes harder for her to control and her only contact with werewolves has been the large black one that killed her uncle three years ago. She vividly remembers the Kellan that was there when she had no one else and feels she owes him everything even after his hurtful betrayal.

For the most part I liked Cassie but found her to be wearying after a while. As a couple I really did enjoy Bryan and Cassie. Aldrich was a good villain, I could almost hear the maniacal laughter and he furthered his nefarious scheme. Another plus was the thrilling action set piece. I liked getting back in this world and enjoy the Canadian pack which has grown considerably since book two — but I still detest Melody mate of Ryne , no matter how brief her cameo. The pop-up appearances of the brothers and their mates was quite welcome as this piece of the arc seems to be drawing to a close but hopefully not the series.

Once again the strong characters, tight plotting, evenly fast pacing, the skilled writing, the steamy romance and the excellent action set pieces are all excellent. This series deserves better than to languish in TBR piles everywhere. View all 3 comments. So, knowing that this book would be about Bryan and Cassie it threw me for a loop when finding that not only are werewolves shapeshifters but some can even teleport and can have telekenesis.

Well, it is a fictional paranormal book so I guess. Anyways, this series by far was one of the best erotic, down to earth even though its werewolf based book I've read so far. I could honestly love to see this book as a movie in the future, however, I would be doubtful that the wolves in the movie can So, knowing that this book would be about Bryan and Cassie it threw me for a loop when finding that not only are werewolves shapeshifters but some can even teleport and can have telekenesis.

I could honestly love to see this book as a movie in the future, however, I would be doubtful that the wolves in the movie can compare to those of the wolves in my imagination. The plot was well written in this book. From the thugs to the connections with Aldrich to Kellen's connection to the thugs, and the thugs connection to Aldrich as well as the wolves connection to Aldrich and Marla befriending Aldrich not knowing about his connection with her former pack mates.

It was honestly, all a thrill. The finding of Cassies, the capturing of Kellen and the mission that Bryan had taken for Cassies trust and eventually love bond. Of course, the perspectives of Daniel and hinting at his future mate, as well as Kane and Rynes growing family's were all a comfort and sweet finality that came with this book. I also loved how much down to earth and relatable this book was. Compared to Kane the forceful yet loving alpha, to the erotically sexy bad-ass Ryne, Bryan seems more of the norm. His and Cassies relationship seemed more realistic with the usual awkwardness that came with somebody you just met and had an attraction for.

And then he working his way into her trust and comfort and love, knowing something more could happen but holdong out until they were bonded. I'm sad that this is over, but am also glad cause, everything within this book falls into place happily for eceryone throughout the books. A final and happy ending that I can live with in peace, not like most other books. I found this book as well as the first two in the series to be a highly satisfying read.

Left me wondering again why it's for free. The plot again is connected to the first two and i was glad to have read about the first two couples, saw how they were doing and all. At first, i found Cassie to be highly annoying. She was so afraid of being a werewolf that she was damaging her system by taking in KO drugs. But the i understood her point. Her character lived a fully sheltered life and she did se I found this book as well as the first two in the series to be a highly satisfying read.

Her character lived a fully sheltered life and she did see a traumatic scene back in their house so she's entitled to a little bit of bitching out. It's sooo good that she's some kinda werewolf royalty that's the first time i heard of that term btw on any novel ever.. I just wish the novel included something about her parents.

I believe i read something about talking to their other packmates who came from Spain? I guess if there's a next book, Cassie's parents would be tackled there. I liked Bryan from the first and in the second book.. He's sooo patient and i think if ever he becomes a real person whom i can pull out of the book.. I love their paring. I'm surprised though about Marla's wolf? So there Hope there's a next one. Cassie Greyson has been in hiding for the past three years under the name of Sandy Grant.

Sandy's only friend is named Kellen Anderson living in Las Vegas. Sandy hides in secret afraid to let any one including Kellen. Kellen has a problem with gambling and knows that Sandy doesn't like it at all. For the last three years, Bryan Cooper, Beta of the Stump River Pack, has been haunted by the same dream since he started searching for Cassie Greyson. She disappeared without a trace on the night her U Cassie Greyson has been in hiding for the past three years under the name of Sandy Grant. She disappeared without a trace on the night her Uncle Anthony Greyson was killed.

It's been Bryan's job to look for her, when he finally gets a lead on where she's at from another werewolf that was on vacation in Las Vegas. Bryan finds Cassie and is struck by how much he's attracted to her. Meanwhile, Kellen has run up a considerable amount of gambling debt and is sure that Sandy won't be helping him out this time but when he finds an old picture of Sandy with a different name.

Kellen comes up with a plan to use Sandy for his own gain. Leon Aldritch and Marla Matthews are both are hiding from werewolves for different reasons. Leon because the werewolves exist and Marla cuz she killed her old pack Alpha. When events collide beyond either of their own control, what will happen to them both. Your questions will be answered in The Finding. Cassie is young, naive and has been sheltered from the outside world all of her life. She is left alone now after witnessing the murder of her so-called uncle, and she has fled the city and is hiding out fearing for her own life.

Her friend has gotten himself into some trouble and now she is experiencing some personal changes and is not sure how to deal with those either. Will she trust Bryan enough to join his pack and have the family she has always wanted? I love the characters that Nicky has brought to life in this series and I love the way their paths connect in each book throughout the series. Bring on some more Nicky!! I seem to be in the minority as opposed to other reviewers. I liked Nicky Charles's other books, even with their grammatical errors, and I was looking forward to reading Bryan's story, but this just fell flat for me.

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I didn't care for Cassie, at all. She was annoying. She's a werewolf but didn't find out until recently.

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And yeah she was inducted into the life rather abruptly, but come on! Its not like she can change anything now can she? Suck it up and move on. Get to know your true self. If my I seem to be in the minority as opposed to other reviewers. If my true nature had been hidden from me for my entire life, not to mention being forcibly drugged, I would be pissed at the ones who kept it from me, not the ones trying to help me! The term "spoiled little rich girl" fit her perfectly. Bryan was ok but he was wasted on Cassie. And the backstory with Melanie's "big secret" was just inane.

Really Ms Charles? Please Nicky write more! I found this book just engrossing as the first book I read in this series. I was pulled into the story from the very beginning because I was about to get a chance to catch up with some old favorites. The characters are so well written and have managed to make me think of them as real when I open a book and start to read about them. The story here is a little more complicated than what we get normally as it brings to a conclusion several stories which have been ongoing and initiates a new one.

Cas I found this book just engrossing as the first book I read in this series. Cassandra Greyson was last seen fleeing the grounds of her Uncles estate after witnessing his death and what she assumed was the murder of his attorney by a large black wolf. Her uncle had informed her only recently that she was a werewolf, something she found hard to believe.

After checking into a motel Kansas Cassie takes some of the medication her uncle had been using to contain her during the full moon, only to wake up in Las Vegas with no idea of how she got there. She finds someone who is willing to help her but she must still hide from her past.

Bryan has been searching for Cassandra for the past 3 years with no luck since her encounter with his Alpha, Ryne. Though her home is in Chicago Ryne has evoked the Finding in order to bring Cassie into his pack in Canada as her uncle had wanted. A lucky tip leads Bryan to Las Vegas where he thinks he will have an easy time bringing Cassie in. He has no idea of the craziness he is about to walk into or the things he will have to do in order just to get her to listen to him. I totally enjoyed this book as it moved from coast to coast and up to the wilds of Canada.

We got to catch up with all our favorite characters and some of the ones we disliked as well for a final accounting. The romance was sweet and hot, but not sizzling. There was a lot of suspense,betrayal, and double dealing. This is one that will be loved by any fan of the series. It is not a stand alone however and must be read in order. Totally recommend it! Cassie left the Chicago-area mansion in which she was raised after the death of her uncle and after years spent hiding from both the public eye and her inner werewolf.

Bryan, seeking Cassie, adds more of that. This is the fifth in a six book series, and was the third of a trilogy when I got it and its two companions. The good stuff includes well-paced story, interesting character insight in the form of the human and inner werewolf having conversations, and the emotional and sometimes intimate feelings and actions of the characters adult content warning here. It brings to conclusion The Mating and The Keeping. The not-so-good is needed editing.

In my edition, there are a couple of places where a word seems missing, too. This is intended as reading pleasure and succeeds as such. I find that I am and will read more of the lycan series. The third and final so far in the series by Nicky Charles. By far the best and the longest of the three. Once again, you really need to read the first two books in the series before taking on this one or you will be completely lost.

This book is about a young heiress who has run away to hide from her past life because she has a secret that could cause her to lose everything including her life. She moves to Vegas and takes up with a young man with a gambling addiction. Her life is a struggle at The third and final so far in the series by Nicky Charles. Her life is a struggle at best and becomes even more difficult when his debts become overwhelming and he gets desperate for a way to pay them.

At the same time this young woman is being hunted down by Bryan of the Canadian pack and he is determined to find her because she could be a problem for the Lycian way of life. He has also developed a strange bond with her although they have never met. This book reintroduces the villainous Marla as well. More exciting and in depth than the two previous books and less sex , you can really see Nicky Charles growing as a writer in this novel.

Good for you Nicky! Keep writing!! Another great freebie for my Nook and one I would recommend. So this is the last in her series for now. It was slow going for me for some reason. I just wanted it to get going ya know? I did like this book, but not as much as the first 2. I think the main reason being the lack of "romance" I was so happy about in the first 2 books. There was sweet nothings and dreams, but not like the first 2. There was lots of info and action going on in this one once I got past the slow beginning.

So that held my attention very well! But it is one I suggest to read if So this is the last in her series for now. But it is one I suggest to read if you have read her first 2 books. I hope when she writes again that it'll have that romance I loved so much in the first 2, but that was lacking for me in this one. I will give Nicky a huge thumbs up for her writing and keeping me so interested. Not many can do that and she does and has in all of her e-books. With the lack of romance and yes people I mean sex, lol I would place this more of an urban fantasy I think.

Because there's lots more action and info and stuff going on. Still a good read and I'm glad I read it. But I want some good hot romance going on with my paranormal's. But please check these 3 books they are free downloads out and read them, you won't be disappointed. Readers also enjoyed. About Nicky Charles. Nicky Charles. She joined a fan-based group for the show and through there met Jan Gordon. Over the course of the next two months, she hastily scribbled down a suspense driven romance entitled Forever In Time and presented it to the world in August of The three stories formed a loose paranormal trilogy called The Law of the Lycans.

Nicky continues to expand the Lycan series and has a long list of possible plots waiting in the wings. Nicky works full-time and writes in her off-hours, few though they may be! In the next few years she hopes to retire from her day job and concentrate more of her energy on her new passion of writing. The sights, sounds, smells and sensations of a scene are almost as important to her as the actual plot. Nicky tries to make each character different, to give them an interesting back story, to make their actions and feelings logical and to hopefully make the reader actually care what happens to the people in the story.

Nicky lives in Canada and tries to stick to Canadian spelling and punctuation in her work, in support of her country. She is an avid supporter of animal shelters, nature conservancy, food banks and a variety of other charities. When not writing, Nicky enjoys reading — though she often bemoans that she seldom has time for it any more. Her favourite authors are Elizabeth Peters, S. Stephen and Cherise Sinclair. She also enjoys spending time out in nature, gardening, taking day trips and eating dark chocolate.

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Other books in the series. Law of the Lycans 9 books. Books by Nicky Charles. Trivia About The Finding Law No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from The Finding. Crowds parted when he walked by, a look had others letting him in line while the female employees hurried to do his bidding when he graced them with his slow, sexy smile. Finally, they were climbing into a taxi bound for the motel where they were all planning to meet. As the taxi pulled away from the curb, Mel hit him in the stomach. No one dared say no to you. I never said anything threatening.

I have some scissors on the counter. I want to save it as a memento of today.