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Binnick, University of Toronto Emeritus Maps the state of the art in the field of tense and aspect The first Handbook dedicated to a key topic in grammar and language structure Draws on the expertise of world-class scholars from a diverse range of theoretical perspectives Tense and aspect are means by which language refers to time-how an event takes place in the past, present, or future. They play a key role in understanding the grammar and structure of all languages, and interest in them reaches across linguistics.

The Oxford Handbook of Tense and Aspect is a comprehensive, authoritative, and accessible guide to the topics and theories that currently form the front line of research into tense, aspect, and related areas. The volume contains 36 chapters, divided into 6 sections, written by internationally known experts in theoretical linguistics.

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Smith, Birkbeck College, University of London The ultimate reference work for philosophy of language Brilliant new essays from an eminent international team of contributors Comprehensive survey of all major branches of the discipline Essential for anyone working in the central areas of Philosophy This is the definitive reference work for this diverse and fertile field of philosophy. A superb international team contribute 40 brand-new essays covering topics from the nature of language to meaning, truth, and reference, and the interfaces of philosophy of language with linguistics, psychology, logic, epistemology, and metaphysics.

It is an essential resource for anyone working in the central areas of philosophy, for linguists interested in syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, and for psychologists and cognitive scientists working on language. Contributors Richard S. Contributors Ernest Lepore, Barry C. This is the most comprehensive volume ever published on Wittgenstein: thirty-five leading scholars explore the whole range of his thought, offering critical engagement and original interpretation, and tracing his philosophical development.

Topics discussed include logic and mathematics, language and mind, epistemology, philosophical methodology, religion, ethics, and aesthetics.

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The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Typology Edited by Jae Jung Song, University of Otago Brings together an internationally renowned group of scholars Forward-looking, agenda-setting, and authoritative A major source of reference for professional linguists and students. Gibson, University of Texas Houston A comprehensive survey of a dynamic multidisciplinary field offering clear, critical, comprehensible accounts on: Comparative animal behaviour The anatomy, genetics, and neurology of language evolution The development of language in human species The prehistory of language Language creation, transmission, and change Interdisciplinary activity in this burgeoning field has produced fundamental advances in the understanding of language evolution and in human and primate evolution more generally.

The book presents a wide-ranging summation of work in all the disciplines involved. It highlights the links in different lines of research, shows what has been achieved to date, and considers the most promising directions for future work.

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  4. The Oxford Handbook of Laboratory Phonology : Abigail C. Cohn : .
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  8. With the varied interdisciplinary contributions collected, the Handbook advances work in this vibrant field. Comprehensive exploration of a key notion in linguistic semantics and the philosophy of mind and language This book provides a critical state-of-the-art overview of work in linguistic typology.

    It examines Of central interest to researchers in psychology, neuroscience, and bioinformatics the directions and challenges of current research Authors include the leading scholars from all over and shows how these reflect and inform work on the world the development of linguistic theory.

    It describes what typologists have revealed about language in Leading linguists and philosophers report on every general and discovered and continue to discover aspect of one of the most exciting and contentious about the richly various ways in which meaning and fields in the study of language and mind, the notion expression are achieved in the worlds languages.

    The book linguistics. The degree to which the characteristics reveals the connections in different lines of research of language are universal or particular is crucial to and highlights the most challenging opportunities. This book is an essential Contributors source of reference for linguists of all theoretical Markus Werning, Wolfram Hinzen, Edouard Machery, persuasions. Engel, Tim linguistic fieldwork on one or more languages.

    Contributors Abigail C. Contributors Maggie Tallerman, Kathleen R. Gibson, Stephen R. Anderson, Michael A. Arbib, Amy L.

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    Cheney, Morton H. Christiansen, Frederick K. Coolidge, Michael C. Diller, Merlin Donald, Robin I. Dunbar, Dean Falk, W. Hopkins, James R. Hurford, Vincent M. Pepperberg, Amy S. Pollock, Camilla Power, Paul T. Roberge, Robert M. Wilkins, Bernard A. Wood, Thomas Wynn, Klaus Zuberbhler. Scholars from all over the world report on current theoretical, typological, diachronic, and psycholinguistic research and assess cross-linguistic work on case and case-systems. Leading researchers explore the origins of the program, the course of its research, and its connections with other disciplines, such as developmental biology, cognitive science, computational science, and philosophy of mind.

    It examines all major processes of translation, offers critical accounts of current research, and compares theoretical perspectives on the problems of translation ranging from sacred texts and drama to science and diplomatic interpretation. Leading scholars discuss its core theoretical and methodological bases, report on work in the field, and point to directions for new research. They represent every relevant theoretical perspective and approach. Van Valin, Jr. Order online at: www. With almost 50 chapters written by experts in the field, the range and depth of coverage is unequalled. The contributors are eminent in a wide range of fields, including psychology, linguistics, human memory, cognitive neuroscience, bilingualism, genetics, development and neuropsychology.

    Experienced scholars and fieldworkers explain the methods and approaches needed to understand a language in its full cultural context and to document it accessibly and enduringly. They consider the application of new technological approaches to recording and documentation, but never lose sight of the crucial relationship between subject and researcher. The book is timely: an increased awareness of dying languages and vanishing dialects has stimulated the impetus for recording them as well as the funds required to do so.

    The Handbook is an indispensable source, guide, and reference for everyone involved in linguistic and cultural fieldwork. Authors include leading linguists Jackendoff, A comprehensive guide to the field of language Langacker, Givn, Biber, Rizzi, Cinque, and and law Fillmore Forward-looking and authoritative A comprehensive guide to contemporary Draws on the expertise of scholars and practitioners linguistic theory working in a diverse range of languages Forty of the worlds most distinguished scholars This book provides a state-of-the-art account of subject the analytic frameworks of contemporary past and current research in the interface between linguistics to the same set of principled questions, linguistics and law.

    It outlines the range of legal showing which models best explain particular areas in which linguistics plays an increasing role phenomena and offering a unique overview of and describes the tools and approaches used by linguistic theory. This indispensable guide will linguists and lawyers in this vibrant new field. Blumstein, Ina D. Federmeier, Eva M. Fernndez, Victor S. Ferreira, W. Tecumseh Fitch, Carol A.

    Fowler, Angela D.


    Gareth Gaskell, Susan E. Gathercole, Lila R. Gleitman, Arthur M. Koenig, Marta Kutas, Susannah V.

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    Levi, Stephen J. Lupker, William D. Marslen-Wilson, Randi C. Meyer, Roger K. Moore, Helen E. Moss, Colin Phillips, Martin J. Pickering, David B. Pisoni, Robert F. Tanenhaus, Kirsten I. Taylor, Rebecca Treiman, John C. Trueswell, Lorraine K. Tyler, Michael T. Ullman, Roger P.

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    Vinson, Loan C. Vuong, Matthew Wagers, Janet F. Jaszczolt, Ronald W.

    Segment-to-Tone Association (Chapter 11.2)

    Langacker, J. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more.

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