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Only now does Fabian realize how transparent his life has become by piecing together publicly available information and he is furious that he has so carelessly provided information about himself online. Hey Hey Heey [2x]Those who traveled far away from home, they'll never return and those who crossed the seas of hope, they all will burn www. He became furious , and was just going to tear the boot out of the soldier's hands, but at that moment the first ray of the rising sun broke forth from the sky, and the Evil Spirit fled away with loud shrieks.

We fear no wind nor treacherous coast. Today we'll be right merry! Each has his girl ashore, grand tobacco and good brandy! Rocks and storms outside - yollohohey! Furl sails! Rocks and storms we laugh at them! Steersman, leave your watch! Steersman, drink with us! Rocks and storms, hey!

Here, come and drink with us! They dance on the deck, accompanying the down-beat of each bar with a heavy stamp of the feet GIRLS they arrive, carrying baskets of food and drink Well!

Just look! Dancing, indeed! They don't seem to need us girls! Where are you going? Your neighbours there shall have some too! Is the food and drink for you alone? Lass die Wacht!

Her zu uns! Hisst die Segel auf! Anker fest! Steuermann, her! Klipp' und Sturm' drauss - Jollohohe! Segel ein! Klipp' und Sturm lachen wir aus! Steuermann, lass die Wacht! Steuermann, her zu uns! Trink mit uns! Klipp' und Sturm, he! Steuermann, He! Komm und trink mit uns! Seht doch an! Sie tanzen gar! Wo geht ihr hin? Eu'r Nachbar dort soll auch was haben! Take it to the poor lads! They must be faint with thirst! No light! No sign of the crew!

Do you want torches? Where are you then? We can see nothing. Don't wake them up!


They're still asleep! Answer then! Truly, they are dead: thay have no need of food and drink! No feasting for you today? Don't you want some wine? Surely you must be thirsty, too! Tragt's hin den armen Knaben! Vor Durst sie scheinen matt zu sein! Kein Licht, Wollt Fackeln ihr? Wo seid ihr doch? Man sieht nicht hier! Weckt sie nicht auf! Sie schlafen noch. Antwortet doch! Wahrhaftig, sie sind tot; sie haben Speis' und Trank nicht not! Seeleute, wollt ihr nicht frischen Wein? Haven't you sweethearts ashore? Don't you want to dance with them on the pleasant beach?

Wake up! We bring you food and drink in plenty! They seem dead. They've no need of food and drink. The ship you see there is exactly like his! Storms and rocks can do you no harm! They don't sing! No light burns on their ship! In ihrem Schiffe brennt kein Licht. Wollt ihr nicht mit tanzen auf freundlichen Strand? Wacht doch auf! Wir bringen euch Speis' und Trank zuhauf!

Sie scheinen tot! Sie haben Speis' und Trank nicht not. Euch tut ja der Sturm und die Klippe nicht weh! We'll deliver them to our great-grandfathers! And their sweethearts, alas, are dead! Set your sails and show us the Flying Dutchman's speed! Gives you the creeps here!

They don't want anything - so why call to them? Let us, the living, enjoy ourselves! Your neighbour has spurned it. Aren't you coming aboard? It's not late. We'll come back soon. You drink up, and if you want to dance as well, but let your weary neighbours rest! There's plenty here! Dear neighbours, thank you! Uns graust es hier! Sie wollen nichts, - was rufen wir? Kommt ihr denn nicht selbst an Bord? Wir kommen bald, jetzt trinkt nur fort! Lieb Nachbar, habe Dank! Our good neighbours send us drink! Good neighbours, if you've voice and speech, wake up and follow our example!

Up and follow our example! They noisily clink their cups Hussa! We watched many a night in storm and terror, we often drank the sea's brine: today we watch, carousing and feasting, and the girls give us a better drink from the cask. Rocks and storms, outside! We laugh at them! Drink with us! Rocks and storms, ha! The sea, which everywhere else remains calm, has begun to rise in the neighbouthood of the Dutch ship; a dull blue flame flares up like a watchfire.

A storm wind whistles through the rigging. Lieb Nachbar liefert uns den Trank. Lieb' Nachbarn, habt ihr Stimm und Sprach, so wachet auf und macht's uns nach! Wachet auf! Sie trinken aus und stampfen die becker heftig auf Hussa! Ho, he, je, ha! Klipp' und Sturm drauss - Jollolohe! Klipp' und Sturm, ha! Her, komm und trink mit uns! The storms sweeps ashore, Huissa! Anchor away!

Run for the bay! Sombre capitain, go ashore, seven years are over! Seek the fair maid's hand! Fair maid, be true to him! Be merry today, hui! A bridegroom, hui! The stormwind howls bridal-music and the ocean dances to it! Hark, he whistles! Capitain, here again? Hoist sail! But your bride, say, where is she? Back to sea! You're unlucky in love! Scream, storm-wind, howl!

Leave our sails alone! Satan has blessed them, and they will not rend. In the meantime the Dutch ship tosses to and from in the raging waters, whith a gale howling in the rigging. Nach dem Land treibt der Sturm, - Huissa! Anker los! In die Bucht laufet ein! Schwarzer Hauptmann, geh ans Land! Sieben Jahre sind vorbei! Lustig heut, hui! Sturmwind heult Brautmusik, Ozean tanzt dazu! Horch, er pfeift! Bist wieder da? Segel auf! Deine Braut - sag, wo sie blieb?

Auf, in See! Sause, Sturmwind, heule zu! Satan hat sie uns gefeit, - reissen nicht in Ewigkeit, - hohoe! Nicht in Ewigkeit! Are they spooks? Makes the flesh creep! Strike up our song! Sing it loud! The Dutch crew interrupt with sinister cries and finally their chorus silences the Norwegian sailors who, terror-stricken, leave the deck and go below making the sign of the Cross.

The ghostly crew burst into mocking laughter: ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ist es Spuk? Wie mich's graust! Stimmet an - unser Lied! Singet laut! God, what I saw! Is it an illusion? The truth? A fact? I dare not answer! It is true beyond doubt. What unholy power tore you from me? What force seduced you so rapidly, to cruelly break this truest heart? Your father - ha, he brought the bridegroom; I know him well, I expected this to happen! But you - is it possible - offer your hand to a man who has hardly crossed your threshold!

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Say no more! I must, I must! ERIK Oh, this obedience, as blind as your act! You welcomed your father's suggestion, and with one blow broke my heart! No more! I must never see you again, nor think of you: a noble duty decrees it. ERIK What noble duty? Isn't it nobler to keep the vow you once made to me of eternal true love? Did I ever vow to be always true to you? Gott, was musst' ich sehen!

Ist es Tat? Antwort darf ich nicht geben. Kein Zweifel, es ist wahr! Welch unheilvolle Macht riss dich dahin? Dein Vater - ha! Doch du Ich muss! Den Wink des Vaters nanntest du willkommen, mit einem Stoss vernichtest du mein Herz! Ich darf dich nicht mehr seh'n, nicht an dich denken: hohe Pflicht gebeut's!

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Don't you remember the day when you called me to you in the valley? When to get highland flowers for you, I bravely took countless risks? Do you recall how on a steep cliff we saw your father leave the shore? He sailed on a white-winged ship and to my protection he entrusted you. And when you twined your arms around my neck, didn't you declare your love anew? The rapture I felt at the touch of your hand, say, wasn't that assurance of your true love? Ah, lost! Redemption lost for ever! To sea! For ever! Farewell, I'll not ruin you! Als, dir des Hochlands Blume zu gewinnen, mutvoll ich trug Beschwerden ohne Zahl?

Gedenkst du, wie auf steilem Felsenriffe vom Ufer wir den Vater scheiden sahn? Er zog dahin auf weissbeschwingtem Schiffe, und meinem Schutz vertraute er dich an. Als sich dein Arm um meinen Nacken schlang, gestandest du mir Liebe nicht aufs neu? Ewig verlornes Heil! In See! Leb wohl! Ich will dich nicht verderben! That look in his eyes! You shall never flee from here! Weigh anchor! Say farewell to land for ever! Away to sea again I'm driven!

I doubt you just as I doubt God! Dead, dead is all faith! What you promised was a jest to you! Unhappy man, why are you so blind? Do not regret our bond! What I promised, I will fulfit! God, what is this I see? Am I to trust my ears, my eyes? Do you want to perish?


Come to me! You are in Satan's clutches! I am condemned to the most ghastly fate. A ten-fold death would be a long awaited joy! From the curse a woman alone can free me, a woman true to me till death. You did vow to be true but not solemnly before God: this saves you! For know, poor girl, the fate awaiting those who break faith with me: eternal damnation is their lot! Countless victims have paid this penalty through me! But you shall be saved. Farewell for ever to my salvation! Dieser Blick! Von dannen sollst du nimmer fliehn!

Sagt Lebewohl auf Ewigkeit dem lande! Fort auf das Meer triebt's mich auf's neue! Ich zweifl an dir! Ich zweifl an Gott! Dahin, dahin, ist alle Treue! Was du gelobtest, war dir Spott! Unsel'ger, was verblendet dich? Halt ein! Was ich gelobte, halte ich! Gott, was muss ich sehen? Muss ich dem Ohr, dem Auge traun? Willst du zugrunde gehen? Zu mir! Du bist in Satans Klau'n! Denn wiss', Unsel'ge, welches das Geschick, das jene trifft, die mir die Treue brechen: - Ew'ge Verdammnis ist ihr Los!

ERIK in fearful terror, calling to the house and the ship Help! Save, oh, save her! And well I know your fate! I knew you when first I saw you! The end of your torment is near! I am she by whose true love you shall find salvation! ERIK Help her! She is lost! He points to his ship, whose red sails are spread and whose crew, in ghostly activity, are preparing for departure Ask the seas around the globe, ask the seaman who has sailed the ocean. The Dutchman rushes aboard his ship which instantly heads out to sea. Rettet, rettet sie! Wohl kenn ich dein Geschick! Ich kannte dich, als ich zuerst dich sah!

ERIK Helft ihr! Notti di pace occidentale, Donzelli, Rome Il catalogo della gioia, Donzelli, Dal balcone del corpo, Mondadori, Milan, He has written six volumes of poetry to date.

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It has a tragic, existentialist dimension. Transience and death are the themes with which he deals. The barren, grey ambiance of Milan forms the backdrop to his texts. His language can create a strong, lyrical flow. It is sometimes dark but always expressive. He currently runs a series of the same name for the La Vita Felice publishing house. Publications a selection : Somiglianze, Guanda, Parma Millimetri, Einaudi, Turin Terra del viso, Mondadori, Milan Distante un padre, Mondadori, Milan Biogafia sommaria, Mondadori, Milan Poetry , Donzelli, Rome Tema dell'addio, Mondadori, Milan He was one of the co-founders of Neoavanguardia, an influential, avant-garde literary movement in Italy in the s and 60s.

The linguistic experiments of the authors of this group form part of the literary tradition of T. Eliot and Ezra Pound in both form and content. He worked for the Feltrinelli publishing house in Milan from — He was also a regular political activist: in , he started Potere operaio, an organisation of non-parliamentary left-wingers and then supported the Autonomia movement in the s.

In , Balestrini fled to France, then later to Germany, after being accused of being a member of a guerrilla group. His work regularly reflects the tension between left-wing optimism and governmental repression. He is a polarising class warrior and aesthetic innovator. I furiosi. Tristano, SuhrkampVerlag, Berlin Two of her subsequent volumes are bilingual, with poems in both Italian and English. In all, she has published six books of verse, which have been translated in several languages including English, Spanish, French and German. Publications a selection : Questi Nodi, Gazebo, Florenz Parole per Musica, Einaudi, Turin Nuovi Poeti Americani, Einaudi, Turin Nel Bosco, Einaudi, Turin He has lived in Berlin since His texts must be heard in order for the intended effect to be achieved.

Sound, rhythm and dynamics are therefore at the forefront of his poetry performances, with which he has made an international name for himself. Publications a selection : Megaherz, Rotbuch Verlag, Hamburg In she came to Vienna and studied German, graduating with a dissertation on lists in Concrete Poetry. In she moved to Berlin. Her poetry is characterised by playful language experiments and clarity. Suhrkamp-Verlag Nach der Welt. Die Listen der konkreten Poesie und ihre Folgen. Klever