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I decide I really have gone insane. But freedom is a fickle thing. What she discovers along the way is a magic that has the power to turn blood against blood, throat against throat. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Fane Forest , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dec 18, Jess rated it really liked it. Fane Forest sounds, from the blurb on Goodreads, like a wonderful novel about a young girl's journey that is filled with magic. On this, it absolutely delivers. When Andie's father gets fatally ill, she sets out with her brother, Ric, and her best friend, Myles, on a journey through the Fane Forest to find a cure. This becomes a long trek that tests their relationships with each other, as well as their faith in themselves.

It begins with a fast, exciting prologue and while the story itself is slo Fane Forest sounds, from the blurb on Goodreads, like a wonderful novel about a young girl's journey that is filled with magic. It begins with a fast, exciting prologue and while the story itself is slower, it kept me interested the whole time.

It really was a great adventure story with elements of a past fantasy world and a modern world combined for an interesting result. Not only is the story fantastic, but Tahlea's writing is also wonderful. The imagery was beautiful, and the settings, especially the forest, really came alive in front of me. Andie is an excellent character. She is very easy to relate to, especially for young adults. She finds herself feeling very stuck in her life, craving more freedom, which her parents refuse her.

She has huge ambitions and just wants a chance to prove herself, which, combined with her unwavering love for her family, is what gives her the courage to to take this task on. Readers get to experience a lot of her internal conflict as she struggles with who she knows herself to be and who she wants to be, as well as the responsibilities she finds thrust upon her.

As she goes through the draining journey, she really comes into her own and grows as a character, which was great to see. My only issues with the novel were, first, that it could have used more editing, even just for spelling and grammar. It's not a huge issue but it can distract from the story. I also wish there had been more division between scenes.

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When there is not a chapter division, it often felt like I was thrust into a new scene without any indication that any time has passed or that the characters have moved. A little more clarity would have helped this story reach its full potential. Overall, this was a really great novel that I'm so pleased to have had the chance to read!

View 2 comments. Oct 15, Jo rated it really liked it. Tahlea Eastwood is my kind of author. She understands the value of a cinematic approach to a story, her rich, detailed descriptions allowing you to clearly picture each character, setting and situation. The magic is in the small details she shares with us, ensnaring us and gently pulling us deeper into the story. She and her twin Tahlea Eastwood is my kind of author.

She and her twin brother Riccon lead a quiet existence there with their parents. Bullied for being different since the day she was born, she yearns to join her father on one of his trading trips, to experience the thrill of an adventure and prove that she is no longer a child. But her father wants to protect her, for she and her brother are no more human than he is.

And Ramsay eventually died by being fed to his own dogs. A terrifying death for a terrible human. Why, exactly, the Night King marches South to destroy mankind remains somewhat a mystery. But, whatever the reason, he's a terrifying foe. Winter has, as the Starks say, finally come. Beric Dondarrion Played by : Richard Dormer Beric danced on the outskirts of the series until its third season when he surfaced as the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners. His introduction paved the way for the Lord of Light's ability to resurrect the dead, a mystical sub-plot that would become very important for Jon Snow.

Bran Stark Played by : Isaac Hempstead Wright It says a lot that Bran Stark has become marginally more interesting since he sacrificed his personality in favour of becoming the spiritualistic heart of the series. His role in the final season looks set to be a huge one what with the long-standing theory that he could become the fearsome Night King. Thankfully, Theon comes back around again in the later seasons, but not without us still hating his guts for not saving Sansa sooner. The High Sparrow Played by : Jonathan Pryce While at first a seemingly wise old man, the High Sparrow quickly becomes a tactical villain, using his newfound powers under King Tommen to turn King's Landing into his own domain.

His biggest moment? Battering poor Oberyn's head into mush. Rising from discarded bastard to King of the North, his climb has been one of the show's best storylines. A shame, then, that Snow can be such a bland person, doing only what is right and seemingly having no faults. Stannis Baratheon Played by : Stephen Dillane With his propensity to make tough decisions for the greater good, Stannis could have been a heroic warrior. Hodor Played by : Kristian Nairn Once you get over the fact that Kristian Nairn was essentially getting paid to repeat the word "Hodor" over and over, it's hard to deny that Bran Stark's protector was a heartwarming addition to the show.

His two favourite children became incestuous lovers, and he blamed his youngest for the death of his wife. Without Tywin, though, the Lannister family would not be nearly as riveting as they are to watch. Tormund Giantsbane Played by : Kristofer Hivju Tormund has some of the best lines in the series, particularly when expressing his admiration for Brienne.

Here's one of the least explicit: "I want to make babies with her. Think of it. Great big monsters.

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They'll conquer the world! I guess everyone would if theirs was as impressive. The Queen of Thorns was as cunning as the best of them and seemed like she could worm her way out of any situation, all from the comfort of her own chair. Dany may be 25 years younger than him, but that never stopped the disgraced warrior from loving her.

He even fought off Grey Scale to fight by her side. If that's not true love, then what is? Davos Seaworth Played by : Liam Cunningham Liam Cunningham's performance as the curt Davos Seaworth has quietly been one of the best things about the series since his introduction. As Jon Snow's kingly advisor, he's recently seen himself thrust into the heart of the series and, simply put, Game of Thrones would be a less enjoyable show without him. Melisandre Played by : Carice van Houten Lest we forget that Melisandre is actually a shrivelled old witch who has been manipulating men for hundreds of years.

Her faith in the Lord of Light, though, could very well be misplaced. Oberyn Played by : Pedro Pascal Few shows can bring in characters midway through their run that have such an impact as Oberyn. The Viper quickly became a fan favourite, and his death remains one of the show's most squirm-inducing moments. Yet, as dictated by George RR Martin's books, they cut off Sean Bean's head without a second thought, setting the tone for everything to come. No death has impacted the Thrones quite as much since.

Fane Forest (The Element Series, #1) by Tahlea Eastwood

Varys Played by : Conleth Hill Early on in the series, it was hard to pin down Varys, a slippery eel of a character who has "little birds" fluttering around Westeros, feeding back crucial information. Bronn Played by : Jerome Flynn Perhaps the show's best wise-cracking side-kick, Bronn only has one loyalty: money. Paired with either of the Lannister lads, Tyrion or Jaime, Bronn makes for excellent company.

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Robb was a man of honour, trying to bring light to the Thrones universe. He was a likeable presence who ruled with his heart, an act that ultimately saw him die during the infamous Red Wedding in season three. Brienne of Tarth Played by : Gwendoline Christie Brienne is a reassuring force of good in a world filled with scheming layabouts. She's also one of the most deadly. Her time on the series has been spent protecting the likes of Renly Baratheon, Catelyn Stark and Jaime Lannister, the latter of which made for an interesting turn as it put her at odds with her loyalty.

The silver-tongued manipulator had Jon Arryn killed, setting off a snowball that turned into an avalanche. As smart as he may have been, Littlefinger was finally outplayed by his own pupil, Sansa Stark. Sansa Stark Played by : Sophie Turner Sansa has perhaps had the most interesting story arc of any character on Thrones. With any luck, she could sit upon the Iron Throne when the war is over.

Arya Stark Played by : Maisie Williams Arya Stark, arguably the greatest character of the first few seasons, was one of the biggest victims of the series overtaking George RR Martin's source material. Her limited screen time, due to being away from the central action, robbed us of classic moments that we're grateful she's been a part of in an otherwise lacklustre season eight.

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Most effective when paired with Arya Stark. His wicked ways and disgusting behaviour haunted the show's first four seasons. You never knew what was going to come next: whether he was about to behead your favourite character or start crying to his mother. It made for thrilling television. As she tried to take control of spiralling events in the second and third run, Thrones was handed its most resilient character.

Michelle Fairley's guttural cry of anguish before meeting her tragic end during the Red Wedding will always be the show's most horrific moment. Jaime Lannister Played by : Nikolaj Coster-Waldau If the characters above Jaime in this list are the show's greatest characters, Jaime is the show's most disarming.

Tyrion Lannister Played by : Peter Dinklage Blamed for the death of his mother and hated for being a dwarf, Tyrion turned to drink and prostitutes to numb the pain. However, Tyrion has a fierce intellect, capable of outsmarting the toughest enemies and offering cutting lines that George RR Martin says often take weeks to write. More importantly, despite being betrayed and cast away time and time again, Tyrion selflessly only wants the best for the people of Westeros. A true hero. Yet, thanks to Lena Headey's empathetic performance, you still feel sorry for the terrifying Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

As one of the most complicated character to have ever reached television screens, there's no denying her place as the best Thrones character to date. Few will have cheered when Jon knifed Dany, or when a grieving Drogon melts down the Iron Throne, as though it was ever something more than an overblown metaphor.

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Dinner is a delicious 3-course bush dinner around the camp fire and breakfast is a scrumcious buffet. Stone Camp has no electricity. An evening game drive returns at the magical hour, with time to prepare for dinner. This package includes mid-morning game drive, lunch, afternoon game drive, dinner, early morning game drive, breakfast and transfer game drive. Depending on the size of the group, some meals are prepared on the fire. Breakfast and dinner are served around the fire, while lunch is often set up under the giant Sausage Tree.

In inclement weather, dining is moved under our large thatch roof, suspended on hardwood tree trunks, planted in the sand. For the patient observer it can provide hours of pleasure whether you are interested in birds, mammals, reptiles, insects or amphibians. Time spent here is about what is happening outside and respect is requested for those who may have travelled some distance for their daily water.

Waterholes are obvious places for predator ambush, causing wildlife visitors to be extra alert - a sudden movement may result in the bush exploding with a surprising number of nyala, kudu and other wildlife… and a day without water for the scattered. He practiced respect for trees and worms and decent people and beetles and birds… all creatures and all things natural. For the consideration of the animals and the enjoyment of all guests we ask that you please remain still and quiet.

Fashioned in the same architectural style, the cool Executive Lounge has a solid stone wall along one side, sloping down each side to a low wall in front. Settle down quietly with a book or binoculars on comfortable furniture, aware of the nyala, suni and guineafowl passing by. Solar power is set up for laptops and projectors, and sketchy cell reception negates pesky interruptions. Alongside, a small curio shop sells bush-related curios and high quality branded merchandise.

All activities at Mkhaya are guided and form part of the various packages, both Day Tours and Overnight. Whether on foot or Land Rover, guests encounter a myriad of species, including endangered mammals, colourful birdlife, interesting insects and the all-important vegetation.

These fascinating creatures and life forms are woven into your Swazi safari. Mkhaya has a handful of knowledgeable Field Guides who enjoy hosting small groups, weaving our history and ethos into interpretation of the environment. Local knowledge allows them discretion with individual animals, some of which are incredibly tolerant, while others are best viewed from further away. Activities take place pre-breakfast, mid-morning and mid-afternoon into the evening, and are built into packages as appropriate. Download Activity PDF.

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Depart on a game drive exploring the endangered species section, providing incredible photo opportunities, before arriving at Stone Camp for a hearty bush lunch and chance to refresh. A second game drive after lunch ends at your vehicle at 16h Open Land Rover Game Drives wind along bush tracks, revealing special species and sharing the cultural significance of our natural world.

Low hanging branches bring an ever-present element of adventure. Guests are requested to bring sunblock and sunhats, preferably broad-brimmed, and a sarong or light long-sleeved cotton shirt in summer. Bottled water is always available on the drive. Walking slows the pace, getting you closer to the environment and making your safari more personal. Good closed walking shoes with solid soles to prevent thorn penetration, sun hats, insect repellant, long sleeve and long cotton trousers are recommended. Binoculars and cameras are always an advantage.

Mkhaya Bush Trails are a fabulous way for small groups people to really embrace the bush between 1 April — 30 September. Moving on foot brings to life the smaller intriguing species such as bagworms and processionary worms.

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Bush Trails are fully catered in Jubela's Camp, a rustic tented camp with rudimentary ablutions and facilities. Please note minimum age is 13 years. To assist, we have created a "Suggested Borders" document for you. Mahamba Border. From Hlane Royal National Park.

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From Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. The reviews shown here are taken directly from TripAdvisor. We encourage potential guests to visit the pages and read what our guests have said! Mkhaya TripAdvisor Page. This lodge is so different to the norm. One leaves one's car in secure parking near the entrance and boards a safari vehicle.