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Later, after your tier 2 hearth quest, you will receive your first hint of the existence of Clan Amberstone, our Rabbit NPCs. If you follow this quest to its conclusion, you will win the trust of the rabbit people, and attract rabbit immigrants.

You may even gain a powerful weapon to use against the titan. With it, you can promote a hearthing to this ancient and powerful class. Second level geomancers can build wet and dry stones of various sizes, allowing you to control the water in the world.

DT: The Geomancer

Advanced geomancers can build golems: stone laborers that can help your hearthlings haul and mine. This feature, one of my favorites, was originally mentioned during the kickstarter, and got a new lease on life when Artist Allie drew pictures of how ancient Rabbit soceity may once have worked: that giant carrots were ferried around by epic golems, as opposed to the shorter, rounder rabbit folk. The most advanced geomancers can plant spreading ore veins in the ground, allowing your hearthlings to harvest ever increasing amounts of tin, copper, iron, silver, and gold.

Finally, they can raise great and intricate landmarks from the earth as well, such as this beautiful geyser waterfall topped with trees. Personal Skills These skills activate automatically for units in the Geomancer class.

Geomancer (Explorers)

Geomancer EQ Allows the unit to equip Geomancer equipment. Ignore Move Cost Allows the unit to move without regard to movement costs. Crisis MOV up Increases parameters based on the ley point's element when the unit is standing in a ley point. Special Skill Description Ley Boost Extend the element of the ley point on which the user is standing to the entire battle field.

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Categories :. Extend the element of the ley point on which the user is standing to the entire battlefield. Extend the element of the ley point on which the user is standing to the entire battle field. Wild Arms XF. Clarissa Arwin.

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Tony Wild Arms XF. Levin Brenton.

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