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Theorien, Methoden und Politiken der Chancengleichheit. London: London Metropolitan University , European Commission co-author : Feasibility study to assess the possibilities, opportunities and needs to standardize national legislation on violence against women, violence against children and sexual orientation violence.

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Luxembourg: Analytical study of the results of the third round of monitoring the implementation of Recommendation Rec 5 on the protection of women against violence in Council of Europe member states. Hagemann-White et al. The two projects were closely linked.

In an instrument was developed for mapping legislation and institutional regulations for all forms of violence against women and violence against children. This extensive questionnaire was filled out by regional consultants and their expert contacts for 38 European countries EU member states, candidates, EFTA states and the Western Balkans.

In the course of this work, patterns of convergence in legal frameworks became visible, as did the differences in implementation and impact due to the diversity of traditions, legal and institutional cultures. Continuation of the Realising Rights project in permitted exploring the diversity in selected countries for three thematic case study areas.

Through these two studies, the need for research towards a deeper understanding of the cultural underpinnings of the differing guiding principles and practices that shape implementing legal norms, as well as issues around the ethics of intervention became evident and were a major driving force towards developing new research with a focus on these questions.

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Through the research in these projects a broad foundation of factual and structural information has been built up, allowing the subsequent four-country CEINAV study to direct its full attention to philosophical and cultural issues, and to examine in depth the the commonalities and differences in intervention systems and experiences. Onwuegbu, Obed I. Onwuegbu Ph.

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How to use the contents of an educational magazine by Florence Maria Hale - - 38 pages. How to utilize community resources by Miller Raymond Collings - - 7 pages. How To Win Your World? Middle Eastern crime families mostly have origins in Lebanon , Afghanistan mainly in Hamburg and Morocco mostly in Frankfurt. Middle Eastern crime clans come from different backgrounds, but the most numerous of them are the Lebanese Mhallami clans such as the Al-Zein Clan and the Miri clan among others. Lebanese clans are active in drug trafficking , including Afghan heroin , cocaine , hashish and methamphetamine , weapon trafficking , extortion , prostitution and loan sharking.

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The main center of Lebanese organized crime in Germany is Berlin , with other clans spread in Bremen and Essen. Afghan clans often of Pashtun background are active in Hamburg , a city with a large Afghan population. Like the Turkish and Turkish-Kurdish as well as Albanian gangs in the city, Afghan organized crime is active in hashish and heroin trafficking, extortion and prostitution. Moroccan organized crime groups, often of Riffian descent, on the other hand have been reported in Frankfurt. Next to Serbian mafia and Balkan gangs, Moroccan organized crime has become one of the main factors in the Frankfurt underworld active in the heroin trade as well as other criminal activities.

Vietnamese groups active in human trafficking and cigarette smuggling have been reported in Germany. Chinese Triads on the other hand have been reported but don't seem to have substantial power in Germany. The same report also indicates that petty corruption is not as uncommon as other European countries. In , the Wall Street Journal analysed German crime statistics for crime suspects and found that the foreigners, overall In The share is lower in the former East Germany. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The neutrality of this article is disputed.

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October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Further information: List of countries by intentional homicide rate. See also: Albanian mafia. Main article: Corruption in Germany. Share of foreign nationals among crime suspects Pickpocketing.

Main article: Immigration and crime in Germany. Retrieved 28 April Retrieved Frankfurter Rundschau in German. Retrieved 18 April Focus Online. Retrieved 12 April John Blake. Westdeutsche Zeitung. Augsburger Allgemeine. Retrieved 21 May