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Furthermore, Mr. Gayman discussed the details of services inside the Library and for students Medical and Dental services, Mrs. Catalyn Rose Angeles and Dr. Raymond Nonatos Cora introduced the proper health care and services to avail for free. Freddie S. Virgilio Bartolome provided students with the proper behavior inside the campus and the code and conduct, while Dr.

Josie A. Capistrano discussed the organizations building up the institution. More so, Mrs. Evelyn Napiza discussed registration. Rhoneil B. New students, continuers and shifters are onriented with the basic information about the university,Aug. With their musical.

Moreover, students from different colleges were screened for bloodletting. Anyone who is in good health, at least 16 years old of age and weighs at least 50 kgs can donate. Additionally, women must not be on their menstrual period and men should not have been confined at the hospital for six months. The program ended with a closing remark by the Y. S adviser, Mrs. Merdeka Esmalde. Furthermore, Y. Le added. Also sent by Santa Cruz. Campus was Bui Huyen Trang, a Vietnamese student. Due to his desire to gain extensive training, Jerwin Fernandez expressed his intent to stay longer; extending the duration of his training up to December.

More so, three other STs: Pauline Punzalan, Merienor Cosico and Angelica Cullano continue their training until November since they started a month later than the others. These newly registered electrical engineers were consisted of 30 first time takers, with passing percentage of The passers are Engr. Chriselda Andrada, Engr. John Lester Audije, Engr. Jay-el Mercado Anonuevo, Engr. Anj Bayacal, Engr. Mark Jayson Blastique Bugtong, Engr.

Justinemay Lee Justine Calso,. Richard Coronado, Engr. Danpaul Pascual Coronado, Engr. Jack Cura, Engr. Addam Bartolini Estenor, Engr. John Paul Garcia, Engr. Melanie Joyce Llamoso Gregas, Engr. John Rey Hingpit, Engr. Jayson L. Laguador, Engr. Calvin Jacob Lapiz, Engr. Sofia Loren Hara Matienzo, Engr.

Jamilee Orsal, Engr. Marlon Panaglima, Engr. Joshua Corpuz Pangayao, Engr. Vernadette Noceja Ramos, Engr. Kim Rupert Ramos, Engr. Jeanzell Abellera Rancap, Engr. Girma Rose Ceria Roxas, Engr. Jereylyn Capati Santos, Engr. Paul Jhon Serg Sotoya, Engr. Enjo Tantoco, Engr. Bronwen Ramirez Tobias, Engr. Hardeef Valenzuela, Engr. Rafael Vertudes, Engr. Mark Angel Gecolea Vicente, Engr. Marjon Vines and Engr. Joshua Yao. Yao, also board passer, ranked 9th and other 18 takers passed. Cacalda, Jaymark Nepomuceno Castillon, Engr. Aside from this, he also gave an advice for those who are going to take the board exam in the future.

Seryosohin nila yung mga kanilang pinag aralan, mahalin nila kung ano Ying ginawa nila kasi hanggan't may resistance yan sa sarili nila hindi nila maaabsorb yung mga tinuro diba, kumpara MO yan sa mga bata kasi pag umayaw ang bata stop na ang learning nun eh. So dapat tuloy tuloy lang. SPU - SCC officially welcomed new students in the academic community as part of Basic Education Department with a total of enrolled senior high school students.

Majority of the courses offered by the university were not offered until the first batch of SHS graduates. Board Resolution No. Vilma M. Moreover, admission scheduled last June 6 — 17 instructed students to undergo Entrance Examination, Medical Examination and Accomplishment of Personal Data Sheet; acceptance of enrollees began on June 20 — First day of classes started on August 8, alongside with the implementation of academic calendar shift.

Agri-Fishery Arts and Industrial Arts offerings on aforementioned campuses were based on their thrusts, Dr. Vitasa explained that even if the institution offers SHS or not, there will be no problem. Main campus has the highest number of enrollees compared to other campuses. Two academic tracks were offered in the university in compliance with the DepEd. On the other hand, HUMMS senior high students tallied a total of 21 students with a ratio of 9 is to 12 more of female students.

As for the time being, a total of 42 students are enrolled, 29 being male students It is expected that the SHS students will be undergoing a series of activities and events for the whole semester. College of Engineering COE retained their top spot by having 1, students for this year and still considered the most populous college in the school. College of Industrial Technology CIT still acquired the second spot by having 1, registered students.

On the other hand, College of Teacher Education CTE earned the third spot as they got a total of 1, of enrolled students. Lastly, College of Nursing and Allied Health registered a total of 82 students for this semester. The annual convention of technology hits the system again with virtual and augmented reality to revolutionize the power of modern gadgets.

Furthermore, next generation user interface attracts the spectator by showing a sample of virtual reality and how it works in general, Prof. Henry Duh; Dir. Human Interface Australia moderates the first part of the seminar. Moving to the second. Also, Ms. Jacqueline Van den Ende; Founder and CEO of Lamudi, encourage students to find a profession in the field of technology because this is an in demand job at present. LSPU contingents showed their skills and competed against 10 other state universities and colleges from all over Region 4 on 23 art categories under literary arts, music, visual arts, dance, performing arts, and a special category — Festival King and Queen.

LSPU obtained an overall score of 37 securing the 7th place. A foot parade gave the delegates a tour of Lucban and concluded with an opening ceremony graced by senior official of participating SUCs as well as local government officials topped with performances showcasing the culture and arts of the province of Quezon.

Competition proper commenced in the morning of the 5th of October and was held simultaneously throughout the campus. A Rave and Foam Party was also held on the 5th joined by guests and local students. LSPU after showcasing their edge in elegance and wit amongst the other candidates from the various colleges of the university, Cultural Affairs and Arts Office, Aug.

LSPU started the program with a rondalla performance and doxology which was quickly. On the swimwear category, curves and figure awe the audience as the perfectly confident walk and introduction were projected. Moreover, Casual wear feature the clean and sweet attire of the contestant that shows their elegance and charm. Meanwhile, College of Teacher Education amazed the panel of judges with their bet Marco Monfero who stood out among seven gentlemen.

LSPU first runner-up and got the awards of Mr. Photogenic, Best in Casual wear and crowned as Ms. LSPU first runner up. Cruz Campus. Michael Brosas officiated a thanks giving mass that centers to the Holy Eucharistic session in order to bless the caps, pins, lamps and candles.

After a series of blessings, the program continued with a forum about nurses responsibility in their profession to serve others. Elizabeth F. Valera, MAN. Virgilio F. The said event was attended by Guhit Pinas mem-. Sarah Angeles, a crayon sculptor who was featured in some TV shows and Arthur Cortez, a ballpoint artist also hailed the event.

Guhit Pinas is the big-. A series of orientation for all of the university personnel are scheduled on November. Vitasa emphasized. Also university publications are one with SSC through information dissemination on news publications and on social media. After the identification of non-conformities and.

Colleges and offices shall be audited with emphasis on the use of systematic documentation reflecting the modifications brought by ISO. Further, stages one and two of Certification Audit with external certification bodies are expected on March Lastly, they encourage the youth to be a responsive in all matters that could affect the community or be a leader to empower and transform the country for a better nation.

Ramil Hernandez, to announce cancelation of classes every time heavy rain approaches. So as what happened last October 20 during typhoon Lawin that sprung fear for the people since it reached Signal 5 status, something which happens only once in a while. Signal No. However, DepEd clarifies that Local Government Units LGUs have the right to announce class suspensions in times of calamities even without storm signal warnings. Hours after Gov. Immediately, students. With different statements from the provincial government and university administration, comments on the Facebook thread resulted to heated discussions and exchange of thoughts.

SSC clarified that the university administration has the right to control university activities, including cancellation of classes. If you want to go far, go together. Accomplishing tasks by group does not only make it more convenient but also makes it end up to something better. Then I came to ponder on how important togetherness is, on how individual whispers become shouts when grouped together.

Before Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency, millions of his supporters worked together in various forms. One of the most successful was through the social media campaign. His campaign sprung discussions, even debates. But at the end was the achievement of their goal. More than 16 million.

A million signatures convinced the late Cory Aquino to run for presidency against the rotting dictator Ferdinand Marcos on the Snap Elections. These thousands of peaceful protesters, according to Bob Simon of CBS, taught the world about democracy. Clearly, a single advocacy sees the light of success when boosted en masse. On the other hand, contradictions on what is right are dangerous if widely spread.

According to. Both institutions ensure the safety of their stakeholders, in this case, the students. On the other hand, the local government unit should understand that the administration knows best on the flow of academic activities and aims to keep intact with the academic calendar. Dilemmas of this sort in the part of the students can only be resolved when the university administration and the local government attain mutual understanding on the gravity of the situation.

Better yet, combined efforts and systematic announcements could be established for times. Amongst the problems being encountered in this journey, commitment comes first. As I cover workshops and orientations done by the university, it gradually became normal to hear some people talking about commitment. The frequency of these statements just reflects how difficult it is to gather up. With the modified system, coded forms and even policies to memorize, cooperation and togetherness is a must.

But inevitably, problems occur. Some says that the university is not yet ready. What could be the reason behind this? But making this problem worse are the students themselves. While we understand that everyone thinks of safety before anything else, students tend to be stirred whenever other universities cancel classes, making them feel depraved if our university announced otherwise.

By times like this, one easily affects the other and the process continues until everyone becomes affected. Hence, when it rains, it pours. Student Handbooks are meant to be read and understood. Editorial Board A. Lyca Paet, Rio Porca, Ma. MaryJane D. Fuentes Chairman Zenaida O. Vitasa, Ed. Bartolome Campus Director Roberto C. Miranda, Ed. Pasion, Ed. University President Nestor M. Starting , many proponents attempted this kind of constitutional reform but up to this moment, all of them failed. Our government Republican is organized with a form of government in which power resides in elected individuals representing the citizen body.

As a first timer voter, I have high hopes with our government and from now and then, I am always feeling upset. Poverty which is our main catastrophe is still out. After reading those questions, one got my attention. Even though I conduct a research on the internet on how will I respond, I will not find the answer to that question, an answer that will satisfy me knowing who really I am.

You have to answer this by your heart. It is not just answerable by yes or no. Local problems are not properly addressed to our higher officials and that is why we need change. With federalism, we can have our diversity. Local governments can deal with their own specific problems and can solve it without the help of the National government. It can also manage conflict, it permits citizens to decide many things at the state and local levels of government and avoid battling over single national policies to be applied uniformly throughout the land.

Republic system stretches parochial interest. Though some politicians contest elections pretending they were representing their constituencies, in the real sense, they only represent their own personal interest and neglect the interests of the people who elected them into office. That is one reason why I am dismayed with the people I voted. Thought I chose the right one. We presently have a unitary form of government. Most administrative powers and resources are with the national government based in Metro Manila. Honestly, I am not a Duterte fan, like Mocha Uson or whoever but his principle regarding to federalism is what I like about him.

Dilaw at Pula. But I heard some, stating that the person who re-. So it is really hard to answer who really am I. In my childhood, I really like sweet candies, and I know, you too like those when you and I are at the same stage of life. Plain taste is now better for me. This is just one of the examples that I observe to myself that was changed. If you are asked to an-. Once we find these kinds of people, cherish them, and let them feel that they are precious. Treasure them as gold that pirates want to have.

My TOP 20 Non Superhero graphic novels part 2

As time goes by, people tend to change, change in attitude, characteristics, likes and dislikes and many other things. It is really hard for me to answer this. Do you think we have the same answer on that question? Or you can define who really you are and what you are? I know we are different people with different perspectives, personalities, life views etc. We have our. What is happiness despite shame? What is happiness for a cause?

Does joy exist? Yes, probably not. As a twenty year-old lad, I always experience things ahead of others. I am luckier than them. But I must admit that life is crucial and a bittersweet ride. Rottenly, happiness springs out from nowhere. I know possibly that my dear readers are wondering about the meaning of this part, yet I just want to let you feel not oblivious about life.

When one person is happy, he may show an unending smile, boldness etc. Colorless may describe life without emotions. Thus, does the sensibility of people is the expression of their. Definitely, not in all aspect as if observant people see. Everyone wears a MASK. It is my column name and you might think why am I explaining and informing you about this. One reason is that it is my very first time to write a column in the broadsheet.

I always do reflections and I wondered if I am really an angel-like person. Kidding aside, it is my first opinion article as the opinion and acting managing editor and it is a challenge. Practically, people use mask in different manners. This may serve as protective gears for fire fighters and also, for those people dealing with health issues. Frequently, festivities and other ceremonies accommodate mask wearing practices showing devotions, culture and beliefs.

They are used for protection, disguise, entertainment or ritual practices. The given reasons might be simple and just words of a brief definition. Hence, the deeper side of it is not ever noticed. As I have written, we should not be oblivious about life. Everyone has.

The rivalry between the Aquino and Marcos is the output of the republic system. It can be contentious. These two political families contending for the control of the higher political power produce serious conflicts where they jostle each other to gain political advantage. Color should not be a big deal and should not be embraced. Manila to Laguna.

Efficiency is the best advantage that we could get from Federal System. Imagine the bureaucracy, red tape, delays, and confusion if every government activity in. But with our current situation regarding the huge problem on road traffic, a travel from Manila to Laguna takes almost four to five hours. This problem can be solved if we decongest Manila thru federal system. Joey Panaglima,. Panaglima stated. With the fact that the Philippines is a country not only formed as an archipelago but also united from many cultures, federalism may be the key to attaining equality in the provision of resources and treatment of the people.

Assuming more autonomy for regions leads to economic development, there will be more incentive for Filipinos to live and work in regions outside Metro Manila. Unlike, nowadays fresh graduates jostle themselves in Manila to find jobs.

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Hoping that more investors may decide to put up their businesses there, creating more jobs and opportunities, it can attract more people away from the jam-packed mega city. They will not understand why and how are you like that. Why did you come up with that decision, and how will you face some of your problems. It is really hard for them to respect their own perspective so the effect of this is people tended to like being alone because they know, they will not be understood.

All of us need someone who will be there when we are in difficult situations in life. We need someone to lean on. All we need is a shoulder and a helping hand that will be always be there for us. In life, it is really hard to have that kind of people in our life. At the same time, it is also hard to find people that will accept who and what really you are. Some will be true but some will be a butt hurt to you, letting them backstab you or what so ever.

So what is the connection of this thing to knowing you are? How will people understand you? How will they accept you? Maybe some people will accept you, but not your whole personality. They will understand you, but not fully understand you. So as you reach this part you have reached that thword of my column, my nonsense column. Yes, it is nonsense. I want people who read this really know what they really are. But all I am doing, all my actions are defining who really I am. It just hard to say in words and verbally what kind of person am I.

I am tangent 90, undefined. Everyone has been into different state of shame. It is more like losing between the lines wherein a fight in the field is between oneself and oneself. Take a deeper look to the society today. Does peace already attained? They destroyed every life of users and pushers who also wears masks for poverty-related reasons. See the Filipinos out there serving other countries. Have their families really understand what is really happening over the other parts of the world? I myself experienced this so far, as my father decided to go in Saudi Arabia to work which really provides big help for our family to grow stronger and tougher.

More so, as we go along questions are arising. Have you ever doubt yourself? Have you ever tried to experience Lovewins? I think many of us are not. As the new administration seated in the palace, a lot of people involving in drug abuse are likely near with their final destination as continual news incrementally presented that numbers of drug abusers all over the country were killed from police operations and vigilante attacks. This implicates that some are using the mask for protection. It is pertaining that big bosses of these syndicates is.

Everyone has his own story, his reasons to live, his rationale of life, his goals to achieve and so on. But the worst. The past that will always haunt us! Martial law per se is the historical amendment of the law that gave traumatic experiences to every Filipino who are ambiguously living during Marcos reign. This is why Filipinos showed their outraged through the People Power Revolution in It is time to move on. But how can we be able to slip away from the dark past? People opposed about the idea of SC allowing Marcos to be buried but they said that.

Historically, we are commonly aware on how Marcos being blamed on many issues of Filipino protests died during his regime just to attain their democracy and fought until their last breathes. Let us look back from what happened during the Marcos reign, and why Filipinos were in fury whenever they hear the name of Ferdinand Marcos.

Marcos ruled as a dictator as he proclaimed and placed the Philippines under Martial Law in The declaration suspended the civil rights and imposed military authority in the country. Well, that is why democracy was prohibited to all Filipinos in the country that even the Freedom of Speech was not allowed then.

If you ask your grandparents or your grand grandparents about Marcos, they will tell you bunch of horrors about him especially on the proclamation of the Martial Law. It was said that Martial Law is the dark chapter in Philippine history. Almost ten years of military ruled in the country. Although, I heard some of good things from my grandparents and from my father on what kind of president Marcos was. Actually, I have no idea of who is Ferdinand Marcos or why is he so big deal to everyone. But I am interested to know more about him.

I just lean on. Our souls tend to be alive and graceful every single day and we look to the future where the reality achieved the goals and impossible dreams with the one we love. We assume that all the products of love can make us be a successful person and we ignore the negative part of our lives. Imperfect becomes perfect. In our vision, love covers the faulty branches of our life because of its righteousness or divinity, but what if fear was still wandering behind our treasured life?

Is it easy to take down and keep it on the lowest state of our emotions? Can fear overcome love? But perfect love drives out fear, because it has to do with punishment. The one. No child of God is destined to live alone because love is everywhere, the bright side of our hearts will never get placed in the dark if we can understand every meaning of life, wherein, small or greater things. No child of God is destined to live alone because love is everywhere. The bright side of our hearts will never get placed in the dark if we can understand every meaning of life Fear could lead a person in wrong life path because believing that being confident is not the only answer but putting his love in believ-.

Problems are called challenges; love is always been love, and live not survive. Memories of love can be played back as fear is to trauma. Many are saying that negative thoughts and experiences. People often forget that they have lives beyond their gadgets that commonly leading in isolating themselves. There are women and children experiencing abuse and teenagers are getting involved to drugs. This is the ugly truth in our society. Imagine the world without kindness.

Do you think someone will give food to homeless people? Someone will give hands to those seeking for help? Or someone will share his blessing to strangers?

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In this world full of selfishness, wrath and evil people, does kindness still exist? Are you truly kind to oth-. Being kind and nice could really create a difference. A nice person will ask if you need help, but a kind one will help without you even having to ask.

Know the difference. You usually give coins to beggars or to someone asking for donation just to say you gave then go on your way. If you truly care you must be willing to talk to them and let their reasons and pain matters to you. Your kindness will take you to something from your heart. The story behind the video captured the hearts of many.

These students has big heart to help, one of them welcome Lolo Alfredo in their house and take care of him without any hesitations. Lolo Alfredo wishes to see. The last time I asked my father about Marcos, he said that Marcos was the best president that the Philippines ever had. He had done many accomplishments in our country unlike the following presidents.

He also brought up the economy of the country which the economy was at its finest. Our country was one of the most envied nations in Asia. It is good to know that our culture became colorful, active, and alive during that time. They want to promote good things about Philippines through arts and movies. I know, it is not that easy to do but we will make it in a slow but discreet process. Good effects less than bad effects happened in Martial Law.

Since the military ruled the country. Harsh and unfairly treatment terrified the whole nation but Filipinos tried to get the democracy they want. One time I saw a video, featuring teenagers and vic-. Teenagers like me want to bring back the proclamation did by Marcos in our today generation. And these victims shared their experience one-onone with a teenager in a room. While the victims were talking, almost all of them got. One of the victims experienced rape, and torture, and even they experienced to be on the edge between life and death.

Even the media has no freedom of expression. All of them were dictated by Marcos. Some writers joined the underground propaganda to publish and to protest newspapers against the Martial Law. Honestly, there are still many stories from our dark history happened during the Martial Law. The majority of people will still fight against the occurrence of the eventuality. Well, I admit that I want to bring back the Martial Law in our generation because on what I see today, people are abusing their democracy inappropriately.

Nowadays, people are lack of discipline and respect. But I should say that we are so lucky to be in this generation. But from now, it is time to let the pain go. Our entire burden in life has its ending; we just need the time and action to survive. We might not understand but to we should and tend to know that God is just testing our strength in every challenge; to know if we still have faith and love for him. We, the child of God were given all a simple life yet special because we have him in our heart. Every heart beat is perfection but breathing is imperfection.

The heart never failed to choose his everything but when mind comes in the first place, life is worst and surreal. Unfortunately, our soul will never get rid of fear but to subdue is the only way. Finding the root of fear will let us remain strong be-. The best feeling a person could have is love that never leaves by our side; until every strand of our hair is gray or body is cold as endless as it could be the relief of our life is the prize of blood and efforts we give and sacrifice.

He wanted us to live forever and peacefully with Him. They are lucky because there is an in love soul adoring them and still wanted to. Why some people come up to live alone? It is because God has a reason for it. When will someone love me; until your soul can wait? Those are the questions and answers that come up to my mind every time I feel stressed or lonely.

In many interesting quotes and some are words from God that I import to my mind, they made me be a positive type of person who is always fighting and setting the self to be not hopeless in every challenges that may come and burden my living. It is because God is always in my mind and heart who loves and taking care of me. They gave us family and friends to support our walk in this world.

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Love is the one which sets the person to live happily, always and forever. After 5 decades Lolo Alfredo and his daughters was reunited. This shows that every small act of kindness can turn into something bigger. Your act of kindness can inspire others to do the same because everything we do is connected with each other. You will not notice that it changes you slowly, from being selfish you become selfless and we become thankful for everything we have even to little things.

Believe that everyone has a heart to give and everyone has kindness inside. Proverbs From a wise mind comes wise speech; the words of the wise are persuasive. Kind words are like honeysweet to the soul and healthy for the body. I believe that everyone has their own kindness we just need to open our eyes and our hearts to see it. If you truly care you must be willing to talk to them and let their reasons and pain matter to you.

Take your kindness to different level, forgive them and be kind to them. For those people who likes you be friends with them and to those who do not, show them kindness until they realize their wrong about you. Sa kasulukuyan, hinahangad ng Laguna State Polytechnic University na makamtan ang ISO Certification, isang internasyonal na katibayan ng maayos na sistema. A single problem is dangerous in its own. When not addressed, this single one may grow into two or maybe three, small number but it does matter because some people may know nothing but they are three and one may know everything but he is alone.

These commitment problems should have been addressed earlier; the inability to commit of some people in an organization may result to uncooperative actions in the future. On the other hand, the university is still trying to address problems which arise every now and then. In ISO, the certification applicant should look for non-conformities. These non-conformities are tool for an internal or external auditor in determining the organizations compliance with international standards.

Through preventive actions, non-conformities could be eradicated if not, minimized. LSPU, as other organizations, aims to provide quality services to its stakeholders as reflected by the aimed ISO certification. This has become evident with the obvious improvement which the students could see now. Primarily, the improved system makes use of coded forms for easy access and recording. Because of this, transactions have become more convenient and reliable.

Every form is tracked with ease and security and the focus of every action are established well. In short, the system has become more organized. Since this ISO certification has a principle of involving the people, even the university stakeholders take part in meeting the goals. Students are encouraged to know and understand the newly formulated Quality Policy and student organizations are cooperating through launching activities to spread ISO awareness. With the combined efforts of the administration and its stakeholders, this nigh challenging task could be realized.

Para maging epektibo ang isang bagong panukala o sistema na ipinatutupad sa isang institusyon, kinakailangan ang isang organisadong plano patungo rito. May kanya-kanyang pamamaraan ang bawat isa sa pagtanggap ng mga bagong sistema na inihahain sa kanila, pagbabago na maaring maghatid ng maganda o masamang pangyayari sa hinaharap. LGBT Community. Do you think they should still wear their masks? For how long? I as a writer, I am really open about these issues.

I do have friends who are happy with their orientation and chosen path. But still many of our colleagues are wearing their masks. However, I am not encouraging nor discouraging you to go out of the closet. I just have questions for you people, are you humane enough? Are you thirsty of equality? Well, this is very sensitive matter and the answer is depending on our own perceptions.

Is that enough reason to humiliate a man for not doing that? There you could find equality? Well, gender today should not an issue for every aspect. Generally, DISGUISE is the mere representation of the mask every person is wearing; disguising in terms of emotions and the worst is disguising to be a demure person even its not. There are many people who are just like that. People are not meant to please each other. Mahirap mawala sa kultura natin ang korapsyon dahil ito ay naging bahagi na ng sistemang pampulitika sa ating bansa pero sa federal hindi man mawala maiiwasan naman ang korapsyon.

Little by little we may find way in solving the problem. Since it is very difficult to end corruption, we should start this little-by-little process now. If we want to personally feel the change, adjusting the whole system is what we need right now. Maybe, we need to move on from the things we used to do and start looking to something that might help us move forward. I may not in the position of those victims, but if I were in their shoe that time I will feel the same way as theirs.

If you will let it forever you will not be able to get away if you are still holding all the grudges from yesterday. Whatever it takes, wherever it goes, Filipinos should learn how to accept and forgive. This could be the most ideal way to know the direction of moving on. However, does only physical attribute of a person is the basis of learning? How about those who are being attractive in their own way, do they have this so-called young-at-heart aura? Hilariously, she loves to sleep and to window shop.

What a great convo though with this professor! Where can you find a beautiful yet humorous professor? First, is to smile always and secondly, to moisturize. When asked about her secret to be young at heart? Lewelyn H. She is loved by everybody not only because of her jolly personality but because she treats her students as her kids. We can also learn from her that we can be happier by accepting what we have and not what we want. High heels and Skinny Poise-ful woman!

A representation of integrity and dignity may seem to be in the aura of this person. Her smile and attractive voice and her closeness to young people are good indicators that this phenomenal woman to her motherland of programming, circuits and animations, makes her a young-looking one. Who will not know the distinguished Dean of College of Computer Studies? Who will not know Dean Mia Villarica with her appealing looks a n d.

She always stays positive to live a happy life. She makes her students feel that they should be disciplined and should be professional in terms of job and relationship between students and professors should be founded in respect. Who would not wish to be in the CCS Family! But despite her wittiness and happy characteristic, a piece of advice she can give to her students is that, live and just laugh! She said that be positive in everything and always have good vibes so that it would resonate to other people.

Corazon De Leon also known as Ate Cora, is a very diligent and flexible crew member of the canteen. She is very amiable and very easy to approach. She always cracks jokes and even gives pieces of advice about life. She also said that students should study hard and enjoy life. Now, in the field of Business and Management, everyone may know Mr. Mylo Redera. He is the beloved instructor of every O. As and Entreps for his wit and humor. Napakagaling din niyang magturo at napakabait din! Kaya dapat magtitira ka para sa sarili mo. Second, do not think of the problem, let the problem think of you!

Thank you! Josefina T. De Jesus is the hardworking and always-on-the-go mother of the department. Her hobbies are gardening, cooking and sewing. Aside from being the mother of teachers and future educators, she is also the heart-warming friend that every person should have. She is approachable and always ready to offer a helping hand to everyone. Her tip to live a happy life is to let God always be in your line of communication whatever your state in life is.

Every not-so-sporty student would probably hate their Physical Education class but what if your professor is Mr. Yes, he is the artista-looking P. E instructor that would not only teach you the terms— agility, flexibility, endurance, etc. His optimism is his key to be young at heart and his advice for students is to keep searching on things that inspire you to do your best. Rashid Jay S. Sancon is a mentor at CHMT who enjoys every single thing he does. He always looks on the positive things in life and he does get along with his students.

In fact, he loves to watch American TV series. He sleeps on time, eats fruit and vegetables and finds time to relax despite his busy schedule that is why he is still very young looking. Balance your academic and extra-curricular activities. To look young, set aside your age and always look for things that will make you happy. Enrico Rivano. Who will not know the very energetic professor of College of Engineering?

But did you know that aside from numbers and equations he loves reading, gardening and biking? Energetic, I mean, Mr. This well-mannered guy said that to live a happy life all you need to do is to be courteous to everyone. His tips to look young are to smile always and to be happy all the time. Her real name is Myranie L. Aside from healing wounds she also loves to cook. Her top-secret to have a happy life is to love and be contented on what you have. She also like to share to everyone the reason for her radiant look— it is to use honey on massaging your face for at least 5 minutes before going to bath.

Oh See! How and why they became attractive ones. We need to accept the fact that we must face struggles in schools before we earn the degree we wanted. Life may be tough and being in the path you take with worth efforts to invest, in the end, you will realize how successful you are.

Teachers have taught us that school is the training ground to ready the students in real life. Because in real life, things are unpredictable but if you are armed with knowledge, you can stay in the flow of your dreams.

  • Eslabon, First Edition - AbeBooks.
  • Classique – et Vintage – tricot pour Blouses femme (French Edition).
  • The Initials of the Earth: A Novel of the Cuban Revolution (Latin America in Translation).
  • Synchronized Ink an Anthology of Poetry.
  • The Pin-up Girls of Yank, The Army Weekly 1944.
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When time comes difficult to students, they think studying is a matter of life and death. With speaking of life, how can we survive college? Inside our campus, each student from different colleges has a concern or problem in their academic life in the interview I conducted. What are those concern and problem?

And how they will be given a solution? How can a student deal with a strict professor? Answer and ask question smart-. The formula best suits for students under budgeting. Instead of buying water or juice every day in canteen, use a tumbler to store your own water. Investing a mL bottle that ranges from the price of — pesos is a must and you can save at least 50 or 60 pesos a week.

Set aside the pocket books, cosmetics or the things you wanted, plan them to avail when Christmas is near or the school year ends. Reporting in front of the class requires confidence and readiness to the topic you are going to present. If the topic you are interested in is not listed, please contact Gina Dominguez at gina-dominguez austindiocese.

You can become a speaker and share your passion with others by taking the information to parishes to facilitate discussions on different topics, or you can schedule a speaker for your parish. Complete the application to become a speaker or to schedule a speaker and submit to Gina Dominguez at gina-dominguez austindiocese. The forms can be found at www. Gabriel Project Gabriel Project Angels are trained volunteers who work with someone in need of emotional and spiritual support due to a crisis pregnancy.

The support of an angel can make a wonderful difference by providing a spirit of hope as the new expectant mom works through each day. Support for someone as they await the birth of their child is a ministry from the heart. There is a need for angels across the diocese.

The next scheduled training is April 6, , from 9 a. Please call or e-mail rebecca-niemerg austindiocese. A bulletin announcement is attached for promotion. If you would like to order new materials, i. Please contact our office at yvonne-saldana austindiocese. A bulletin announcement and flier are attached for more information.

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Cover Page 3 of 5. Most of the calls received for assistance through Project Rachel are because of announcements that appear regularly in the parish bulletin. Project Rachel retreats are offered throughout the year at private locations. Confidential registration is available by contacting or project-rachel austindiocese.

This prayer service—consisting of talks, testimonies, Eucharistic Adoration, Mass, intercessory prayer, and opportunity for confession—was developed by the Sisters of Life and Theresa Bonopartis for the Archdiocese of New York. If you would like more information regarding hosting a morning or afternoon of prayerful remembrance, please contact Rebecca Niemerg at or rebecca- niemerg austindiocese.

Helen Parish, Georgetown. Mass will begin at 7 a. Benediction will follow at St. Helen Parish at a. All are invited to attend. The Prayer Vigil will begin with Mass at a. Joseph Parish, E. Rancier Ave. Young Dr. All will return to St. Joseph Parish for closing and fellowship at a. English and Spanish fliers are attached for promotion. For more information, contact Karen Hinze at Thomas More in Austin and then proceed from a. All are welcome to join. The Diocese of Austin supports peaceful, prayerful presence outside of abortion facilities and women-centered outreach by trained Sidewalk Angels.

More information can be found on our Sidewalk Ministry Statement at www. Our ministry example is Msgr. Philip J. If you would like to organize a prayer vigil at the abortion facility closest to you, be an active part of your Sidewalk Ministry team or hold a free Sidewalk Angel training, please contact the Office of Pro-Life Activities and Chaste Living at or rebecca-niemerg austindiocese. Cover Page 4 of 5. Free training and materials are provided. If you feel you may be called to this essential ministry or know someone who may be interested, please contact Rebecca Niemerg at or rebecca-niemerg austindiocese.

Attend a monthly women's support group on the first Wednesday of every month rosary p. E-mail SarahsHopeAustin gmail. The Vitae Clinic of Austin is a unique medical practice providing women with services in obstetrics and gynecology and including complete obstetrical care, routine gynecological services, well woman care and the cooperative treatment of infertility. The Vitae Clinic offers women a choice in their healthcare that is in full compliance with the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services and encourages the use of modern methods of fertility appreciation for family planning.

By encouraging women to go to the Vitae Clinic, parishes are encouraging couples to embrace the beautiful message of the Church regarding sex, marriage and family. Women going to the Vitae Clinic will find compassionate services that respect their feminine dignity and provide life-affirming and authentically Catholic responses to couples struggling with infertility or for a family that needs to postpone pregnancy.

The Vitae Clinic is not an official ministry of the Diocese of Austin. Bulletin announcements are attached; please do not edit. Cover Page 5 of 5. Lunch and all materials are provided as well as resources you will need to assist others. The next training is scheduled for Saturday, Apr. Helen Parish in Georgetown. For additional information or to register, contact Rebecca Niemerg at or rebecca- niemerg austindiocese.

Choose Life License Plates Choose Life license plates promote adoption and parenting as compassionate choices and raise funds, at no cost to tax payers, to support the promotion of adoption. Order your Choose Life License Plates through www. The schedule for these seminars is now available online at the URL below. In this seminar, couples will discover that NFP is about fertility awareness, is highly effective and scientifically supported, and is easy to use.

This course will also familiarize couples with the four approved methods of NFP within the Diocese of Austin. A certificate of attendance will be provided upon completion of this seminar. For more information, contact Gina Dominguez at or you can view a class schedule at www. Share your passion for life with others by taking the information to parishes to facilitate discussions on different topics. You can find more information or request a speaker at CentralTexasProLife.

One of the most effective roles we can play in the life of someone in despair is to be the first to respond with hope and healing. Help Line Angels serve in this role as they answer telephone calls for both women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy and those suffering from a past abortion.

You can take an active role in building a Culture of Life and, as a Help Line Angel, you can do so from your own home. For more information or to be trained, contact Rebecca Niemerg at or rebecca-niemerg austindiocese. The program was initiated in the Seton Family of Hospitals in April and is looking to expand through additional volunteers.

Please contact Liz Powell at , ext. Pure Fashion is a faith-based program that encourages teen girls to live, act and dress in accordance with their dignity as children of God. Pure Fashion focuses on guiding young women ages 14 to 18 to become confident, competent leaders who live the virtues of modesty and purity in their schools and communities in hopes of positively promoting the virtue of modesty, protecting and preserving purity, and fostering an awareness of the dignity of the human person.

We invite all high school girls to become models of style and confidence. Check us out at www. Local details are under the Austin link.

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Limited model positions are available so apply online now for Email purefashionaustin gmail. Come give us a try. Jeremy Kalamarides, D. The Vitae Clinic supports Natural Family Planning and offers NaProTechnology, a viable alternative to current contraceptive practices and artificial reproductive technologies while complying with the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Healthcare Services.

Kalamarides is eager to help women be their healthiest and assist married couples with achieving or postponing pregnancy in cooperation with their bodies. The Vitae Clinic can be contacted at or www. The Vitae Clinic is a collaborator with, though not an official ministry of, the Diocese of Austin. Bulletin Announcements Page 1 of 3. Our next retreat is scheduled for Jul.

In return for this priceless gift, I resolve today to renew my trust in your unfailing mercy. In times of doubt, when painful memories of past sins threaten to destroy the peace you have given, let the power of your Holy Spirit cast out all self-condemnation and give me greater confidence in your word of pardon. I pray this in the name of Jesus, your Son, in whom you have restored me to life. Para corresponder a tu gran amor, renuevo mi confianza en tu bondad infinita. Bulletin Announcements Page 2 of 3. Before I had felt turmoil and anxiety, now I felt nothing.

I was numb. What was more, I no longer felt terrified of my boyfriend. Estaba consternada.