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Father’s diary about life with ‘super-chromosomic’ son

Can you explain more? That is everything that can happen to children with an extra chromosome. Francesco's DNA, instead of having 46 chromosomes, has That's it. He's a 'super-chromosomic' child, so he has something more, not less. He's a master of love and courage. For every foetuses with trisomy 21, 77 don't make it. Francesco is a warrior: he's one of those who struggle and make it.

Did writing help you understand? It was the only way to communicate with Francesco. The book is a dialogue with him and with my fears. In life, I always won. And this, for me, at least at first, was a defeat. But I rediscovered happiness, passing through hell, laying bare the fragility of a father and a man. It changed me, I don't know whether it was for better, but I am certainly more authentic now. How does Francesco make you feel? It has helped me see the beauty in my own story with my little Juliette.

Take care and know that there are people you may never meet, many miles away that are thinking of you and praying for you. You are an inspiration. I only hope that when I become a mother that I can be half the Mama you are to your littles. Your family is truly blessed. This was so beautiful. Your words, your heart, your soul are so so beautiful. To see the transformation… it is riveting and awe inspiring.

You truly look like a new woman. I have to share with you, that just before Nella was born I had my second miscarriage. The second in just a short 6 months. I was feeling so devastated. So unsure if all this reproduction business is worth it. I thought to myself. I know now I could. I could, because you have opened my eyes to the possibilities. To the love that lies beyond the fear and pain. That truly there is always hope for a new day. A brighter day. And it can be what we want it to be, no matter what. In a world that seems so full of pain, loss, and fragility, I think I want to keep looking, keep trying to find my missing piece.

I see that photo to the left of you and Nella smiling on the cover of a NY Times best selling novel, you are inspiring. This is exquisite—the writing, the photography, the sheer redemption. Thank you so much for sharing. You did it. I had to pause many times while reading to wipe the tears so that I could continue to read and see the beginning of your journey.

Thanks for sharing the pain right along with the awesome blessing of supportive family and friends. Others with their own pain are already relating to your grief. Your good, healthy, healing grief is a process that is making way for a beautiful journey filled with hope and possibilities.

Oh how I love that i found you last year and that i have lived life with you and lainey. This was brave and honest and beautiful. Thank you for telling us your truth. This post will make it easier for the others that follow to be this real with what they feel. May God bless you and keep you. Way to go Mama!

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What an amazing story. Thank you for being you and thank you for sharing this with us. YOU did it. You did it beautifully. Just like Nella. For now, I will just go back and look and admire the beauty and love in these pictures, love that pours through my computer screen. Tears, tears, wonderful joyous tears! You told your story and it is such a beautiful journey that has so many more chapters. I love her. She is so perfect it makes my heart swell when I see pictures of her. Your words are amazing and have touched me. As I lay in bed on this lazy Sunday with tears rolling down my face, I am inspired by you.

Congratulations to the whole family. A beautiful new daughter who will make your family complete and bring so much joy to everyone who is lucky enough to meet her. Your honesty and frankness will be a forever reminder of your love for your children and family. You did tell it Kelle, and you told it so well… I think Nella has changed many of us and all for the better. Our Nella weighed 6 pounds of pure love, and was 19 inches long. So tiny—how did she make such a big splash in our hearts?! What a beautiful way to start a Sunday—what a beautiful birth story!

Thank you! Thank you for showing your strength, your weak moments, your love, your honesty—what an inspiration! What a moving story. Thank you so much for sharing it. Your courage and resilience are amazing. What a story — I am in tears — so so so much love! I am not saying anything that has not been said to you a million times already but you simply amaze me by your grace, your bravery and your love…. And Lainey — what an amazing big sister she is — reading your prior post about the puppy and seeing pictures of them together bring me to tears. She DOES look so so proud of her little sister!

Nella is absolutely beautiful — seeing her pictures make me want to give her a million hugs! I am sure she will bring so much more love and joy into your lives. Thanks for sharing your story. I was just listening to a song you might enjoy. The two Heidi took! The last one! Dearest Kelle, Beautifully written, as ever. Praised be the Lord who heals us with his unconditional love,teaching us to love too. I am so proud of you. God bless you and your precious family. It is so perfect. We learn so much from our children.

What a beautiful story, sweet friend. What beautiful daughters you have. Oh my goodness, Kelle. That is such a moving story. Brave, beautiful, honest, real and inspiring — like the incredible woman who wrote it. The photos are incredible too. Seeing Lainey meet her little sister Nella for the first time made me cry even more than I already was. Sending love to you and your girls. Kelle, as you know I have been following your blog since you captured the beautiful moments of my family and me in those wonderful Christmas pictures. Your story and your family have been a true inspiration for me and many others that I have referred to your blog.

Nella is such a beautiful girl and I have a feeling that God has sent her to change your life so that you may write about it and change the life of others. All I can say as I am thankful to have this connection with you because when I am down and need some encouragement to move on, you, your blog and now beautiful Lainey and Nella are there for me. Thank you so much and thank God for having met you that day at Tin City.

Keep writing, keep inspiring us, we need you and your words. Looking forward to making that line at Barnes and Nobles so that you may autograph my copy of your book. Kelle, I want to thank you for sharing your beautiful stories. I just found out about your beautiful blog and photography a few days ago and read everything going back to the begining. Your stories, your pictures, your family.. So many parts I have balled my eyes out in tears of happiness and really feeling your love for your children.

Your birth stories from your view are the most beautiful I have ever read. I am a mother of 2 and just love how you tell feelings taken deep from the heart of what a mother feels. The best feeling the world! I am a pediatric nurse and took care of your Lainey when she was in the hospital at 3 days old. I always remembered you for some reason. Something about you that reminded me of me. It has been such a joy to see how Lainey has grown since the last time I saw her as an infant. She is such a beautiful child, and your newest addition, Nella, absolutely beautiful. Oh, smiles.

There are so many good, loving people. Oh, there is so much good. We will pay it forward. Kellie, this was absolutely beautiful. The emotions that you relayed through words was just beautiful. I cried happy tears myself. The love that is shown through the pictures is just breath taking. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have found an inner peace with in myself from reading your story.

The last picture of Nella is just priceless. As always, looking forward to the next post. Veronica…tears, tears, tears. But thank you for remembering. And thank you for caring once again for our new girl. We just feel so, so, very loved. And Poppa must say something about Brett. He will not write a blog. He will not receive friends. He will…as he did the other day…do something.

He was cleaning the garage when we stopped by. The parade of friends continued as others came to see Kelle, to hold Nella, to love on Lainey. He cleaned the garage. Later we knew, he was also looking…to find a small space heater. He brought it into the master bathroom and warmed it up…like a sauna…and went and got Nella…and gave her a bath. It will come…with tiny steps and a very clean garage. It will come. If she places last in a relay race there will be one father still standing at the finish line, shouting his praise and pride…it will be Brett. I have no worries.

God also chose a father supreme. I know. I love him too. Brett, you rock! Kelle I searched all night for the right bible verse for what you went through. But I knew God wanted me to share it with you, because He wrote it….. With a little help from my hubby, we found it. Never feel bad. You were mourning the life of what you imagined for Nella. When you released that life, you opened up to this new, better life that lies ahead.

And you did it so well. Kelle, you are going to be the most incredible mother to this beautiful child. She has no idea how lucky she is… but she soon will. Kelle, You did it! How beautiful and perfect. Go write your book now because girl it is going to be a best seller. I love you and love Nella with all my heart. She is beautiful in every way. And just so you know you loved her the moment she was set in your arms. All of this… all the emotions happy and sad… that was all you loving her…being her mama.

And Poppa your words are amazing too. He rocks! He too is a great dad just like you. Kelle is so blessed to have such a wonderful father and friend. I had five kiddos running around and a hubby trying to sleep in, just a tad, when I stumbled upon your new post. What can I say, the littles had a free-for-all for quite some time while I soaked up this wonderfully told story of your newest little miracle.

Thank you so very much for sharing it with all of us! Sweetest dreams …. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you — after G woke up, guess what I caught him doing? I believe tremendous things happen when we speak the truth. Love is at its fullest when we speak the truth. The world changes when we speak the truth. Your truth is beautiful—raw and powerful and lovely. Kudos to you for not allowing yourself to skip the hard parts just to get to the sweet parts. Your trusted your story, and you inspired us all. I really want to write you something. Something long again. Something touching. Just like with you writing this story, it will come.

You did it! You will hear from me soon. Madisyn, you are such a precious soul…you must have been here before! I always relish your insightful words. And I agree, my daughter is a keeper. And Linda in New Zealand, you are the Zeal of your homeland…thank you for caring for my babies! I know you dreamed of the girls being close and I want you to know that they will be.

In May I will be married for 5 years. In my wedding party were two junior bridesmaids — sisters — close friends — and one has Down Syndrome. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Oh my oh my oh my. So, so beautiful. Thank you, Kelle, for sharing your story.

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I so admire your strength, your honesty, and your overflowing love. Goodness…pure goodness! Thank you Poppa! And she is a keeper! Most definitely! Although I do check back to see if you or Kelle say anything all the time! Thoughts revolve around your family constantly!

Love is in the air! I love last picture of Nella. She is so at peace, smiling because she is dreaming of her incredible future! The way your mind, soul, heart, and spirit put together the love and formation of your life is absolutely pure and beautiful! I literally felt like it was the end of an awesome book where after you read it you just feel great and want to put the book up for a nomination!

Kelle you are one lucky mommy! I have come back here from time to time over the past year and I must tell you that your vulnerability and openness and honesty resonate loud and clear in my heart, in my soul. I believe that realness changes people. It builds relationships, opens doors, breaks barriers.

It heals. Your truth is changing people. I am not a mom, although I desperately hope to be one someday. I am not a gifted photographer although I would love to have those skills too! You are obviously beautiful and talented and loved and supported. And I want to be like you. But not for those reasons. And these are the exact reasons you are the perfect mother for Nella.

I have been so moved by the last couple of posts that I made my sister sit down and read them. I made my husband read them. I think everyone needs to read what you have written. The world would be a better place. Thank you for encouraging all of us in the journey of becoming the best versions of ourselves. Thank you for reminding us that pain and hurt and hard stuff and change has to be a part of creating something beautiful.

My hope is your story will be about changing, about getting something beautiful born inside of you, about learning to love a woman or a man, about learning to love a child, about moving yourself around water, around mountains, around friends, about learning to love others more than we love ourselves, about learning oneness as a way of understanding God. We get one story, you and I, and one story alone.

God has established the elements, the setting and the climax and the resolution. Like many others who posted here, we have never met. Your extraordinary dad married my husband and I almost three years ago and pointed us to your blog long ago. We now have a month-old daughter. My husband left his job to stay at home with her and shoot wedding and family photography on weekends. As a teenager, he volunteered caring for infants with Down Syndrome. I am a lawyer and writer technical and creative , so we both admire and relate to your blog for many, many reasons.

Tears are falling for you and your family for many reasons, as well. I have no doubt that the many stories that flow in the months and years ahead will prove even more inspirational and explore even more layers of human emotion, understanding, compassion and, most of all, love. What a beautiful retelling of such a miracle that has shown this world so much love already in just one week. Kelle- What a treasury of beautiful photos you have of this amazing event. You can only keep going up from here. I believe you and Nella will do great things together, no, extraordinary things together; whether it is just sitting and loving one another the way no one else can lover her, or showing the world that she and ALL babies like her deserve life, love and laughter.

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This is a beautiful story and you tell it so well. My son is now 7 years old almost 8 , and it is amazing how those memories come flooding right back! Your words are so honest and accurate. I now must teach the rest of my classes with red swollen eyes, but it was well worth it! I believe we must be chosen, because we have so much in common. It sounds as though you have friends and a sister just like mine!

She had her words of wisdom for me when my Eli was born. Soak up that beauty and all it entails. And just to encourage you, I was so full of joy and beauty from your story, I wanted to share it with someone! However, I live in Costa Rica and am in my house with only a sweet older woman who speaks only Spanish.

This time with music. Oh dear. Happy tears this time and everytime I think of sweet Nella. She does something to my heart every time! Kelle, your raw honesty is nothing short of amazing. Her story, your story, your family. Tears well up as I read this over my lunch hour. How you have touched so many hearts. I do have a short story for you that I felt like passing along to you. May God richly bless your family in the days ahead. Kelle, what a beautiful story!

I feel so very lucky to be privileged enough to read it!

Room 47: Down Syndrome - A New Father's Diary

I know of no one else who could pick and choose the words to tell this story as well and perfectly as you did as you always do! Your photos inspire me to pick up my camera and your actions as a Mother encourage me to be more present. I would wish you good luck with everything, but I think I can say with full confidence that you need no luck. Before Nella was born, I think the reason I kept coming back to your blog is that I really appreciated the transparency of your heart.

It is more evident now than ever. This story is beautiful, honest, healing, heartbreaking and redemptive all at the same time. It made me want to cry and sing and kiss that little squishy nose your bunny has. I just really like knowing there are fantastic moms out there with hearts that are true. Thanks for letting us in on it all!

Probably the great family she got! Thank you for sharing your heart and being so transparent. Our world needs more people like you who are not afraid to tell it like it is, no matter how raw and tender the thoughts, feelings, emotions. I expect your name on a book cover one of these days. The pictures themselves speak volumes.

And your emotions put into words…wow! Simply a beautiful, moving chapter. Yes, you did it and you will do it like you do everything else—with such passion, love, and transparency. What a beautiful bunny, your little Nella! And Lainey looks so proud of her big sisterhood!

Kelle, you look fabulous for just giving birth last week! Blessings to you and your family, Leslie Lewis. I love you and I am so proud of you and so proud to call you my dearest friend. The pics are exquisite. The ones of you and little bunny, with her smiling are just too much. Your story is written from the heart, and yes, you did it and told it the way it needed to be told, with pure, raw emotion. I hope your husband is doing okay-he appears to be just a wonderful guy and men process these things so very different. Kelle… Thank you for sharing your story.

It is beautiful and perfect, just like your precious daughters. You do not know me, but my sister reads your blogs and passed it onto me. God has chosen you for one of the most special gifts of all. Yesterday in the gym I listened to a podcast by a pastor from out of state that I listen to weekly. Please listen to it, your soul will be so blessed! I held her. I know what you mean.

The moon and the stars, and eons and eons of knowledge and learning and understanding and acceptance and truth and beauty and innocence and love were in my arms yesterday. Five pounds, 14 ounces of the very very best that this universe has to offer…. Kelle, Thank you for sharing your honest birth story. It is beautiful. And Nella is beautiful. She is so darling, and your family will never be the same now that she has come into your world. Your lives have all changed for the better. She is just the daughter you wanted, and just the sister Lainey has been anticipating.

I know you have so many people around you and so many comments to sort through, but I just wanted to add another one to your pile here. Thank you, thank you for writing this story. Just had to come back and re-read this. And you know what? If I was a millionaire, I would book a flight to Florida right now so I could deliver a hug to you in person. And her Big Sister crown? Just way, way better than that old thing our queen wears! Kelle, I am so proud of you. And happy for you. You are amazing and Nella is so precious! I look forward to watching Nella grow and also her big sister!!!

Oh this was such a wonderful read. I, too, have that special little gift. A little girl with Down syndrome.

Man, 77, with 5 Down syndrome children can't afford to retire

She is my joy, my love, my life. I have added you to my favorite blogs list so I can continue to read your wonderful stories. My friend Marissa Hess told me about your blog and she was right. Your story is absolutely beautiful and I praise God he helped you tell it.

A little about me — I spend my weekends in louisville talking to moms who are headed in for abortions. I wonder if it means that the doctors have diagnosed them with what they think might be a baby with a genetic disorder, or something else, and I just want to scream at them and tell them that every single baby that God has created deserves love.

Every single one. Your blog is a beautiful example of that love that God gives us for our children, we are his special creation, created in his image, unlike anything else. I look forward to seeing just how God uses you and your family to bless and encourage other families in the future. Congrats on your adorable and healthy baby girl!!!!!!!!!! Tears are flowing again!

He is such a great daddy and husband. I love how he just welcomes us with open arms, even offering us cold beers: Like your wonderful daddy said, he will always be at the end of the finish line supporting his girls. What a great daddy and mommy Lainey and Nella have! Love you guys!! What a beautiful story of your precious Nella.


Such a wonderful read. You are truly blessed with a wonderful family. Kelle…I know we are strangers, but I am so utterly and completely in awe of you and your beautiful family. I have followed your blog since you started photographing my niece, Lucy. Your daughters are gorgeous and your spirit is inspiring.

You speak from your heart and I hang on every word.

Father’s diary about life with ‘super-chromosomic’ son - WEST

Your girls are so blessed to have you, and you them…Savor every moment with your babies. You are an extremely special woman and I look forward to one day meeting you and sharing these sentiments face to face. I am a stranger to you … but I am touched … in the deep places by your honesty and your willingness to accept the deeper realities of a God who does things differently than we had planned because He knows a better way … I am thankful to Him that He is helping you find it … your whole life will be richer because you have.

I have a sister in law who has downs and my brother is mentally handicapped so I think your story touched me on a few deeper levels. Enjoy your beautiful girls.