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History Textbooks and the Construction of Dictatorship. War in Textbooks.


How Diverse Are Our Textbooks? Research Findings in International Perspective. The Environment. Textbook Use. Textbook Effects and Efficacy. New Directions. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This volume examines the present status and future trends of textbook studies. Die genutztenBaumaterialien sind aus der unmit- endlose weite — open space Ovahimba girl in Kunene River.

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View of Ruacana Falls towards Calueque Dam. Eenhana Independence shrine. Okavango River at Nkurenkuru. Hippopotamus in Chobe Area. Natural spring at Omuthiya. Giant Baobab tree in Oshikuku. View of the Finger Klip. Franke Haus at Outjo. Eland at Otavi Service Station. Wilderness Damaraland Camp. Heroes buried at Okahao. Waterberg Plateau. Welwitschia mirabilis in the Namib Desert.

A view of Dune A glider at Bitterwasser.

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New road from Rosh Pinah to Oranjemund. Part of the meteorite shower at Gibeon. Fairy circles in the Namib Desert. Today it is one of the premium hunting operations in Namibia. Our reputation is built on the experience of Gunter Schwalm, for 26 years as professional hunter of Big Game. The unmatched hospitality and personal attention creates the special ambience of our safari camp. We offer Day trips from our camp, fishing trips and individual Photo Safaris in all directions of Namibia and cross border to Victoria Falls and other destinations. Share you wishes with us, we will make your dream come true.

Bild 3: Abendstimmung auf Bitterwasser — die Segelfliegerkehren nach einem langen Tag heim. Von unten gesehen erinnert der allmorgendli-che Start an kreisende Geier. November und endet am Januar Jetzt wird aus kennen, wenn sie die kleinen Ort- ermesslichen Robbenkolonie ist einzigartig.

(Kiel Institute for the World Economy)

Oranjemund eine regelrechte Minen-Muse-umsstadt, von wo aus ein anschaulicher Weg schaften besuchen. Wenn Opuwo, bzw. Khorixas Outjo - Tourism Centre endlose weite — open space Growing with Ultimate at Ultimate Safaris, says that seeing individualsSafaris grow with the company and become vital to the operation is probably the most rewarding part of running the company. Clearly enshrined in theiroperation is a strong company culture, a sense ofassociation, one that radiates pride from every tribemember. She then became a senioryears. This generally results in joint growth, company Safarismith before moving into administration,growth and growth of the individual tribe member.

FrancisThis year Ultimate Safaris is celebrating a decade of has now moved on even further and is theexistence although the principles have been at this companies Human Resource Manager, managing aa lot longer and there are many other individual staff contingent of almost 80 tribe members. The company has a legacyof nurturing junior guides into some of the mostrespected and talented guides on the continent,and much the same applies to Safarismiths consultants , many of whom have grown fromvirtually no experience to highly competent andrespected authorities when it comes to selling safaristo Namibia.

However, there are a number of outstanding JIMMY KOKULEexamples of tribe members, who have come from Jimmy started with Ultimate Safaris as a waiter andextremely humble and limited backgrounds in assistant at Galton House, before becoming a driverterms of experience, and grown into management and mobile camp assistant. He now manages thepositions. Tarry isCanvas camp to managing the camp in He then took on Manager position, where he has shown tremendousthe coordination of the companies non-profit, capabilities in terms of ensuring that the fleet is in thethe Conservation Travel Foundation, which in best condition possible.

He also moved into the These are just a few examples of how in a relativelyOperations Manager position before becoming the short time individuals have grown with the company,General Manager for the Journeys Under Canvas becoming vitally important to the company in termsdepartment within the company, making him of operation and well-being. Travel Foundation.

You can find more information at www. Nicht nur endlos scheinende Weiten, eine faszinierende Flora und Fauna, sondern auch viele weitere Dinge, die nahezu einmalig auf der Erde sind.

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Ihr Alter wird auf 80 Millionen Jahre ge- Fischflusses gefunden wurden. Etwa 15 Pro- zu ausgestorben. Insgesamt gebaut. Somit kommen etwa 2,6 Personen auf einen Quadratkilometer. Tourismus Namibia. Im Vergleich dazu: der Pariser Eifelturm ist m hoch. Mai bis 2. Juni fen auf jeder Seite. Savannen, Halb- ten. Die geselli-an den Seiten. Seinen buschi- gen Tiere sind tagaktiv und lebengen Schwanz nimmt er teilwei- in Kolonien mit bis zu 30 Indi-se auch als Schattenspender.

Ein viduen. We are proud pioneers of sustainable andauthentic ecotourism in Africa, creating life-changing journeys and inspiring positive action. Our story is one of conservation and hope; celebrating culture, communities and extraordinary wildlife encounters.

Our story is about Africa. Welcher Gehalt wird Forderungen nach Rechten dann aber gegeben? Not accidentally, this BUKO starts with that debate. In this workshop, we want to continue this discussion with a focus on the practical implications of the debate. On the example of the concepts of 'the right to the city' and 'social rights', we want to ask therefore what dimensions of 'rights' are implicated. From our perspective, it is obvious that the concept of 'rights' used here goes beyond purely juridical terms.

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But in that case, what content is implicated with the demand for rights? Rights as legitimate needs, rights as claims for societal participation, rights as demands for self-determination? Can 'rights' then be perceived as more than a symbolic recourse to a juridical term? How can such broadened conceptions of 'rights' be translated in concrete demands? How can they be opened for and at the same time driven by social struggles? How do rights, finally, get practical?

Venue of the congress

The leading question of our workshop is therefore, how struggles for concrete juridical rights can be conduced in a way they don't find themselves trapped in institutional enclosures. This becomes especially important when the aim is to create the conditions for further struggles about more fundamental rights like participation and self-determination.

Can a broadened concept of 'rights' help to connect different struggles, in our case of urban and neighbourhood movements on the one hand and of struggles of illegal immigrants and unemployed persons on the other hand? Can in the end a broadened concept of 'rights' help to leave a merely defensive position towards a political push of the political left? The workshop will be moderated by Corinna Genschel Committee for fundamental rights and democracy.

Mit der Entwicklung Chinas zur Fabrik der Welt hat sich eine neue Arbeiterklasse formiert, in der die WanderarbeiterInnen der zweiten Generation ganz vorne mitmischen. China not only became the factory of the world but has also seen the formation of a new working class, with migrant workers of the second generation in the forefront.

They have used their strike experience and the labor shortage in order to get higher wages and improve their conditions. Now their impatience and their anger are growing. They cannot permanently settle down in the cities, but they do not want to move back to the countryside either. They see the increasing difference between rich and poor and the slow improvement of their own working and living conditions.

They change jobs and move to other cities, they form new social relations and make their demands for a better life. The Chinese government knows that repression is not enough and that it has to open valves in order to release class pressure and prevent a social explosion. So it created new labor laws, mediation procedures and elements of welfare in order to control the struggles and safeguard capitalist exploitation. Or will we see a class movement in China that cannot be contained and opens up a perspective beyond capitalist exploitation?

Landesfachbereich Handel, ver.


Vertrauensmann, ver. Die Tarifbewegung kann eine Trendwende einleiten. Ein Ende der Bescheidenheit ist angesagt. Eine Umverteilung von oben nach unten muss erreicht werden. It has the influenced the public opinion about trade unions a lot. In spite of the strong restriction for public transport the concern of the trade union was always backed by the majority of the people.

Beyond that we want to look at the bargaining rounds in the public service, in the retail industry, at steel, motor vehicle handraft and in the metal industry. To support that is the aim of this workshop. An end of modesty is announced. A redistribution from the top to below has to be achieved. The chances for this are as good as it long time not have been. We invite you to dicuss together with us those question and to try to find practical conclusions for the next struggles. Noch in dieser Legislaturperiode soll die Bahn teilprivatisiert werden.

Nachdem ein Bahnprivatisierungsgesetz von dem letzten SPD-Parteitag ausgebremst wurde, soll dieses Vorhaben nun am Parlament vorbei durchgezogen werden. Doch so, wie es kein bisschen schwanger gibt, gibt es kein bisschen privatisiert. Private Investoren bekommen direkten Zugriff auf den gesamten Schienenverkehr und werden diesen nach reinen Rendite-Kriterien betreiben - oder auch nicht. Sie bekommen indirekten Zugriff auf Dass jedoch die Beispiele privatisierter Bahnen im Ausland und die Erfahrungen mit den Privatisierungen von Wohnungen und der Versorgung mit Energie und Wasser gegen die Privatisierung sprechen.

Even after the SPD party congress stopped a legislative initiative, the party leaders ignored the vote and pushed the privatisation plans into the Bundestag. In the currently debated? Holding Model? But there is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant.