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The Radiant City - Guiding Architects

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On the Exhale Not yet released. Andrew Yurley Marin Ireland Laura Yurley Madisen Beaty Beth Yurley Celia Weston Susan Yurley Jon Michael Hill Richard Gonzalez Deirdre O'Connell Woman Paul Sparks Michael Yurley Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Cheryl Abrao Marci Kathlene Ashcraft Grocery Shopper Ciaran Brown Young Michael Richard A. Background Attorney Aaron Cirillo Young Andrew Chase Crawford Corey's Friend Spencer Korcz The solution was to build them later, normally at the edge of the estates, following this or other similar designs.

Another solution for the same problem of lack of garages: covered parking space was created out of tents large enough for cars, installed at an open-air common area that got fenced for this propose. Concrete blocks used to prevent cars from parking on the grassed areas. Residents also use them as seats for when chatting by the entrances, an evidence of which is the worn out grass. Some blocks were moved, so that people can seat closer together.

The Radiant City Concept

To implement its newly-drafted Masterplan for , the city needs to raise more money. Property taxes were non-existent in the city for 50 years. Two years ago, it was forced by the centre to impose a graduated tax on the three zones of the city. There was strident opposition from owners of spacious estates even to a 2. Priorities of the Planned City Belying the spaciousness of the city planned by Le Corbusier, Chandigarh, an independent union territory that functions as the political capital of Punjab and Haryana, has the highest number of vehicles per capita in India.

In a bid to cut down vehicular pollution, a 70 km painted cycle track is under construction. Already, there are more cyclists on the street than most Indian cities. Traffic calming measures already exist in the form of traffic islands. Unlike the majority of Indian cities, vehicles are not encouraged to gleefully speed over pedestrian crossings and fines for wantonly bad driving have succeeded in moderating civic behaviour.

A common complaint about Chandigarh is that its iron-grid plan and uniform facades with almost identical-looking landscaped roundabouts leaves no characteristic landmarks typical of organically—evolved cities, making way finding difficult. Also, it does not leave scope for short cuts! So, improving signage is one of the interventions.

Le Corbusier and the radiant city concept

Smart meters are also on their way next year. SCADA-controlled electricity network cuts down on pilferage and commercial losses. Another innovation is time of day tariff where afternoon rates will be pegged higher in the summer for example, when air-conditioners bring up the peak load on the grid. Water is available for 5 hours in the morning and four hours in the evening, but the intention intention is to provide 24x7 metered water. Among the many firsts the city boasts about is tertiary level treatment of its sewerage.

The Radiant City

It has been watering about gardens and small parks and 70 green belts with treated water for a decade already. Sixty-year old trees are often uprooted during thunderstorms and dust. Need for Rural Bye-Laws As the administration has discovered, it is the untrammelled growth at the edges of the territory that poses the greatest threat to the city.

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The Periphery Control Act, while it had teeth, allowed only agriculture, floriculture and horticulture in the periphery to preserve the character of the city and to avoid haphazard and substandard development. At some point the government lost control of land use and of population density.