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The Silent Change: Recovered Businesses In Argentina

Massa, who sought the presidential slate in that ticket, finally caved, under pressure from former campaign manager Alberto Fernandez and Mrs. Fernandez de Kirchner's real power broker, son Maximo. The real question is whether the strategy is working. This is mainly attributed to the relative peace in currency markets over the past month and a half, which should help lower inflation and begin to generate positive macroeconomic figures.

Projecting out into the future at a moment of such deep uncertainty is a dangerous thing. The horrible numbers they must be looking at are surely a cause for concern. This, in turn, led to the deflating of the Federal Alternative coalition, former Economy Minister Roberto Lavagna teaming up with Peronist Salta province Governor Juan Manuel Urtubey as the final representation of the ever shrinking "third way".

Forbes' former Latam expert, with a background in the markets and richlist teams, I'm currently the Digital Director for Editorial Perfil, one of Argentina's largest med Even listening was dangerous.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

We needed everyone to know, even if nobody believed us. Instead, they marched two by two, around the Plaza de Mayo in front of the presidential palace every Thursday at 3.

It took another 24 years before forensic anthropologists confirmed that he was one of 30 youths murdered by the army in revenge for the assassination of a general by leftwing guerrillas. After staging a coup in , the military rapidly put into action a plan to crush any potential opposition, eventually murdering some 30, people — almost all of them unarmed non-combatants.

His government suggests that the number of victims may have only been around 9,, citing a provisional figure drawn up by a special commission after the return of democracy in But the military themselves reported killing 22, people in a communication to Chilean intelligence.

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The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo — aware that their watch is drawing to a close — are deeply concerned by efforts to whitewash history — in Argentina and around the world. And the mothers are painfully aware of the risk that can face those who speak out against tyranny. All 12 were drugged and loaded on to aircraft — then thrown unconscious but still alive into the freezing waters of the South Atlantic.

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Robbed of their original leaders, the mothers fell under the sway of Hebe de Bonafini, an energetic and highly politicized woman who had lost two sons to the dictatorship and who prioritized political aims over the search for truth and justice. The mothers eventually split into two groups.