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I felt like the cardiac-arrest-recovering mother from Good Bye, Lenin!

Exploring a largely forgotten chapter of World War II

Perhaps a quick mental recap of the past hours will help, so I try to replay. Ergo, we pitched the idea to cover all expenses associated with participation, accommodation, travel for five European activists, who would not likely pun intended come to the event, to do just that. What we considered crucial was diversifying the participant pool as well as highlighting the legitimacy of activists to be present at such congregations, for an activist is a too often snubbed unlikely ally.

Luckily our pitch did not fall on deaf ears and was instead heartily welcomed. The fact that our hosts were not only open to our ideas but also figured out ways to build on them is an indicator of a healthy, organic co-creation mindset that more event developers need to take a page from.

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A few weeks, and one fairly fun video application process later, we had our five rebels raring to go. Since most participants have gone through at least 20, hours of formal schooling and a set of eager panelists is always a remote control click away, conferences and convenings should generally be hostile places to such stifled, dry arrangements. The five Guerrilla activists.

Unlikely Allies - Berlin, May 18-19

We wish we had more of a gender balance, alas not many women applied. Our session, on Movement Building had an exceptional turnout — praise Che!

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I am evidently trying to grope the gravitas of the movements that demand sustaining. As a tie-dye wearing hippie, the practice came quite naturally on my end, but it was marvelous to see investment bankers cut loose, and hum notes to pagan deities in public in the absence of chemical stimulants.

That is how you do collective bonding. Intimacy is an integral component for effective group work , particularly when the individuals come from oft-unfamiliar backgrounds. If barriers to sharing, to honesty and directness are to be broken, such relationship nurturing exercises are absolutely essential.

March Unlikely Allies by Joel Paul '77 | A Message from the Author | Amherst College

Is there no follow-through? Can we sustain the momentum achieved here? Unlikely Allies however, was from the outset an outcomes-oriented event.

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So in addition to leaving all fired up, you leave connected to a growing community of collaborators who can help build that future you were working on together. Finally, the idea is that these are events without end dates , meaning that the Impact Hub via alumni-style management will monitor the long-term outcomes and impact of problem-solving sessions initiated.

Many white people cutting loose. Yes, it takes a superhuman effort in sobriety. Trevor Noah joins DeRay to talk what he has learned as host of The Daily Show, the president election, and making his book into a film. This episode, DeRay is joined by activist and writer Feminista Jones to discuss organizing, Black Feminism, and the power of the internet.

VOL. 1 Berlin May 2017

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Indivisible A simple guide to learn what you can do to affect real change in Congress. MoveOn MoveOn is a service — a way for busy but concerned citizens to assert their collective power in a system dominated by big money and big media. All On The Line All On The Line is on a mission to end gerrymandering because it contributes to the polarization and dysfunction in our political system.

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Run for Something Helping recruit and support under year old progressives running for down-ballot office to build a Democratic bench. More on this Topic.