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I know this a commen problem for many men that alot of men are too shy to seek help and live with this condition for far too long. It can cause a lot of distress, and is very often under reported.

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I am sorry to hear it is causing stress on your relationship. Hello Paul, Thank you for another really helpful recording! I listened to it today and got up full of energy or maybe determination to do things I was procrastinating about. Never mind, the 37 min version is enough for me. It would be nice thought to have it on my phone where I keep your recordings for easier access. Is it possible to post it on an email? I can pay or donate to have it!!!

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Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Silver Cord is a story of reunion, love and redemption for two brothers. Against this tapestry of human emotion, Dr. Paul weaves a story of what life might be like on the astral plane.

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This is a fast, easy-to-read and engaging story. There are no chapters, because frankly you do not need any. This book is a flowing stream of consciousness from the mind of one man's self-imposed challenge to push himself to the edge of sanity to save another. Of course, there are worlds beyond the astral plane, but Dr. Paul convincingly takes us to a place where many of us go without knowing it and explains it well. I have read Abduction, Hamelton and now Silver Cord. If Abduction takes you out of this world and Hamelton takes you out of this time, then Silver Cord takes you out of your body but still very much in your mind.

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No book is perfect, there were a few typos, but I can count them on one hand and they did not detract from the story maybe they were intentional, because Dr. Paul likes to make you think.

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His books are metaphysics for non-metaphysics majors. Silver Cord will stretch your mind in a way very similar to the Twilight Zone television show I can easily see these books adapted to the screen. Paul's books are a worthy successor to that acclaimed and timeless series. Read and enjoy! A page-turner, easy and quick read but one that will leave you questioning everything and pondering the what-ifs for days to come. A tether between the physical body and that of the near dead? What an intriguing concept! And what if we could reach that tether and bring a loved one back from the brink?!? Paul's "Silver Cord" is a completely enthralling tale of just such an experience.

The story utterly captivated me as I contemplated the ability to reach out to a lost loved one And what of the process?

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To be so totally self-removed And if I could connect with a soul between here and eternity what measures might I take to lure them back to this world or would I help them find the peace necessary to cross over? Check out this thought provoking story, the best I've read of the Dr. Paul series to date.

It spoke volumes to me I am enjoying all of Dr. Paul's books.

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This one I found especially interesting because the character is not the typical one we would find exploring "out of body" experiences. Plus he demonstrates the power of the intent of unconditional love, the willingness to let go, and the dedication to practice. This book will expand your idea of what is possible Go to Amazon.

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