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A.B. Christian (Author of A Pilgrims Defense)

I never in my life remember a more seasonable year than we have here enjoyed; and if we have once but kine, horses, and sheep, I make no question but men might live as contented here as in any part of the world. For fish and fowl, we have great abundance. Fresh cod in the summer is but coarse meat with us.

Our bay is full of lobsters all the summer, and affords a variety of other fish. In September we can take a hogshead of eels in a night, with small labor, and can dig them out of their beds all the winter. We have muscles and othus [others? Oysters we have none near, but we can have them brought by the Indians when we will.

In defense of the Pilgrims

All the spring-time the earth sends forth naturally very good salad herbs. Here are grapes, white and red, and very sweet and strong also; strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries, etc. The country wants only industrious men to employ; for it would grieve your hearts if, as I, you had seen so many miles together by goodly rivers uninhabited; and withal, to consider those parts of the world wherein you live to be even greatly burdened with abundance of people. These things I thought good to let you understand, being the truth of things as near as I could experimentally take knowledge of, and that you might on our behalf give God thanks, who hath dealt so favorably with us.

Our supply of men from you came the 9th of November, , putting in at Cape Cod, some eight or ten leagues from us. The Indians that dwell thereabout were they who were owners of the corn which we found in caves, for which we have given them full content, and are in great league with them.

Pilgrim School

They sent us word there was a ship near unto them, but thought it to be a Frenchman; and indeed for ourselves we expected not a friend so soon. But when we perceived that she made for our bay, the governor commanded a great piece to be shot off, to call home such as were abroad at work.


Whereupon every man, yea boy, that could handle a gun, were ready, with full resolution that, if she were an enemy, we would stand in our just defense, not fearing them. But God provided better for us than we supposed.

These came all in health, not any being sick by the way, otherwise than by sea-sickness, and so continue at this time, by the blessing of God. When it pleased God we are settled and fitted for the fishing business and other trading, I doubt not but by the blessing of God the gain will give content to all. In the meantime, that we have gotten we have sent by this ship; and though it be not much, yet it will witness for us that we have not been idle, considering the smallness of our number all this summer. We hope the merchants will accept of it, and be encouraged to furnish us with things needful for further employment, which will also encourage us to put forth ourselves to the uttermost.

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Now because I expect your coming unto us, with other of our friends, whose company we much desire, I thought good to advertise you of a few things needful. The Pilgrims kept it close over the next six minutes, as a layup from Burgess made it with left.

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The teams traded baskets before a pair of Desroches free throws sparked a Spartan run. Burgess ended a six-minute scoring drought with a three-point play at to cut the lead to However, Castleton pushed its advantage to with eight seconds left in the half when Leonard found Desroches for a three. In the second, the Spartans extended their lead to on Leonard layup just four minutes into the half. The teams traded baskets over the next seven minutes, until a run by the Pilgrims cut the lead to 14, , with left.

Unfortunately, St. The game stayed at until late in the second half when St. Nicholas still needed the two-point conversion to tie the game. They completed the pass but the Patriots defense smothered their receiver before he could cross the goal line. Patriots hold onto their narrow lead Pilgrim just needs to run down the clock now and they will be Division 2 champions.